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Donate a Car in Maryland


If you have a used car you’d like to get rid of and you live in Maryland, you’re going to need to learn about how to donate a car in Maryland.

There are lots of national charities and organizations that will accept your car donation. The sale proceeds of your car may or may not make it to the charity of your choice.

Even when you donate your car to a national charity, usually the organization managing the car donation process takes a cut. The money then goes to the national charity, and your own state may or may not see a dime.

used car donation

If you prefer to make sure your car’s sale proceeds help your own state, you’ll want to donate a car in Maryland to one of the following local organizations.

The Maryland Car Donation Process

The process of donating a car in Maryland is basically the same across all charities. The process is as follows.

  • Contact the charity donation phone line or fill out the online form on the charity website
  • Fill out forms that include your personal information and your auto donation info
  • Set up a time for the car to be towed away for free
  • The car will get sold at auction or elsewhere
  • After the sale, you’ll receive a receipt you can use to claim a deduction when you next file your taxes

The benefits of donating a car to a Maryland charity is twofold. You not only receive the financial benefit of a tax deduction, but your favorite charity receives financial support.

Maryland SPCA

maryland spca

Do you love animals? What better way to help the animals of Maryland than to donate your used vehicle to the SPCA.

The Maryland SPCA is a charity that helps homeless cats and dogs of Maryland. The organization takes in lost and homeless animals and provides them with shelter, food, and health care.

The organization will accept the donation of anything from cars, boats and RVs to motorcycles, trailers, and just about anything else with an engine.

The SPCA has partnered with an organization that will manage the car donation process from start to finish. Your car will be towed away at no cost to you.

Since the charity relies on public support and donations to help animals, your donation will serve as an invaluable source of much needed funds.


melwood car donation

Melwood is a Maryland organization that supports people with disabilities in countless ways. Through countless community services, recreation programs, and even veterans services, Melwood benefits the well-being of disabled individuals in many ways.

Melwood accepts car donations which gets converted into financial resources that fuel Melwood’s mission.

If you live in Maryland, your car could help Melwood continue it’s operations by paying for workers, keeping facilities in operation, and funding the various community operations that Melwood runs.

Having accepted over 150,000 vehicle donations over the years, you can have faith that your car will provide as much benefit as possible.

If supporting the disabled in Maryland is important to you, this organization is the perfect choice for your car donation.

Catholic Charities of Maryland

catholic charities car donation

Although Catholic Charities is a religious organization, the support it provides to the community goes far beyond the spiritual.

Catholic Charities of Maryland runs all of the following programs throughout the state of Maryland.

  • Services for the elderly
  • Behavioral health clinics
  • Head start programs
  • Family services
  • Employment services
  • Family respite services
  • Food pantries
  • Meal programs
  • Foster care programs

This is just a small list of the countless ways Catholic Charities helps people throughout the state of Maryland.

You don’t have to be Catholic to donate your vehicle to Catholic Charities. If you care about any of the programs the organization provides to Maryland, then you can donate your vehicle and help support its many worthy causes.

The Maryland School for the Blind

maryland school for the blind

The Maryland School for the Blind works statewide to help students with blindness in many ways.

The school helps its students with education and helping them to achieve their full potential. It’s also a place for students to live, and to experience community outreach programs to help students grow into vibrant, contributing members of the community.

Supporting education is a great thing, but supporting Maryland’s School for the Blind goes far beyond that.

Your vehicle donation can become an important part of the critical mission the school provides. You may not think the value of your vehicle is very much, but to a school such as this, every dollar goes a long way toward serving its students.

Second Chances Garage

second chances garage

There are second chances garages all around the country. Second Chances Garage in Frederick, Maryland will accept your car donation no matter what condition it’s in.

The garage will take vehicle donations and refurbish them into vehicles that can be sold. The proceeds are used to support the many programs the Garage does for the community.

Even non-working vehicles get sold off for parts. Every donation counts.

The garage works to build working vehicles that it provides to needy clients that get referred to them by charities all around the area. The cars help the new owners get to their job and support their family.

The garage even goes so far as to work directly with recipients and help them maintain the car, providing low cost repair service for six months following the car donation.

The great thing about this kind of donation is that if your somewhat newer car isn’t sold, but instead reused, you are able to deduct the full private sale market value of the vehicle when you file taxes next.

NAMI Maryland

nami maryland car donation

Anyone who has dealt with mental illness at any point has likely heard of NAMI. NAMI stands for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

It’s an important organization, partially subsidized by state governments. It provides important services to the mentally ill in every community, as well as the families of the mentally ill.

These services include social support for families struggling with mental illness, and also support for patients. In addition to things like group therapy and counseling, the organization offers training programs, community outreach, and even supports other mental health organizations throughout the community.

Even though it’s publicly funded, the organization can’t survive without private donations, and the work of all of its amazing volunteers.

If mental illness is an important issue to you, donating your car to NAMI Maryland is a must.

The Arc

the arc car donation

The Arc of Montgomery County is a support organization for hundreds of citizens in Montgomery County in Maryland, who deal with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The organization seeks to help improve the quality of life, and assist with greater community involvement, for these individuals.

The services Arc offers to Maryland communities includes:

  • Child care for children up to 10 years old, whether or not they suffer from any disabilities.
  • Support for young adults up to age 21 with important recreational programs and social events.
  • Training and employment assistance for adults with disabilities.
  • Support for seniors citizens through the form of in-home respite care.
  • Educational workshop and other resources for families and other unpaid caregivers of the disabled.

As you can see, Arc offers tremendous support to the disabled and their families. If this is an issue you’d like to support in your community, then visit the Arc car donation website and start the process today.

CASA Advocates

casa car donation

One of the best ways to support children in your community is to give to the Maryland CASA Association.
CASA provides free court-appointed special advocates to abused and neglected children in the state.
These advocates are a powerful force for children in the state of Maryland. These are children who have no one else to turn to. Having an advocate that has the best interests of the child in mind is an important part of the court process.
When kids are involved, the court process can be very overwhelming and scary. And when their own parents are part of the problem, a court-appointed advocate gives them a feeling of safety and security.
If you care about children and want to support children who are abused and neglected in Maryland, this is probably one of the best charities in Maryland to donate your car to.

How to Donate a Car in Maryland

Donating a car in Maryland is an unbelievably easy process.
If you have a car or any other vehicle – like an RV, motorcycle, or even a boat – just taking up space in your yard or your garage, why not free it up by donating it to a charity?
Any of the Maryland charities listed above would be a great choice to donate your car to, and you can be confident that the proceeds of your vehicle sale will be used for an amazingly great cause for Maryland communities.