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Sales Proposal Automation software – an overview

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Sales Proposal Automation software is a sales enabler or productivity tool that helps sales people quickly create accurate, personalised proposal documents, usually in response to an RFP (Request For Proposal). They then deliver the proposal to clients, whether in hard copy, in an electronic file, or through a link to a custom URL.

Proposal software allows users to create and manage all important sales and marketing documentation such as business proposals, welcome letters, contracts, quotes, and marketing collateral. Many software applications integrate with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, content management systems, accounting platforms and electronic signature providers.


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The 10 most popular Sales Proposal Automation software solutions

1. XSellco Repricer is a real-time repricing tool. It reviews online the pricing structure of a company’s leading competitors, and makes adjustments to the price of its own goods or service to ensure they are compatible, or offer a competitive advantage. The solution essentially “spies” on the ten most important rivals that a business has on platforms like Amazon and eBay, and determines appropriate adjustments to pricing strategies.

Repricing is fast, if not instant, and the solution offers a net margin repricing feature can be used to price prices in line with revenue expectations.

2. PandaDoc is cloud-based document management software, mainly used by sales and marketing teams, to create proposals, quotes, HR documents, contracts and more.

The software allows users to choose from a variety of proposal templates, which are free to download and customise. Options are available to change the language and currency used in documents depending on local or regional requirements. Collaboration tools allow teams to work on a single document by commenting and in-activity logging. There is also an e-signature facility allowing approvers to sign off on any document remotely.

PandaDoc’s analytics provide real-time statistics regarding who has viewed a proposal, how many times they have viewed it, and how long they have worked on it. An overview of proposal performance is provided through a dashboard.

The solution integrates with third party platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and SugarCRM.

3. BQool Repricing Central is a repricing tool for Amazon merchants. It is designed to automatically reprice their items, based on pre-set definitions, market conditions, and competitor activity, helping them increase sales and their seller’s rank. It forms part of the BQool Business Suite, along with Feedback Central and Review Central.

The solution monitors Amazon 24/7 for changes in prices. Once a price change has been detected, the solution automatically optimises a user’s pricing every 5 to 15 minutes. Other features include an embedded price and profit calculator, listing data analysis, schedule repricing, compete against box price, and more.

From a centralised location, users are able to track their rank, offers, Buy Box Win percentages, position and fulfilment. They are also able to view competitors’ handling times, expedited shipping status, back-ordered status and a host of other metrics, enabling them to make critical decisions about their pricing strategy.

4. Docsend is a content management and tracking solution which helps teams find, share, track and present content that closes a deal. This tool helps significantly improve the effectiveness and productivity of sales people by allowing them to monitor, control, deliver and present sales materials with real-time sales analytics.

Users are able to see who is viewing their documents, the length of time that it took them to view a page, as well as the recipients of a document. Users are given total control of a document, even after it has been sent. Docsend helps marketers and sales people understand what their clients and partners are thinking, and enables them to create more effective business strategies as a result.

5. Bidsketch is a solution that enables a user to compile a complete custom proposal with a few clicks. It makes it easy to reuse templates, pricing items, content and designs, and includes sample content to help users get started quickly. There is also the option to embed images and videos in a proposal.

Bidsketch has electronic signature functionality built into the solution, so clients can view, approve and sign contracts immediately. The application additionally allows users to create a client landing page where they can view, approve, export and comment on proposals.

6. Proposify is cloud-based proposal software suitable for web design and marketing companies.

The application allows users to select proposals from a range of templates to customise them as needed. The proposal editor enables users to control fonts, add videos, images, shapes, modify page layouts and include interactive fee tables. All proposals can be fully white labelled, may include interactive elements and are compatible with mobile devices.

Proposify’s content library helps users select case studies, sections, fees and more  These elements can be added to a proposal using a drag-and-drop interface. Users can track the performance of proposals through metrics such as numbers won and lost, viewed proposals and number of hits.

It provides integration with CRM solutions, invoicing tools and more, and includes a native mobile app for iOS devices.

7. Quoteroller is a web-based proposal creation solution which is primarily used to create, send and track business proposals.

Quoteroller offers a large library of ready-to-use business templates covering proposals for themes such as research, brand messaging and visual identity, event management, graphic design, catering, as well as more niche industry solutions.

The application offers easy to use tools to customise templates – users can add colours, and different content blocks, such as text, video, html, price tables, and gallery to make proposals look more professional and attractive.

Proposals can be prepared in a number of different formats, like PDF or web formats, and they are interactive, so clients can interact with users when they check their quotes, and can accept proposals online.

Quoteroller also allows users to store information about every product and service offered by their organisation, along with a description and a price. This saves time when preparing a quote.

The program integrates with a number of applications and CRM solutions, such as Freshbooks, Wrike and Basecamp.

8. Qwilr is a cloud-based sales and RFP application. It offers audit trail functionality, sales and marketing document storage, a central repository and analytics functionality.

Qwilr features a template library which allows users to search RFP templates for sales, business and product proposals. They can also embed content in proposals, such as video, spreadsheets and surveys.

Sales and marketing management tools help users create price quotes, forward quotes to clients, and manage approvals and payments. Analytics features allow them to track content metrics and users can also create reports on content performance across sales and marketing divisions.

Qwilr is compatible with multiple devices, such as laptops and tablets.

9. Highspot is a cloud-based sales enablement platform designed for sales and marketing teams in businesses of all sizes.

Users can browse and search content by many different filters, including product lines, customer segment, region or any other customisable feature.

Highspot also includes a pitch module. Users can email content from within the system, create custom links or send pitches through their own email system. They can then track activity for each email.

The program also lets users share content with prospects live on the Internet. A screen sharing feature means prospects can view users’ content and demos from the same browser window.

The solution also includes an analytics module and integrates with many other platforms, like Salesforce, Office 365 and Oracle.

10. Octiv is a cloud-based content management system, suitable for businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries.  It allows organisations to create, share, sign, store and manage documents.

The platform allows users to automate document creation using pre-defined templates, dynamic content and merged data. Users can create and deliver documents from within their CRM system, and then route generated documents via email or send for signature.

All documents, content and completed agreements are stored in a centralised, secure repository. Users can find documents using tagging systems, advanced search functionality, and metadata driven workflows. Octiv offers granular access permissions and advanced security capabilities for administration.

The solution is able to integrate with Salesforce, Google Drive, Box and many other applications. It offers an API which enables users to automate and embed functionality into their own systems, manage users, and trigger additional workflows.

How to choose the best Sales Proposal Automation software

As there is a wide choice of Sales Proposal Automation software solutions available, it is important to determine carefully the needs and requirements of an organisation in advance in detail first, before considering any particular product. Having done so, research carefully products and make a shortlist, based on features, benefits, price and customer support.

Then arrange for free trial periods and product demos, and make a choice from there.

Types of Sales Proposal Automation software

There are four main types of sales automation software:

Enterprise system – customised solutions for large organisations and includes advanced features, robust business logic, and custom support;

Native file format – some proposal software systems stores files in their native file format – for example, Excel Word or PDF;

Small business solutions – all-in-one systems designed for the needs of small businesses and enterpreneurs; and

Web-based systems – web-based proposal solutions store content in HTML format. After contact has been imported, the system acts like a search engine to help users find what they need quickly and easily.


Sales Proposal Automation software allows users to create proposals quickly and easily, and deliver them to their clients in a convenient format. Such tools enable users to create and manage a host of sales and marketing documentation, ranging from business proposals to contracts, quotes, and marketing collateral.

Many software applications offer integration with CRM solutions, content management systems, accounting platforms and electronic signature providers.


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