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Full Elbats MES/PLM Software Review – All you need to know about Elbats MES

Elbats MES/PLM software

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, and you’re involved in management or production, the term Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) or PLM software is likely not a new term at your face. If you don’t know much about it, don’t worry because after reading the information about Elbats MES or Elbats MES/PLM software contained herewith, you’ll get the idea behind PLM or PLM software.

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There is so much attention towards PLM these days because companies that use PLM software have the strategic advantage of simplifying their product lifecycle processes, thereby receiving a higher Return On Investment (ROI).

plm software

A modern day product usually goes through four phases namely introduction phase, growth phase, maturity phase, and finally the decline phase.

Using a PLM software or platform such as Elbats MES, one is able to unify the tasks and teams involved in the product development life-cycle. With a PLM software, there is cross-functional collaboration in the workflow of a company.

Effective implementation of a PLM software will also save time that could otherwise be spent on things like document sharing, spreadsheets, and email.

Another important advantage of a PLM software is that it reduces the necessity to hire various administrative, and clerical staff who could include analysts, clerks, and document checkers.

The costs in the event of using a PLM software could therefore reduce in the ratio of 20:1. PLM also reduces inaccuracies by providing automated calculations as opposed to manual calculations that could be tedious and time consuming.

All the processes involved in product development life cycle are streamlined by the PLM software right from the idea initiation and design through to manufacturing and support. Reports have indicated that by 2022, the PLM market will grow to about $75.87 billion.

A PLM software is necessary to grow your business for number of reasons and some of these include:

  • Improving efficiency and coordination
  • Providing or offering the scope for innovation
  • Accelerating product release and eliminating the necessity to physically chase change cycles
  • PLM software Improves collaboration
  • With the use of a PLM software, fewer parts of a product could be purchased in larger volumes.
  • PLM software usage will reduce scrap and production rework
  • Reduces inaccuracy or results and also the administration cost
  • Provides a competitive edge for manufacturers.

Generally, a PLM software such as Elbats MES/PLM software will reduce the risk profile of a company while offering a clog-free pipeline. The software acts as an information backbone through supporting the integration of data, personnel and processes with business systems.

It increases profitability through improving the value of a product and this is as a result of efficient product life-cycle management and better resource utilization.

What is Elbats MES?

When you think of Elbats MES, think of a PLM software designed for manufacturers and factories and has been integrated to perform product life-cycle management and manufacturing execution.  As a platform, Elbats MES is customizable.

The product offers a competitive edge to manufacturers by providing efficiency in the management of crucial processes that could include information management, management of electronics production, changes in the complexity of materials, speeding up delivery, shortening cycles and many others.

The Elbats Software Suite is made up of two parts with Elbats MES being one part and Elbats ERP the other. The benefits of a PLM software comes in terms of time, cost, and quality which are essential factors for growing and leading a business to success.

Elbats Software Suite

Some of the features in Elbats software include sales management, electronic document management, development/research management, repair management, predictive maintenance management, easy production management, and purchasing management among others.

When making a purchase, you can opt to go for the full suite or acquire it as separate applications.

Elbats MES modules

An important thing that you should note down about Elbats MES/PLM software is that it is specifically designed for handling the manufacturing process. It is an integrated factory software that is a perfect fit for companies which are involved in the production of  semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, lathe, NC, Milling, and, LCD equipment.

Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) is a complex process that involves large amounts of data and information. Managers ,therefore, struggle to record everything and ensure that the production line is going on without any hitches.

With Elbats MES, the manufacturing process is streamlined and managers are able to organize, arrange, edit, and perform efficient management of production.

Elbats MES software helps users to monitor certain activities and these could include work procedures and work methods. It can also be used to systematically collect, analyze and manage various data which are generated at a factory.

Elbats MES, therefore, improves productivity and quality while providing real-time management.

With Elbats MES/PLM software, managers are able to oversee the speed with which the logistics flows are managed, and the strategic execution of processes.

The product is, thus, helpful to companies by enabling them to cope with a wide range of business processes

Benefits of Elbats MES PLM Software

Similar to any other software that has been developed to fulfill a certain task or group of tasks, Elbats MES comes with its own unique benefits. Some of its features are as illustrated below.

  • With Elbats MES, information management is made easy – The software has the document composition and information management functionality which eliminates the need to physically purchase and retrieve documents. Documents can be manipulated electronically through enabling activities such as electronic sourcing, approval, sourcing and storage of records, documents, and information. This saves time and resources while it also boosts productivity.

Elbats MES functions

  • Easy repair management – through its repair management function, managers can easily use Elbats MES/PLM software manage the repair requests that have been made by customers. This is so because the function supports reception, warehousing, technology consultation, and shipping out modules which simplify how the identified items are managed. The complexity in physically managing repair requests is therefore eliminated with the use of the repair management function of Elbats MES.
  • Easy management of material purchasing – Elbats MES/PLM software has the Consumed Time Plan module within the Purchasing Management feature which can be used to calculate the required quantity of materials and produce an order date easily. Purchasing can be easily managed using the following modules: Purchase Request, Warehousing, Stock, Order, and Shipping Out.
  • Elbats MES platform is product-centric – it enables efficient and effective management of production plans, outsourcing, production outcomes, assets, and also monitoring of the quality of production and statuses of progress. The system offers complete assistance in the inspection of autonomous purchases or those conducted through a corporation.
  • Effective management of sales – when using this software, you will be able to smoothly manage quotations, sales plans, sales, demand and supply, orders among other things that are related to sales. As a result, the software allows you to effectively oversee the current and future status of your company and therefore come up with reliable business plans.
  • Efficient and accurate in the management of product development and research – projects, tasks and products can be efficiently managed with great accuracy using the development/research management feature.

Elbats MES's Project Management

  • KPIs can be checked in real-time – This PLM software will help you to perform real-time monitoring of your company’s efficacy, production metrics, production numbers, and other indicators. This helps in ensuring that targets and objectives stay on schedule.
  • Reduction in operating costs as some expensive features have been automated – With Elbats MES, time and money is saved since there is efficiency when dealing with documents and information. The system is used in the systematic collection, analysis, and management of various data generated at the company.


As a necessary norm with any other software or product, Ebats MES comes with its own unique features. A feature in a software is a set of functionality that has satisfied certain requirements presented when the system was being designed.

Elbats MES/PLM software features are as listed below.

  • Electronic Document Management
  • Sales Management
  • Production or Quality Management
  • Repair Management
  • Development/ Research Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Rapid Process Development
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Full-Work-in-Process Coordination
  • Delivery Control and Management
  • Raw Material Monitoring and Grading
  • Complete Data History
  • Predictive Maintenance Management
  • Planning, Tracking, and Monitoring Completion of Processes
  • Critical Component and source Tracking

Below, we provide brief explanations on what some of these features are responsible for.

  • Electronic Document Management – this feature provides electronic document approval as it is responsible for enhancing the efficiency of document composition and the management of information. It minimizes the time, money and resources that could be used when people choose to purchase and retrieve physical documents.
  • Development/ Research Management – is an Elbats MES’s feature that is responsible for the monitoring and management of projects, tasks, and the statuses of products. It does so with great efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Purchasing Management – This feature holds a module known as the Consumed Time Plan which is responsible for calculating the quantity of materials that is required, and also can easily produce the date of an order. Other modules still contained in this feature can be used to manage purchasing, and they include Purchase Request, Order, Stock, Warehousing, and Shipping Out.
  • Sales Management – you can use this feature to easily manage your monthly or yearly sales plans, sales, quotation, orders, demand and supply, and many other things related to sales. Elbats MES software uses this feature to provide you with an effective way of overseeing the future and current status of your company and as a result enables you to design reliable business plans.
  • Repair Management – through exploring and learning this feature, you will be able to easily manage repair requests that have been inquired by customers. The feature supports several modules which include reception, warehousing, shipping out, and technology consultation. Repair management feature is therefore a useful component when it comes to eliminating the complexity involved in the physical or manual management of repair requests.
  • Production or Quality Management – with this feature, a user can effectively manage production results and plans, assets and outsourcing. It also allows a user to monitor the statuses in production progress. The feature becomes very useful when a user intends to manage or inspect autonomous purchases or those purchases that have been made through corporations.
  • Key Performance Indicator – in the Elbats MES platform, you can use the Key Performance Indicator feature to monitor in real-time the efficacy of your company, its production metrics, production numbers among other indicators. Doing so will help you to make sure that your objectives and targets stay on schedule.

To summarize about features of this PLM software, the features build in the software work together to reduce operation costs and increase efficiency in the management of a product’s life-cycle.

The features embodied in the system allow for the systematic collection, analysis, and management of various data generated at the company.

Pricing of Elbats MES PLM Software

The Elbats Software Company has not publicly indicated the pricing of not only Elbats MES but the whole Elbats software suit. They, however, instead prompt you at their site to request for a demo and this is also their way of making a purchase.

When you request for a demo at elbatsoft.xyz, you’re presented with a number of fields that you are supposed to fill in order to receive the demo and pricing details.  We can therefore conclude that their pricing is quote based. In case you want to purchase the software, you will therefore contact them through requesting for a demo and you will be provided with the pricing information and product details.

Technical details

  • The Elbats MES/PLM software supports a number of platforms and these include Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android, and Web-based.
  • Currently, it supports three languages namely English, Dutch, and Swedish.
  • Its deployment is through cloud hosting while the customer types supported are small and medium businesses.

Support details for Elbats MES/PLM software

The vendor of Elbats MES/PLM software offers support through email and tickets. You will be able to receive information about their products, services, and pricing by contacting them using the following email address or link elbats@ekbatssoft.xyz.


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