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Full CS Professional Suite Tax Software Review – All You Need to Know About CS Professional Suite


What is CS Professional Suite?

CS Professional Suite is a series of fully integrated software developed for accounting professionals. CS Professional Suite is specially designed for the sole purpose of creating a solid infrastructure that simplifies a financial matter. The system’s main goal is to help industries to ensure complete accounting accuracy as well as diminishing the manual and hassle work of accounting work. The developers, Thomson & Reuters, have been mainly developing their software tirelessly to produce solutions that can be easily maneuvered as well as give complete functionalities for computing enormous accounting files.

CS Professional Suite

But aside from accounting software, they also produce solutions for Web designing and managing files and documents. SaaS CS professional Suite can be leased through their website and can be perfectly used to integrate with the Microsoft Office software to give you the ability and the flexibility to work with different files and with different formats. The software is also cloud-based and that means that you can remotely access your files, accounting documents, and as well as SaaS CS professional Suite itself in different devices with ease whenever you need to check them.

The very advantage of choosing CS professional Suite as the main accounting solution for your business is giving you the ability to offer opportunities for qualified accountants to work from their comfort zone which is their home.  They can basically commit their time working in your company without physically going to the office. That is made possible by their variety of software that you can choose from to run specific tasks virtually. Such as the Virtual CS office, Net client CS and Web builder CS.

CS Professional Suite was designed by Thomson Reuters with the help of other dedicated engineers and programmers. Mainly they only have one software in the beginning, but their ambition to better cater to the SaaS market has driven them to create a series of software and programs dedicated to tax and accounting.

Every individual software is fully designed to work with each other. They can be either used as individual software or integrate with one another. Their line of systems are suited for a sole proprietor and huge accounting firm and they offer leasing of their systems on their website, they ensure that the prices of their plans are justifiable on how it will perform and make your business more profitable.

CS Professional Suite Benefits

Efficiently Do Auditing and Accounting

If we would ask an accountant about how difficult their job is, they would likely describe it exaggeratedly. That is basically true since most of the accounting personnel should deal with a long list of numbers that needed to be computed. That numbers would include the computation of company taxes, expenses, bank transaction, reporting, accounts payables and receivables, forensic, reconciliations and many more. Manually doing that process is the nature of an accountant’s job to ensure accuracy and to check whether it coincides with basic laws and accounting principles. The accountant also has to deal with the request of managers and seniors to finish certain reports not realizing the lack of cooperation of other clients that makes the job even more slower. That is where CS Professional Suite would really be a helping hand.

The company has developed a dedicated software only for auditing and accounting job. It is expected to compress all the long lists of records that need to be computed by providing all the necessary features and functionalities vital for their field and also solutions that consent its users to be more effective and efficient in helping their clients in bookkeeping, accounting, and financial requirements. Companies can also finish more returns and simplify lists as CS Professional Suite comes with trusted specialized Tax and Asset Management proficiencies.

Streamline Tax Computation Process

The problem with using a software that is really not fully developed to simplify accounting work is that there is a huge tendency of errors in your data entry, formulas and computation. And that basically means, revising or not finding the wrong variable. This is especially true is computing taxes with different rates. Sometimes accountants could interchange tax rates for invoices for different locations. And that problem could be highly reduced and diminished by CS Professional Suite’s software designed for tax computations.

When the system is successfully set up to compute taxes with different rates, all you need to do is carefully encode or pick items from the inventory, and let the software do the remaining job. This system could greatly streamline the computation process and at the same time reduce the possibility of errors.

CS Professional Suite

Hire Home Based Qualified Accountants

This is the most highlighted benefit and advantage of using web-based accounting solutions especially    CS Professional Suite. The nature of an accountant’s job is often stressful and pressured, and could lead to burnout and dissatisfaction. Sometimes a rise in the salary is the temporary solution, but still, a time would come that they would be dissatisfied again. Based on a survey, the workplace, the ambiance of the office, and the lack of verbal pressure from managers could have an effect on a person’s contentment and happiness with their job.

That is the reason why the home based job is the mainstream today in terms of the nature of a specific job. Since all the accounts, files, and financial reports and data are available and accessible in the cloud using CS Professional Suite’s accounting software, it would be easy for companies to hire potential and high-profiled accountants and let them start their job in their own homes.

Easily Manage Electronic Documents

The idea of cloud-based storage is one of the best ideas in the digital world. Individuals, small firms, mid-sized businesses, and even huge corporations are now entrusting their storage system in the cloud. It is now easier to share documents, collaborate tasks and conduct deals virtually. Files are more accessible and manageable. The huge issue left would only be the underlying security threat to your files. CS Professional Suite offers a Document Management Tool for your company, it would definitely help you to conveniently deliver secure files for collaboration. You could also focus on attending the needs of your clients by safely accessing your files and helping them with their business concerns.

Expect Fast and Visible Results

 Users often expect fast business inclination results by the use of a specific software, and that should be always true since software should be dedicated to making its clients business more profitable and effective. That is the most common part of every company’s business goals and visions. But that doesn’t just includes coding and developing their program to work magnificently, it also includes providing training and proper support for their clients.

That is basically true with CS Professional Suite. Aside from making sure, they have all the necessary tools and features for providing optimal accounting system, they also provide training for your business employees to make sure that they can learn and use the software properly and immediately. In effect, companies will grasp visible effect in terms of efficiency in accounting and admin work.

CS Professional Suite Features

CS Professional Suite

Tax and Asset Management Software – set of software intended for finishing financial, accounting and bookkeeping works affiliated with state of the art software features

  1. Accounting CS – It’s an all in one specialized accounting software with trial balance, payroll, write-up and more.
  2. AdvanceFlow – an audit management system that is cloud-based, powered by sophisticated and erudite working trial balance abilities.
  3. Workpapers CS – A very powerful tool for trial balance and tax work-paper that enables you to share and collaborate documents and important files online or on the cloud.

Auditing and Accounting Software – set of software that could help you in completing more returns and save some time in processing tax computations.

  1. UltraTax CS – a fully integrated software of CS Professional Suite that can also be integrated with Onvio. You can make an automation of your entire workflow, starting from a collection of data, preparing them, review, as well as the distribution of the return.
  2. UltraTax CS eSignature – a module for UltraTax Cs that lets you gather and collect electronic signature for documents of tax.
  3. GoSystem Tax RS – an income tax program for CPA firms
  4. Fixed Assets CS – a depreciation software that helps you control your inventory accurately
  5. Planner CS – Tax planning program for foreseeing upcoming years of tax filings
  6. Toolbox CS – set of tools such as federal forms, tax calculators, IRS flowcharts, and many more.

Payroll Solutions – set of programs for helping your company strengthen the relationship with clients, increase profits, and attract potential clients.

  1. Accounting CS Payroll – an automated, batch-oriented program for processing payroll faster and more accurate.
  2. myPay Solutions – CS Professional Suite will handle the payroll process of your clients

Workflow and Firm Management – set of programs intended for handling seamless managing of your daily accounting activities

  1. FirmFLow – CPA workflow program  that is cloud-based and aims to standardize the process of routing functions and tracking
  2. Practice CS – A practice management program that lets you track billing and time for your firm.

Document Management – a software specially used for tracking and organizing digital files, increase your accounting department efficiency by reducing manual effort.

  1. GoFileRoom – a document storage that is cloud-based and lest you easily save, scan and manage your files.

Client websites and Portals – easily exchange data and documents and deliver them to your client’s end.

  1. NetClient CS – A dedicated portal that offers 24/7 access to your services by your clients.
  2. Web Builder CS – A program that lets you create a quality CPA website with pre-made custom templates and different design services.

Hosted Options: deliver 24/7 remote entree to all of CS Professional Suite set of programs in a safe environment without any treatment of security.

  1. SaaS CS Professional Suite – A complete set of CS Professional Suite programs with Exchange and Microsoft Office package.
  2. Virtual Office CS – Have an online access to your chosen CS Professional Suite and Microsoft Office anywhere and anytime.

Advisory Services: Make your business transform into content offerings and subscription consulting to help your company achieve its maximum potential and capacity.

  1. Practice Forward – a software that has features essential for business modeling, expert content and other business-driven tools.

Consulting and Training: Train an efficient workforce using the series of CS Professional Suite software intended for training the use of software

  1. Consulting – The CS Professional Suite has a team available to answer your questions and receive a general consultation.
  2. Training – CS Professional Suite has a team dedicated to helping you by conducting live training and software maneuver type specific training that would really suit your company.

CS Professional Suite


The price of the CS Professional Suite depends on the user’s role in a company and the size of the industry.

They categorize this as profiles. Each profile of a user will be brought to another company that uses CS Professional Suite as their accounting solution if ever that employee would choose to transfer. That means the company would not pay for a user in an entire year.

Full-Service Profile

  • $424/month
  • Includes all CS Professional Suite of Software

Tax Profile

  • $350/month
  • Access to all suites aside from Payroll CS, WriteUp CS, Financial Analysis CS.

Accounting Profile

  • $250/month
  • Access to all modules aside from Ultra Tax CS, as well as Planner CS

Administration role Profile

  • $165/month
  • Provides access to Practice CS, Toolbox CS and FileCabinet CS and online version of Microsoft Office and Exchange.


  • 2 to 4 profiles has 8 percent discount
  • 5 to 8 profiles have 18 percent discount
  • 9 to 12 profiles have 25 percent discount
  • 13 and more profiles have a 35 percent discount

Technical Details

The software supports Windows, Android, IOS, and web base. It also supports the English language.

The deployment type is either on-premise or cloud hosting.

Support Details

CS Professional Suite is providing live-training for your workforce. They also provide 24/7 support via phone and email.

CS Professional Suite users can also request for a live support for troubleshooting problems with the use of the software. The company also implements a ticketing system for prioritizing customer concerns.