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Best SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review in 2019

SiteGround Cloud Hosting
SiteGround Cloud Hosting

Best SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review in 2019

With our technological inclination, it is much easier to store our important and sensitive files without needing to bring a physical storage device wherever we go. Thanks to cloud storage, we can virtually upload a huge amount of files and pull that resources whenever and wherever we need it.

Additionally, cloud storage has been the option for most companies as it offers a safer environment for their company files and documents. With the cloud storage being so popular, the web hosting market has also adopted this system by creating an alike web hosting solution and option for their clients.

Cloud hosting is a relatively new type of web hosting solution offered by different web hosting service providers. Unlike the more traditional shared web hosting and dedicated hosting. Cloud hosting doesn’t just use a single server to host a specific website. For instance, a client that has chosen a dedicated server plan can rent a whole set/s of servers to host their website or database.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, the provider would use virtual servers pulling out resources from multiple physical servers to host their client’s website. Each individual physical servers has a copy or a resource of a particular client website or database. They are also independent of each other, which means that if one physical server would fail to provide a response, other virtual servers would still be available and would be efficient enough to avoid unavailability to the client’s website and resources.

There are generally two types of the platform which cloud hosting runs. The first is the Public cloud, public cloud works similarly with shared web hosting. In a public cloud, virtual servers that are used are publicly available and are used by multiple users. The second type is the Private Cloud. This option is more popular with individuals and companies that are more concerned with the privacy of their resources. With Private cloud servers, networks are not publicly available and use ring-fenced resources to provide greater protection.

Moreover, cloud hosting can also fall into two different classifications. The Platform as a Service and the Infrastructure a Service. The former refers to a software environment which is given to the client to directly create their own web application. This is more suitable for individuals that are not technically proficient. The latter refers to a virtualized hardware resource that is given to the client so they can install their desired or customized web application. This article would discuss the Cloud hosting service that is provided by Siteground. The background of the company, the features, and benefits of their service, as well as the pricing details,  are discussed in this article.

About SiteGround

SiteGround is a trusted and popular web hosting company for many years. They excel in providing a web hosting solution for WordPress, having the speed and the security as their headline for the service. Moreover, their uptime guarantee is also the best asset of the company as it is one of the most important regarded feature of web hosting providers.

What’s unique about SiteGround is that they allow a location-specific hosting service. For instance, clients that are located in Europe would have their website and database hosted in the servers with the data center located in the same location, maximizing the speed and performance of their website.

SiteGround was established in the year 2004, founded by a group of college students. Since then, the service has been highly anticipated by many individuals with their cheap and reliable web hosting options. Currently, they employ 400 people around the world maintaining the figurative well-being of the servers. They are also reported to host almost 1.7 million domains from different locations. As mentioned earlier, they are catering a location-specific hosting service with their multiple data centers such as in Europe, Netherlands, United States, London, and Singapore.

What’s great about SiteGround is that they are involved with open-source communities such as Magento, WordPress, and Joomla. It offers application solutions and custom server for open source applications, provides a free collection of templates and tutorials for numerous applications and conducts educational webinars discussing different topics. They also provide sponsorship of WordCamp Europe starting in the year 2013 and has partnered with different companies such as SoftLayer, SingleHop, OpenSRS, Cloudflare, GlobalSign, and Softculous.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Features:

Main Features

  1. WHM & cPanel – SiteGround uses the popular WHM and CPanel as their control panel in organizing your domain and implementing needed updates and changes.
  2. Exim Mail Server – You can route mail, easily check incoming mail with the mail transfer agent Exim. This particular mail agent is used in Unix operating systems and is a free software that is developed by the University of Cambridge.
  3. Private DNS Server – Private DNS server is enabled for you to have your nameservers reflect your domain name
  4. Apache/Nginx & CentOS – A computing platform is supported by Siteground Cloud hosting
  5. Free Dedicated IP – A dedicated IP is given to its client
  6. Free SSL Certificates – Free SSL certificate is included so you can start your eCommerce
  7. IP Tables Firewall – With Ip tables Firewall, servers are completely protected from unwanted web traffic
  8. Emails Spam Filtering – Spam filter is for email is added to increase security
  9. Softaculous – Easily install Open source applications with Softaculous
  10. PostgreSQL and MySQL 5 – Database management systems are available, such as PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  11. PHP 5 Versions – Latest PHP 5 version is supported
  12. SSH Access – SSH access for you to gain full access and control over the servers

Open-Source Application Features


  1. 1-Click Installer – Easily install WordPress in 1 click
  2. Auto updates – Possess the latest version of WordPress
  3. WordPress Staging – Deploy changes and easily test your website
  4. SuperCacher – Dynamic and Static Cache and Memcached
  5. SSH & WP-CLI – Have a full control with WordPress
  6. GIT integration – Easy Git repo creation interface


  1. Magento Unique Caching – SiteGround would speed up Magento for you
  2. Pre-installed GIT – Git easy repo creation for your website
  3. Magento 1-click install – easily install Magento with just a few clicks
  4. SSH enabled – Have a full throttle control of your Magento


  1. 1 click Install – Launch and start creating your shop with 1 click
  2. Drupal SuperCacher – Siteground would speed up your Drupal with their cache
  3. Integration with GIT – Easy Git repo creation interface
  4. Pre-Installed Drush – Have a full throttle control over your Drupal


  1. 1-click Install – Easily install and launch Joomla in one click
  2. Auto updates – Ensure that you would have the latest Joomla application version
  3. Installed jHackGuard – A custom plugin intended for security is added by Siteground to reduce the risk for attacks
  4. SuperCacher for Joomla – Dynamic and Static Cache and Memcached
  5. Joomla Staging – Deploy changes and easily test it
  6. Git Integrated – Easy Git repo creation interface

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

Siteground Cloud Hosting Benefits

Blazing-fast Platform

It’s clear that when it comes to hosting services, speed should be the priority benefit that we can get in trusting their service. They must be able to deliver the promised performance that their servers would have and perform well in the long run. Otherwise, this would create a bad image for the provider and could cost them the loyalty of their customers.

You can ensure that Siteground’s Cloud Hosting service would give you the optimal speed for your website. The company uses lightweight containers for Linux with an SSD disk, so you can expect that the servers would be responsive enough especially with read/write function. Moreover, the unmatched resources that SiteGround servers gather are very beneficial in maintaining the speed of your website.

Auto-Scalable Resources

As mentioned earlier in the introduction of this article, Cloud hosting uses a virtual server that is composed of multiple physical serves from different locations. That being said, you would have the ability to choose the size of servers that you would use for your website or with your database. For instance, if you foresee the huge traffic your website would receive during a particular season, you can opt to add more resources so you would avoid any latency with your website, particularly with huge web traffic.

Superb Customer Support

It is much easier for us to trust and continue using the service of a particular provider if the performance that was promised was achieved, and of course, with great customer support. SiteGround has all the customer support that you would find in any web hosting provider. Moreover, they are offering this 24/7, plus they can respond to tickets with a maximum waiting time of 10 minutes.

Servers That are Fully Managed

One of the major concerns of many web hosting clients is the technical issues that the servers may face in the future. It would be expected that such servers would experience troubles as of course, they are machines that are still prone to hardware and software damages. Hence, they needed regular maintenance to ensure that such a problem would not go big enough to cause some problems to the client’s website and database. All SiteGround servers are manually configured and maintained to ensure that they work at an optimal level and would not cause any discrepancies.

Daily Backups

Having a backup for files and important documents is a thing a nowadays. SiteGround implements the same system so your files and database are safe in case of unwanted deletion and loss. 7 offsite backups are kept In your account so you would feel safe knowing that you could recover any files at any time.

Multiple Datacenters and Free CDN

SiteGround has 4 data centers located at different parts of the world so you can choose the data center that is the nearest to you. Free CDN is also added as a benefit so you can obtain better speed with geographical accessibility and speed in your local area.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

Technical Support

As expected from a renowned Web hosting provider,  Siteground is offering almost all available types fo customer support for technical issues. The first that they provide is phone support. Customers in distress in experiencing technical problems can immediately contact the team to help solve the issue. The second that they provide is Live Chat that can be accessed through their website. The third option that they provide a knowledge-based section where users can read articles for solving common issues on their own. And lastly, a ticketing system is applied by the company In prioritizing issues raised by their clients

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Pricing and Plans


  • $80.00 per month
  • 2 CPU cores
  • 4GB of memory
  • 40 GB space for SSD
  • 5 TB of data transfer


  • $120.00 per month
  • 3 CPU cores
  • 6 GB of memory
  • 60 Gb space for SSD
  • 5 TB of Data Transfer

Business Plus

  • $160.00 per month
  • 4 CPU cores
  • 8 GB of memory
  • 80 GB space for SSD
  • 5 TB of Data Transfer

Super Power

  • $240.00 per month
  • 8 CPU cores
  • 10 GB of memory
  • 120 Gb space for SSD
  • 5 TB of Data Transfer

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

Siteground Cloud Hosting Review Summary

Siteground is a web hosting company specializing in WordPress and integrating other open source application. The company was established in the year 2004 and has been serving multiple users around the globe with their 4 data centers located in different countries. They also excel in providing the blazing-fast performance of their cloud hosting service that is featured and reviewed in this article. Overall, their services are perfect for mid-sized businesses that are seeking for a cheap web hosting plans compared to other providers.

Pros: Automatic backup, multiple data centers, great customer support, open source applications, and fully managed servers.

Cons: Does not offer unlimited

We had also listed the top 20 Cloud hosting providers in the market right now.

  1. Amazon Web services
  2. Kamatera
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. Google Cloud Platform
  5. Adobe
  6. VMware
  7. IBM cloud
  8. Rackspace
  9. Red Hat
  10. Salesforce
  11. Oracle Cloud
  12. SAP
  13. Verizon Cloud
  14. Navisite
  15. Dropbox
  16. Egnyte
  17. Hostgator
  18. 1&1 IONOS
  19. Cloudways
  20. ByteMark Cloud