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Sales Automation Software – Introduction

Sales automation software is an integrated application of customisable sales tools that can be used to automate or streamline the sales cycle. Sales automation functionality might include automated sales activities, forecasting, pipeline management and tracking of customer interactions. Effective use of automation software allows companies to analyse the entire sales cycle.

The 11 Most Popular Sales Automation Software Solutions

1. HubSpot Sales is a cloud-based sales automation tool designed to build, automate and accelerate the sales process. The solution, which integrates with HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Marketing, allows sales staff to connect with leads and convert them into successful deals. It automates business communication by defining a sequence of personalised emails and reminders. With the real-time engagement updates, users can receive notifications as soon as a customer opens one of their emails or clicks on one of their campaign links.

HubSpot Sales also offers a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool to record and log client details, conversations and engagement history. Businesses are given information on campaign performance and buyers’ interest. Sales teams can build and manage multiple sales pipelines and monitor activities going on through different stages of the sales process.

The program offers an interactive dashboard which displays the performance of sales teams and targets achieved.

2. Bpm’online sales is one module of a suite of products under the umbrella grouping of Bpm’online, which is a CRM solution for marketing, sales and service automation. The solution allows companies to manage the customer lifecycle, from lead to sales, and ongoing customer service.

The solution provides users with the ability to view marketing, sales and service activities through a single CRM platform. It consists of three integrated products, which can be used together, or as separate applications.

Bpm’online Marketing is a multi-channel marketing application which enables marketing specialists to seek and support ongoing communication with clients.

Bpm’online Sales is a sales force automation tool for managing the sales cycle from lead generation to managing repeat customers.

Bpm’online Service provides customer service tools to help with customer engagement.

The software can be deployed on-demand as a cloud-based solution or on site, where data is hosted in-house on a company’s servers. The system is both Windows and iOS compatible, and is supported by a mobile app.

3. Pipedrive is a web-based CRM and pipeline management solution which enables businesses to plan sales activities and monitor deals. Pipeline streamlines every action involved into converting a potential deal into a successful sale.

The solution provides full visibility to sales personnel of different sales pipelines, with an interface displaying the progress stage for each deal, with complete detail of the next actionable items. Users can track the pending activities in each pipeline through the activity & goal feature. Pipedrive also offers custom sales reporting tools to monitor individual and team targets, analyse sales and data, and generate visual reports.

Its emailing system integrates with multiple email service providers like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo. Users can send and receive emails from multiple accounts using their Pipedrive account. The solution also integrates with leading CRM tools and applications, like MailChimp and Google Maps.

Pipedrive is cloud-based and can be accessed from any web-browser or through a dedicated mobile app.

4. XSellco Repriser is a real-time repricing tool. It reviews online the pricing structure of a company’s leading competitors, and makes adjustments to the price of its own goods or service to ensure they are compatible, or offer a competitive advantage. The solution essentially “spies” on the ten most important rivals that a business has on platforms like Amazon and eBay, and determines appropriate adjustments to pricing strategies.

Repricing is fast, if not instant, and the solution offers a net margin repricing feature can be used to price prices in line with revenue expectations.

5. Leadsquaredsales + Mobile CRM is a sales automation and mobile CRM platform designed to help businesses accelerate revenue generation. The solution organises and streamlines sales processes, lead management, and CRM for internal and field service teams. It is used in industries like financial services, IT, travel agencies and health centres to track and quantify leads, automate sales activities and engage customers.

The platform uses an automated lead engagement scoring technology, so that emphasis is put on leads with the highest potential for conversion.

Meanwhile the responsive CRM component allows companies to manage their sales teams, wherever they may be, and enables them better to perform sales tasks and customer engagement activities.

6. Infusionsoft is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution that offers CRM and e-commerce functionality in one suite. It is aimed at small businesses, and is offered in a subscription basis.

Users can access the solution remotely via Android and iOS devices, and it integrates with applications like QuickBooks, Salesforce, Outlook and Gmail.

Infusionsoft allows users to segment their contacts, track customer interactions, and run campaigns setting triggers for personalised communication based on email openings, clicks and more. They can also manage their e-commerce, from inventory management to payments and purchase fulfilment, set-up online shopping carts, track activity in their digital storefront, and send quotes, invoices and receipts.

The solution’s reporting and analysis tool helps users do analysis on parameters like emails, campaign performance, sales and revenue projections to track the ROI of their sales and marketing activities.

7. Pardot is a Salesforce product and offers an email marketing solution which offers automated support for the longer timespan and multi-step decisions associated with B2B (business-to-business) sales. It is a Saas (Software-as-a-service) model built on the Force.com platform which integrates with applications like Microsoft CRM, NetSuite, and Sugar CRM.

The suite includes products with functionality that includes lead management, batch email marketing, automated drop marketing, and real-time sales alerts.

Pardot’s enterprise solution offers more advanced capabilities, such as custom security controls, increased storage space, and a dedicated IP address.

When combined with Salesforce edge, sales reps can connect in real-time to deliver campaigns, receive alerts, and report on trends, trail emails and more, all via mobile devices.

8. AvaTax is a fast, easy, accurate and affordable way to calculate sales tax, manage exemption certificates, file returns and remit payments across multiple tax regions, on a global level. With AvaTax, users no longer need to manually update sales tax rates, research jurisdictional tax rates, or track tax holidays. The AvaTax engine automates the entire process.

Its tax decision engine automatically determines sales tax based on the customer’s information, what is being sold and how it is being shipped, automatically populating a client’s order within the shopping cart. There is no need to maintain anything or make decisions on how a product or service is viewed by a state or local jurisdiction – the software handles it all.

9. LeadExec is a management solution that helps marketers easily set-up and deliver leads to buyers and sales teams. Designed for marketing professionals who rely on real-time distribution and management of leads, LeadExec makes lead capture easy. Users can easily rate leads and deliver them to any CRM or software application. It provides for simple reporting on captured, rejected and bad leads, and offers easy set-up guides and reporting for lead providers.

The solution also gives users the capacity to create custom reports, build pivot tables, and lead return on investment charts.

10. Autopilot is a visual marketing software program that enables users to create automated marketing campaigns and convert leads to customers. The product offers multi-channel marketing capabilities, including online, email, SMS and “snail” mail campaigns.

Autopilot offers integration with Salesforce CRM and a number of other third-party applications.

Features include capturing leads from multiple websites, blogs or apps, organising leads into different lists or folders, and contact management that can sync with users’ existing CRM systems.

The solution provides a drag-and drop interface that allows users to automate marketing workflows and send personalised -essages, thank you postcards and SMS messages. It also offers capabilities such as viewing user activity in real-time and monitoring campaign ROIs with reporting features.

11. Hatchbuck is a sales and marketing solution which combines sales automation, marketing automation and email marketing features. It is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses operating in industries like advertising, consulting, real estate and more. The software runs on both Mac and PCs, and can be run on any device with an internet connection.

Hatchbuck includes features to help users more effectively maintain and track both prospective and existing clients. Contacts can be imported from Outlook, Excel and LinkedIn, while leads can be captured from the company website, blog or social media with a simple drag-and-drop form builder.

The application offers a library with 450 email templates that can be used directly or customised via the software’s template builder. Users can set up automatic emails to specific groups of contacts, and track the progress of campaigns.

Choosing the best Sales Automation Software

In choosing the best Sales Automation Software it is important to determine the needs for your business, and whether you are after a complete set of features covering the entire sales function, or just a solution that automates one particular component of it. Research the proposed solution in advance, determine features and benefits, and read online reviews to determine how current users of software are experiencing it in action.

Types of Sales Automation Software

Sales automation software solutions vary from free and basic tools to complex and expensive programs. Certain applications will focus on one activity only of the sales activity, such as lead generation and capture, whilst others will provide an end-to-end service, covering the entire sales life cycle.


Sales automation software a term which describes customisable sales tools used to streamline and automate the sales cycle. The functionality of such products varies, from those solutions which are focused on a particular activity within the sales cycle, such as lead generation or managing sales taxes, to more complete products which embrace the entire selling process and CRM activities.