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Full Domo Review – All You Need To Know About Domo


Website analytics alone is not enough these days. With so many other sources of online business data, companies are now stepping in to offer aggregators where stats are pulled together into the one place for easier viewing. One of those companies is Domo.

What Is Domo?

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Domo is another business analytics platform which relies on stats from other services. You connect your Domo account to other online services which is collecting data for you, and that data is pulled into Domo for easier viewing and dissection.

Once all of the different data sets have been imported, and they are all merged together, a clearer picture of the business will hopefully emerge. This will make your job of having to make difficult business decisions much easier.

Domo Benefits


Here is a broad overview of the features list from Domo. This will help you to decide quickly if Domo is a platform you should consider for your business.

  • Connect To Lots Of Third Party Platforms – if it has your stats, Domo will collect them for you.
  • Build Your Ideal Platform – easily put together a platform with only the information you want to see. Nothing else.
  • Encourage Staff To Collaborate On Data – with chat and commenting functions, staff can easily discuss company figures.
  • View Your Analytics On Your Mobile Device Or Tablet – these days, if you can’t access something on your mobile or tablet, then it’s useless. Domo doesn’t make that mistake.
  • Be Notified When Something Changes In Your Data – if any analytics change which could positively or negatively affect the business, Domo lets you know immediately.
  • Domo Apps – extend the functionality of your Domo dashboards with app from the Domo App Store.
  • Embed Analytics Dashboards On Public Sites – if you need a vendor, affiliate, or anyone else to see some of your stats, you can embed a dashboard on a public site.
  • Set Access Permissions To Keep Data Secure – not everyone needs to see everything. When you set up a data set, decide who gets read and write access with one click.

Domo Features

Seeing a feature list is one thing but closer analysis of the best features is much better. Here’s some of the best features along with what they look like.

Connect To Countless Third-Party Apps


A data analytics tool is only as good as the data sources it supports. Domo supports over five hundred sources, as well as CSV and Excel files.

Add the ones essential to the running of your business and watch the data perform together.

Build The Ideal Dashboard


An analytics dashboard is pointless if you are seeing data which is irrelevant to you. So Domo lets you customize your dashboard to only show the information that is important to you.

Everything Is Social On Domo

Domo is well known for its social aspects to their system. Staff are encouraged to collaborate on facts, figures, and other analytics. Collaboration includes commenting and tagging other colleagues, as well as file sharing.

On The Move? Look At Your Data On Your Phone Or Tablet


If you move about from office to office, it’s best to have an analytics solution that moves with you.

That’s why Domo’s iPad and smartphone views have been praised by many people. They look just as good on the small screen as they do on the larger screen.

Be Notified Of Data Changes With Artificial Intelligence Alerts

The thing about facts and figures is that they can change – in a heartbeat. If they change in a negative way, this could have serious consequences for your company. Which is why you need to be informed immediately if there are any changes in your stats.

Domo’s artificial intelligence alerts will monitor your analytics, and when it notices something it thinks you should know, you’ll be the next to know.

Install Apps From The Domo App Store

As if the Domo system wasn’t already impressive, you can also extend its functionality with the use of free third-party apps. These are available in the Domo App Store.

Just pick the ones you want and activate them on your dashboard.

Make Data More Widely Available

Usually you should restrict company data to people inside the company. But what if you have vendors or affiliates for example? Or remote staff?

In these cases, you can embed analytics dashboards on a public site which will update continuously. But being public, be careful what you share. At the very least, password-protect the page.

Only Allow People To See What They Have To See


User permissions is the one simple method of making sure only authorized members of staff see the data you want them to see. When you create a dashboard, decide which employees get access and what level of permission they will receive. Read only? Or read and write?

Domo Pricing

There is no free plan on Domo but there is a thirty day free trial. After this, you must upgrade to one of the paid plans, depending on your needs.

The prices of the paid plans are not revealed on the website, but according to other online sources, the prices are as follows. All prices are billed annually – and are not cheap.

All plans get the “core features” which are as follows.

  • Access to over five hundred data connectors.
  • Cloud scale and performance.
  • Extremely fast data queries.
  • Over three hundred interactive chart types.
  • Drag and drop data merging.
  • Unlimited card sharing.
  • Alerts powered by artificial intelligence.
  • iOS and Android apps.
  • Chat and collaboration tools.

Free Trial (First Thirty Days Only)

Compared to the paid plans, the free trial is heavily restricted.

  • Maximum 5 users.
  • Four concurrent data connections.
  • Five million data storage rows.
  • Data refreshes only every hour.
  • Manage who you invite to the system.
  • Hundreds of pre-built apps in the Domo App Store.
  • Access to the Help Center.

Standard ($83 Per User Per Month)

The Standard plan is actually also not that feature-rich, which is a bit unbelievable, considering how much you are paying annually.

Where it strays from the free trial is :

  • Twenty maximum users, instead of five.
  • Access to Domo’s certified consultants.

For $83 per user per month, you would expect a lot more than that.

Professional ($160 Per User Per Month)

With the doubling of the price comes (thankfully) more features.

Differences with the Professional compared to the Standard are :

  • Unlimited users, instead of twenty.
  • Unlimited data connections.
  • 250 million data storage rows.
  • Data refreshes “on demand”.
  • Personalized data permissions.
  • Use batch tools to bulk edit data.
  • Advanced secure SSO.
  • Multi-factor authentication to stop hackers.
  • Let someone outside the company see a restricted view of some data.
  • Embed data on other websites.
  • Build your own custom apps with Domo’s help.
  • Access to other developer tools such as Domo’s API.
  • Premium customer support, including your own company manager.

Enterprise ($190 Per User Per Month)

For companies with lots of money to burn, there is the Enterprise edition. However, the features don’t differ all that much from the Professional plan. Where it differs from the professional plan includes:

  • Unlimited data storage rows.
  • Use batch tools to bulk edit users.
  • Custom data encryption.

Domo Technical Details


Domo has two possible setups. The first is a cloud-hosted option for those who want to keep everything online. This is excellent for business people who are constantly on the go and who want access to their analytics everywhere.

It also means Domo does not rely on any one particular operating system or device in order to work.

The other option is an “on-premises” option where the software is integrated with your data center or network. This would be suitable for companies who wish to keep their company data and stats off the cloud and in a more controlled environment.

Domo Support Details

Domo does offer support but you have to log into your Domo account first. Then you must go to the Help Center.

The website speaks in very broad terms about what is on offer. so it is not totally clear. But from the looks of it, they offer the following.

  • Phone support – including “multilingual support” for speakers of other languages. The languages supported are not specified on the website however.
  • Email : support tickets can be opened and sent to the company if you need their help fixing something.
  • Interactive Dojo Community – we would have to assume this is a customer forum of some description.
  • Videos and Articles – if your query is less urgent, and you would prefer to learn to fix the problem yourself, then you can start reading and watching. You can also sign up for premium Domo University courses, and read the blog.


Domo is highly praised online for its functionality, reliability, and flexibility. But one thing it is not praised for are its prices. Compared to say Tableau, Domo is extremely expensive and can therefore only be afforded by big businesses.

The smaller businesses on tighter budgets have to use other business analytics tools to crunch their stats and analyze their data.

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