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Social Media Monitoring Software – Overview

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Social Media Monitoring is a way of computing the popularity of a brand or company by gathering information from social media channels, such as blogs, wikis, news sites, micro blogs, social network sites, forums, message boards and user-generated content. It calibrates the success of social media marketing strategies used by a company or brand, and gauges current trends in an industry.

Social Media Monitoring Software provides functionality for listening, tracking and gathering relevant content across wide ranges of social media. Such products are used by social media, marketing and communications teams to identify trends, track competitors, and understand customer sentiment. The products can also be used to garner information on new social trends, or by media outlets to identify breaking news.


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The 10 Most Popular Social Media Monitoring Software products

1. HubSpot Marketing is a cloud-based all-in-one marketing software platform. It helps companies of all sizes create a web presence, convert online traffic into leads that can be tracked and nurtured, and analyse business metrics to ensure marketing campaigns are on track.

HubSpot Marketing can handle both B2B and B2C business in a variety of segments, including accounting, retail, real estate and more.

The solution offers a variety of features to promote content online, track website performance, optimise content and more. The built-in SEO tool helps users improve search rankings for their web pages, and increase lead quality. Users can manage email outreach and social media engagements with their clients.

All site traffic and lead-activity is collected and analysed to ensure that marketing efforts are accurately driven. The system also integrates with almost any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, as well as with a variety of e-commerce shopping cart platforms.

2. Zoho Social helps marketers in all types of businesses to grow the social media presence of their brand with actionable insights focused on content and engagement.

The solution provides them with pre-publishing insights based on the engagement level of previous posts and the activity of their audience. Zoho Social shows users the percentage of their audience that is likely to see their post now, suggests the next best time to post, and lets them schedule a post to go out at the same time of day in different time zones.

The program’s real-time monitoring dashboard helps marketing teams listen to what is being said about their brand. Users can search and track a keyword, and respond when needed. Instant notifications ensure quick reactions and guarantee that no relevant conversations are missed.

Within Zoho Social, numbers are included as a value-add, around publishing and listening features. A dedicated reports tab provides social network specific statistics and detailed analytics enabling users to understand more about their audience and how people engage with their content.

3. AdRoll is an ad retargeting app that helps companies create, optimise and deliver personalised ads across multiple platforms and devices. AdRoll provides one platform to control web retargeting on more than 60 leading ad networks, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Users can manage retargeting on Facebook, Twitter, and mobile.

AdRoll offers expert optimisation and customisation options for their users. It uses customer segmentation based on over 300 types of intent signals to target or exclude users based on the actions they have completed, the products they have viewed, and how far into the purchase funnel they have gone.

AdRoll can be used to create dynamic, personalised ads based on user browsing history, and the products they prefer. Users can analyse how each of their ad impressions and campaigns are performing, as well as conduct A/B tests, through the program’s integrated reporting and analysis.

4. SharpSpring is a fully integrated cloud-based marketing tool that offers CRM, marketing automation, mobile and social marketing, sales team automation, customer service and more, in one solution.

SharpSpring can integrate with any CRM platform on the market, so users can keep their existing CRM solution and the information contained within it. The system’s lead nurturing and scoring tools can track an individual lead’s page visits, demographics and engagement. Its Visitor ID feature helps identify anonymous site visitors by looking up their IP addresses, including their name and contact information. Other features include a Landing Page Builder and a Blog Builder. It also offers a library of designs and templates from which the user can choose.

5. Qwaya is a self-service Facebook advertising tool for marketers, agencies and e-commerce companies. Qwaya’s powerful features and friendly user interface lets users run Facebook campaigns more efficiently, with less effort.

Qwaya finds the most effective audience for a company’s ads by auto splitting targeting in granular segments, and providing a side-by-side comparison. An audience can be split into multiple segments based on any targeting criteria. Users can also try various combinations of text and images to come up with the best performing ad.

6. BuzzSumo is a social media analytics and curation tool for content marketers. It searches the web for content based on search queries, and reports back to the enquirer on its success, based upon its social likes and shares.

BuzzSumo lets users analyse the best performing content in any market niche. Its advanced social search engine identifies the most shared content for a topic, author or domain, giving users an understanding of what content is resonating well with an audience. They can use this knowledge to guide their content creation and then gain valuable insight into the result of their content on social media networks.

Users can also use the tool to keep track of competitors’ social content success and identify key influencers within their field.

7. SproutSocial is a web-based social media management solution which provides automated publishing, conversation tracking, social content management, and social media analytics within a single program. It is designed for companies of all sizes.

SproutSocial features a “Smart Inbox” which combines all social media interactions from different social media websites. Users can manage all social interactions from a single platform by turning messages into tasks, assigning them to the right people and allowing team members to collaborate.

The program’s social media publishing functionality automates the process of scheduling social media content and managing approval for content before publishing it.

The solution enables users to effectively monitor the social media performance of a brand, with the help of reporting and social media analytics functionality. They can also gain a holistic view of their organisation’s social media profile, and are better able to make brand management decisions.

8. Social Studio is a social media solution that helps businesses discover and analyse conversations about their brands across multiple social media channels. It is a Salesforce product that can be used by sales, customer service and PR managers to offer better customer experiences and gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs.

It can be also used to listen in on conversations about competitors. Employees can join in on conversations with audiences, fostering brand advocacy, and addressing customer issues and concerns directly. The software helps users understand what content works best with their audience, and analyses the performance of campaigns.

The software is used by brands to increase customer engagement, enhance social media campaigns, gain better understanding of audiences and industry, and provide better customer support. It provides a range of analysis and reporting features to understand customer sentiment, demographics and industry trends.

Social Studio can also be used to construct effective social media and content marketing campaigns to support short-term, as well as long-term, goals such as the launch of a new product, annual trade shows and other events, and new partnerships.

9. Mention is an online platform specialising in business monitoring activities on the web, monitoring billions of sources in more than 40 languages for mentions and references. It provides rich insights into what is trending and popular, and is used by companies like Microsoft, Spotify and GitHub.

Not only does it provide social mentions’ information, the solution analyses performance, and provides a detailed summary of activities and sentiment.

Marketers can use Mention to identify and tap influencers who can drive interest to their brands, whilst brand performance can be measured and tracked. Users can filter the information they need, so that they can focus on the conversations that matter to a business and its growth.

10. Sendible is a social media analytics and management tool, suitable for businesses of all sizes. The platform enables users to control various account streams in real-time, through the use of social media networks, such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

In Sendible, users can create and group posts to deliver consistent messages among followers, along with simultaneously tracking corporate engagement.

The solution allows users to prioritise social media replies and gain automatic insights into brand mention among various sources. Its interactive calendar allows efficient scheduling of social strategies and queuing up of messages, so they can be posted at the right time.

Sendible lets users assign tasks and workflows, and they can approve and share content. The system has integrated analytics features that monitor the performance of social campaigns, while its drag-and-drop report builder makes use of all available data to prepare reports.

Choosing the best Social Media Monitoring Software

As there are a host of Social Media Monitoring Software solutions available on the market, the best place to start in identifying a suitable product is to define what Social Media channels a company is using, or thinking of employing, and find applications that best fit their needs. Having drawn-up a shortlist, possible solutions should be tested via free trials and product demos to determine suitability and benefits.

Types of Social Media Monitoring Software

Social Media Monitoring Software is mainly categorised by means of deployment, with the choices being on premise, Saas(Software-as-a-service) and cloud-hosted.


Social Media Monitoring Software offers a range of Social CRM capabilities, including helping to monitor conversations about a company or brand. Programs can be used to perform a host of tasks, such as product promotion, conducting market research, collecting customer feedback for product development, locating communities with whom to engage, monitoring trending conversations, tracking competitors’ social media strategies and more.






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