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Full Ecalypse Car Rental Software Review – All You Need to Know About Ecalypse Car Rental Software

Ecalypse Car Rental Software
Ecalypse Car Rental Software

What is Ecalypse Car Rental Software?

Ecalypse Car Rental Software is a steady and progressive car rental automation program that makes use of a WordPress plug-in in systematizing rental operations. Armed with rental system development and advanced ecalypse methodologies, the cloud-hosted platform provides companies of all sorts with the ability to come up with a susceptible website by granting them with all the tools necessary to aggrandize their connection with their target markets. Among the top companies that take full advantage of the software’s top-notch capabilities include but are not only limited to MPG Car Rental, U-Save NY, Scootacity and Nedcars Autoverhuur.

Ecalypse Car Rental Software

Trusted by companies from 60 different countries worldwide, Ecalypse Car Rental Software notably helped a scooter delivery rental in California to distribute more models into the competitive market of Los Angeles. The car rental automation software made use of predicted traffic calculates to determine the best delivery time of the day. Other than that, the cloud-based solution was also essential in cutting down the manual input of online reservations in New York.

It is no secret that engineering an online portal for rental reservations is challenging at a good clip. However, Ecalypse Car Rental Software was able to quicken the process by coming up with a site that accelerated the conversion by up to four times better than the ordinary. Whether the user needs to enhance their online reservation procedures or simply create a website, Ecalypse Car Rental Software has got them covered thanks to its cutting-edge functionalities that guarantee efficient and productive rental management.

Ecalypse Car Rental Software Benefits

The rapid rise of technology has given birth to numerous ways for a business to raise their brand awareness across the competitive rental market; one of those is having a website. Being able to have a professional website does not only offer convenience but also the credibility that the company needs to transcend boundaries and back up their products with testimonials. Apart from boosting the credibility of a particular company, the website also plays a vital task in improving marketing strategies and more importantly generating sales.

Fueled with an extreme combo of IT, marketing and rental management capacities, the car rental automation platform enables users to construct a solid rental management website with the utilization of the software’s main plugins. Free is a commodity that is rarely offered in the ever competitive world of rental management but the Ecalypse Car Rental Software makes it possible for users to test the pond before swimming on the high waters with its Free Rental Plugin for WordPress. The free rental plugin is excellent in various rental industries that include boat rentals, car rentals, and bike rentals.

Making the free rental plugin a gold mine is its gilt-edged capabilities that empower users to gain full VAT and sales integration and full metric and imperial support. In addition, the free plugin is also girded with the aptness to effectively initiate fleet management and locations management as well as assimilate with the program’s pricing, inventory, currencies exchange, and booking engines and easy payment integration system. Moreover, the free plugin is customizable and can be updated from time to time to ensure peak performance.

Other than the free rental plugin for WordPress, the car rental automation solution also boasts the Ecalypse Rental plugin which possesses original rental themes including the blue and red variations. Incredibly, the Ecalypse Car Rental Software is further strengthened with the adroitness to amplify existing WordPress websites, thereby, assuring that every product user can maintain their current designs.

Another main plug-in that the users can take a look at is the Complete SW Bundle Deal Starter Business Package which is ornamented with licenses, one-year bug updates, setup email support, client area access, and a connection to Recanto. The SW bundle is best suitable for website developers and rental companies with IT skills and a startup rental business. Certain functions of the SW bundle include accepting bookings, setting up prices, adding unlimited currencies and translating. Besides the main plug-ins, the pluridimensional car rental automation is likewise smartened up with payment gateways, general extensions, and beautiful themes.

Ecalypse Car Rental Software

Interestingly, the work of Ecalypse Car Rental Software does not only stop in website creation as the multifaceted program likewise permits rental companies to schedule and run A/B tests on their site to polish user experience. Among the primary benefits of operating an A/B testing on a particular website include ameliorated content engagement, decreased bounce rates and ease of analysis not to mention its ability to heighten the conversion rates. Converting prospective users to enthusiastic customers surely takes a lot of work but with the tremendous car automation program, rental companies can slacken off the painstaking process by authoring two versions of their campaign.

Through this process, rental organizations can quickly identify what is effective and what is not, thereby, giving them a reference for how they will conduct their future campaigns. Aside from that the A/B testing competency of the program can also reinforce companies to scale down the risks of noteworthy alterations by efficiently assessing the behavior of customers on their respective websites before making huge decisions. By holding back, rental corporations can proliferate their chances of business ascendancy and magnify their return on investments simultaneously.

Apart from A/B testing, the flourishing car rental automation solution also assists companies in synthesizing and implementing a potent content creation strategy. Content creation is among the most essential components of a business website as it enables companies to not only strengthen their relationship with customers but also entrench and tone up their brand for a wider reach. With Ecalpyse Car Rental Software, rental corporations can guarantee that their message is being distributed to a wide variety of audience as the car automation platform optimizes their content with industry-leading search engine optimization principles.

Search engine optimization principles enable their content to achieve a higher ranking on popular search engine results websites such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. By means of this process, rental companies can gain more traffic to their website, therefore, increasing their revenue, sales, and customers in the process. Impressively, content creation does not only let rental companies obtain new end users but it also boosts the longer retention of existing customers.

Ecalypse Car Rental SoftwareWhat makes the Ecalypse Car Rental Software simply a cut above the rest is its potency to discover which channels will yield more revenues. Among the avenues that help bolster the reach of a certain content include public relations, social media, email marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and blogs. In order to assure optimal performance, the car rental automation system guides users in testing a variety of trenches to be able to nail down which is the most beneficial place to help reach the company’s marketing goals.

After setting the goals, the program will give a leg up to every user in finding what content they need to catalyze in order to resonate with their audience. Primarily, content types can be in the form of podcasts, videos, blogs, articles, webinars, infographics, white papers, and ebooks.

Shaping content creation strategies are one thing but implementing it is a horse of a different color. While composing a dynamic content strategy is critical in the website content success, having the know-how and the expertise to properly execute it is what separates the best content specialists from the rest. With Ecalypse Car Rental Software, rental cartels are given the privilege to carefully implement their content strategy by enabling them to come up with a content inventory, initiate and extend content audit and look for rousing precedents.

The content inventory process is completed by cultivating a distinct content identification, description, URL, format, meta keywords, and meta descriptions to name a few. Moments after the inventory is done, the multi-purpose car rental platform accredits users to perform a detailed content audit thereafter. Among the predominant reasons as to why content auditing is being carried out is to be able to detect teething troubles such as broken links and assets and organic search performance problems. Addedly, content audit also enhances the accessibility and usability of the website as well as its information architecture and search engine optimization components.

In connection with search engine optimization, performing a content inspection gives rental companies the green light to quickly pinpoint the nagging problems in their website’s SEO. By means of this process, rental companies can learn what kind of changes should be done in order to aggravate the search performance, therefore, improving the website’s consummation by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, content auditing will also ascertain that the website is not only sharpened at content altitude but also in the code stratum.

Besides SEO, content auditing is likewise imperative in figuring out the performance of the site’s content marketing strategies. Ecalypse Car Rental Software enables retail corporations to take an in-depth look at page visits and information shares on social networks in order to figure out the responses of their target audience. Ensuingly, their responses would then be put to use by companies in dialing back their content marketing endeavors.

Aside from running A/B testing and content management, Ecalypse Car Rental Software also abets retail corporations in IT project management, IT specification creation, IT development and conversion and the return of investment computation. The eloquent car rental automation service will also work hand in hand with their users by consulting them on business requirements before spelling the said requisites out into IT specifications. Furthermore, the car rental program will likewise degenerate market strategy and revenue process.

Ecalypse Car Rental Software Features

Ecalypse Car Rental SoftwareAnalytics is a nine-letter-word that could mean a whole lot more when applied correctly. Intensified with exact and accurate business analytics, the Ecalypse Car Rental Software facilitates companies in gaining a better comprehension of the primary and secondary information. Through its business analytics proficiency, rental corporations can gain the needed advantage over the most competitive players in the industry. In addition, its business analytics peripheral can likewise be appropriated in both the predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Moreover, business analytics banks on predictive modeling and predictive analytics to provide companies with future results and the repercussions that come with it. This way, rental companies can expeditiously find solutions to prevent any forthcoming problems, thereby, reassuring that their respective businesses operate smoothly. By way of its business analytics capabilities, the rental corporation can also search for data that will help them find new models and cultivate more relationships.

With the exception of the customer relationship, Ecalypse users can also resort to business analytics to completely have a full grasp of past and present data. Additionally, it can likewise be employed in other processes such as financial management, pricing, resource management, marketing, and supply-chain management.

Besides business analytics, the Ecalypse Car Rental Software is also animated with avant-garde features such as content creation, website plug-in, billing and invoicing, vehicle tracking, fleet management, rate tables, reservation management, and the sought-after Ecalypse PM methodology. The Ecalypse PM process is comprised of eight steps that include initial economic consumption, support, migration and implementation, technical viability and specifications, economic viability, training and documentation, development and initial consultation and project statement.


Enterprise pricing options for the Ecalypse Car Rental Software are made available upon request. Among the payment options available range from Credit Card, PayPal, Cash, and Bank Transfer. Contact the vendor for a detailed quote and information on other products.

Technical Details

Ecalypse Car Rental Software

Ecalypse Car Rental Software is accessible in multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android as well as over the web. The English-supported program caters to a number of customer types such as small and medium corporations. In addition, the software works wonders in cloud-hosted environments.

Support Details

The car rental automation system offers customers a broad range of technical support including email support and phone support. Developed in 2013 in the Czech Republic, the program is appareled with extensive training such documentation, online training, and webinars. Furthermore, Ecalypse Car Rental Software features a blog wherein users can monitor updates and gain tips from the developers. Additionally, the program is also hemmed in with a circumstantiated Frequently-Asked Questions sections wherein product users can find supplementary information about the product.