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Full Dassault ENOVIA PLM Software Review – All you need to know about Dassault ENOVIA


Dassault ENOVIA PLM SoftwareManufacturers in today’s highly competitive industries are involved in the creation and production of more designs than ever before. In this regard, manufacturers are faced with the challenge of managing more design data that have more complexity. Implementing a PLM solution such as Dassault ENOVIA PLM Software can greatly help in overcoming this challenge. Dassault ENOVIA PLM Application helps both large and small enterprises to effectively manage and keep track of product data at every phase of the design cycle.

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Implementation of a PLM solution has always been a challenge to medium-sized and small companies because of the time, resources, and effort involved to get it up and running. Historically, PLM has been a tool that suits only the larger companies, but now this has changed because there is so much innovation in this industry which has resulted to PLM solutions that support all business sizes. Dassault ENOVIA, in this case, supports large and medium enterprises.

With the increasing global competition and product complexity, enterprises across industries are forced to optimize the processes associated with their product development for the purposes of saving on time and costs while maintaining or improving their product quality.

Dassault ENOVIA PLM Application provides new opportunities for small and large enterprises to collaborate digitally in 3D.

Dassault ENOVIA PLM application -3d experience platformThrough implementing ENOVIA in their PLM activities, enterprises access the opportunity to take full command of product development and the lifecycle management of even more complex products.

Some of the challenges faced by enterprises which necessitates the use of a PLM solution such as the Dassault ENOVIA PLM software are as follows.

  • A large number of products appear to have increased quantities of software components and electronics.
  • There is the distribution of product data across several systems and this data lacks sensible linking and a central access.
  • Enterprises experience multidisciplinary development which doesn’t consider the overall system.
  • Product complexity also increases with increased access to a wider and global customer base.
  • More departments and external partners are involved in product development at an increasing rate.
  • Enterprises are challenged with the need to handle the explosion of product variants in target markets.
  • Lack of transparency on the topicality of BOMs and the contents they hold.
  • A large number of users across enterprises are not able to access 3D data and drawings.
  • Wrong decisions are made when there is reliance on missing and outdated information.
  • Customer needs and quick technical progress leads to shorter development cycles and innovation.
  • Increased costs during the creation and maintenance of individual BOMs for special use like in the case of assembly or purchasing. In the event of changes, derived BOMS are manually adapted or they become out of date.
  • There is so much complication in changes and their documentation is not neatly done or cannot be traced.
  • There is so much difficulty communicating throughout the entire organization since employees have access to different information and data in distributed systems.
  • BOMs that are generally prone to errors or those that cannot be revised.
  • Configuration and verification management is complicated and error-prone.

Some of the solutions to these problems are as listed below. Generally, the best solution to all the challenges experienced in a product’s lifecycle is the implementation of a consistent PLM system such as Dassault ENOVIA PLM Software:

  • With a central PLM database in which all applications are based, the topicality and availability of all the necessary information is secured.
  • The PLM solution effectively manages material compliance and connection to the IMDS database.
  • With online applications like in the case of Dassault ENOVIA PLM application, there is direct access to product-related information from distributed locations worldwide. Everybody who is involved in a project can access real-time information in an authorization-based manner.
  • There is full integration of functions in PLM solutions such as ENOVIA.
  • Dassault ENOVIA PLM software and others of its kind guarantee sensible linking of all data according to the RFLP (Requirements, Functional, Logical, Physical) approach.
  • With a PLM solution, there is integration with ERP systems.
  • Dassault ENOVIA PLM application and its colleagues are equipped with comprehensive functions for configuration and variant management.
  • Enterprises that have implemented a PLM solution have access to all PLM data through a uniform and continuous interface. All product-related information is made available through a single source and can be sensibly linked.
  • With ENOVIA and others, the standard authoring tools such as M-CAD and E-CAD are integrated directly with the PLM backbone.
  • All users are able to visualize 3D and drawing data via a web interface.
  • Dassault ENOVIA PLM software and other PLM solutions are most likely to offer industry best practices which enable the speedy adoption of proven standards and processes within enterprises.

What is Dassault ENOVIA PLM Software?

Dassault ENOVIA PLM Software is a 3DEXPERIENCE-powered collaboration management software from Dassault Systemes.  This PLM solution enables effective management of extensive business processes. Using Dassault ENOVIA PLM application, global teams managed by enterprises are able to collaborate with consistency and confidence, clarity, and contribute to sustainable innovation.

ENOVIA PLM solution for enterprises

This application is deployed as a SaaS and therefore it does not require any additional hardware and this saves cost and enhances productivity. The application can be used by both large and mid-sized enterprises and it is designed for five primary employee groups.

Managers who rely on Dassault ENOVIA PLM Software have the ability to effectively handle portfolios and this allows them to guarantee compliance while keeping costs down. Engineers can also rely on this software by issuing product changes, effectively work with AutoCAD drawings and Submit BOMs.

This PLM solution allows supply chain managers to collaborate with suppliers in making procurements after they have received BOMs, while reviewers are allowed to track all product-related data. With ENOVIA, the IT staff across enterprises have the ability to configure and customize installations.

ENOVIA V6 is a PLM solution for enterprises which offers a holistic and enterprise-wide management and control of all product-related data and processes and its entire lifecycle. This PLM solution relies on consistent methods, models, and tools to effectively manage all the phases of a product’s lifecycle.

ENOVIA V6 has preconfigured best-practice methods that are industry-related and for use in all the necessary PLM processes. These methods can be optionally adapted in accordance with company-specific requirements. Because of its scalable infrastructure, ENOVIA V6 can be effectively implemented to offer a high performance to small and medium-sized companies as well as large multinational corporations with thousands of users.

Another Dassault Enovia’s product line is the ENOVIA SmarTeam.  This is a team-oriented PLM solution that can be quickly implemented for product data management for medium-sized and small enterprises. ENOVIA SmarTeam provides simple options to product data management, controlling the status of CAD data and all PLM documents which are relevant to the design process.

Enterprises that have implemented Dassault ENOVIA PLM Application in their PLM are in a position to quickly analyze changes between different design revisions which have been stored in the database. Successful implementation of this PLM solution means enterprises will experience improved performance, efficient processes, and product usability.

Benefits of Dassault ENOVIA PLM Application?

Dassault ENOVIA PLM Application is associated with a number of benefits. These benefits are experienced by medium-sized businesses, large businesses, and small businesses.

Platform power and among the best industry solutions

With Dassault ENOVIA PLM Application, there is increased innovation enabling global teams to collaborate in a social context while relying on the global information.  Individuals operating for the benefit of the enterprises that have implemented this PLM solution will be able to collaborate with much clarity, confidence, and consistency.

ENOVIA is powered by 3DEXPERIENCE Platform™ which enables innovators to truly benefit from the rewards associated with collaboration. Dassault ENOVIA PLM software is easy to acquire, can be mastered and learned with little effort and it is robust and reliable enough to manage even the most mission-critical and sensitive data.

Dassault ENOVIA PLM Software -dashboard

Product development is global

With Dassault ENOVIA PLM application, users are empowered to facilitate the global reuse of part and standardization which guarantees optimization across product development processes. With this PLM solution, enterprises that are dispersed around the world will have access to BOM and other product-related data, and the tools that necessitate real time collaboration throughout all engineering disciplines.

Collaborative innovation for enterprises

Dassault ENOVIA PLM software has an intuitive user interface that provides powerful capabilities to its users via a standard web browser. This PLM solution has been fully integrated with engineering, design, and analysis solutions from different software vendors and Dassault Systèmes.

ENOVIA PLM solution incorporates strategic customer relationship management

When you implement Dassault ENOVIA PLM software, you’ll have access to traceable requirements management as the desired experiences of customers are visible to all the stakeholders involved.

Product planning and program management

Users of ENOVIA have access to a project and program management process which is driven by deliverables that are necessary for the confident launching of products and in time. It necessitates alignment of project deliverable with global portfolios for the purposes of targeting Zero delays in product introduction.

Quality and compliance

With its ability to extend compliance data to a broader audience, ENOVIA facilitates more effective decision making and awareness. It also supports the creation of a central repository for all documents and this provides collaboration tools and supports stringent regulatory processes.

Global product launching, protection of IP and reusing of design components

ENOVIA PLM solution help enterprises to launch their products worldwide at the same time as opposed to launching the products in developed markets first before moving to other locations. This creates a high return on investments and enhances customer loyalty. This application shortens the time-to-market by leveraging and offering protection to your IP and reusing design components. Through its centralized approach, global enterprises are able to manage the entire lifecycle of the project more efficiently.

Features of Dassault ENOVIA PLM solution

Dassault ENOVIA PLM application has several features and capabilities that facilitate the effective and efficient management of product lifecycle processes.

  • Bill of material management
  • Global Product Development
  • Centralized approach
  • Design management
  • Configuration and change management
  • Program management
  • High-tech design management
  • Quality and compliance
  • Product planning
  • Strategic customer relationships
  • IP classification and management
  • Strategic supplier relationships

For a further understanding of the capabilities related to Dassault ENOVIA PLM Software, below we summarize some selected few of these capabilities and features.

BOMs Management

ENOVIA has a BOM capability or feature which empowers engineers to create and maintain BOMs that are updated, accurate, and complete. With today’s much complex enterprising environment involving different disciplines, products are becoming much more complex. Therefore, enterprise teams are faced with the task of creating a more accurate BOM and maintaining it throughout the changes that take place during the product development process.

Dassault ENOVIA PLM application - BOM

Program management

With ENOVIA® Program Central™, program and project managers gain the ability to create a competitive advantage through delivering products from concept to market very fast. With this capability, enterprises can concentrate critical resources on products that bring the most profits while ensuring best practices within the business processes across the extended company.

Using the help of ENOVIA® Program Experience, project team members gain visibility into their assignments and it also allows them to communicate risks and issues for the purposes of communicating the most current status.

Requirements management

Using ENOVIA® Requirements Central™, enterprises are able to improve their overall global requirement management process as they are also equipped with the ability to capture the customer’s voice and translating them into user requirements hence facilitating the production of the right products.

This feature has a central repository that holds customer needs together with the product requirements that satisfy them.

Portfolio configuration management

Using the capabilities of ENOVIA® Variant Configuration Central™, project team members are able to handle product customization and variety definition in the initial stage of the product development process – the conception phase.

IP lifecycle management

Through relying on the IP lifecycle management feature of Dassault ENOVIA PLM application, enterprises are able to eliminate product development errors that are costly through improving cross-functional product design, performance simulation, and manufacturing planning.


The pricing for Dassault ENOVIA PLM software can only be accessed upon request. You can contact the company for more details and also ask for a quote. There are also other verified vendors such as cenit.com responsible for selling the product.

Technical Details

ENOVIA supports devices that run on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Web-based. It supports different languages including English, Japan, China, India, Germany, Dutch, Spain, Russia, France, Italy, Polish, Portugal, Turkish, and Swedish. The pricing model is based on a quote, customer types are large enterprises and medium businesses. Deployment is through the cloud and open API.

Support Details

Vendors and owners of this product offer their support through email, phone, training, and tickets. Contact the owners at 3ds.com 

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