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Best MochaHost SSL Certificate Review in 2019

MochaHost SSL Certificate
MochaHost SSL Certificate

Best MochaHost SSL Certificate Review in 2019

Data protection has been a major issue for many industries for quite some time in the past. This is because companies had to use physical documents like the one written on paper and send them to the appropriate owners through a manual mailing service. With this system, documents are prone to eavesdrop and can be used inappropriately by unauthorized individuals.

Thankfully, digital production of documents has been invented, and sending this sensitive documents and personal information can now be done directly with both parties without having the need to pay for mail services on land using the internet. This might seem a great innovation in terms of file and data sharing, there is no doubt about that. The only problem is that hackers and identity thief can now also upgrade and improve their illegal activities.

That is the reason why data encryptions were invented. Data encryption is very vital in providing a safe file sharing system for multiple computers. We all know that the internet and file sharing system works by using multiple computers. When you send a specific file or personal information and data such as accounts and passwords, it is passed down to multiple computers and other virtual servers in between before it reaches the target destination server.

A computer that is in between you and the target server has access to your personal data, making it very prone to illegal obtainment. Moreover, there are also instances that hackers would use the computers in between and would lure you to directly sending them your personal data. This is where file encryption and authentication plays the role of the massive wall of defense. To protect your files from being obtained illegally.

MochaHost SSL Certificate

One of the most used file encryption systems is the SSL certificate. This system is the backbone of the secure Internet usage around the globe. It is used by major businesses and companies from a different location in conducting transactions and receiving sensitive information from their customers. It provides critical security, privacy, and data integrity in all online business platforms such as for websites and personal information.

SSL certificate can be very beneficial if you are owning an online business that requires your customers to enter their personal information such as their address, credit standings, card number, and pin. If your website is certified by SSL, your customers can also see a notification that the website that their entering is encrypted, making them feel secure and would likely give trust to your website.

Since digital businesses have increasingly been popular this recent year. Many web hosting providers and companies such as MochaHost has provided SSL certification feature with their chosen web hosting solution. This is essential for individuals that are managing domains that require sharing of information from users.

Only domains that heavily requires SSL certificate should acquire web hosting solutions with this package as this certification can be expensive compared to other web hosting services. This article would tackle SSL certificate packages that MochaHost offers. As well as the features and benefits of their service. Pricing of their web hosting solutions with SSL included would also be shown in this article.

About MochaHost

MochaHost is not a very loud company in the hosting market, but they shouldn’t be belittled as they offer a competitive set of web hosting solution such as Shared web hosting service that offers an optimal starting web hosting solution for a cheap price. Virtual Private Server hosting that is aimed to provide a great option for individuals wanting to have a dedicated server experience in a shared environment in a significantly lower price tag.

Dedicated hosting is aimed for medium to large enterprises that wanted to rent a whole server for their huge database. Moreover, they also offer domain registration service and reseller packs for their customers. The good thing about their servers is that they provide an option for whether a customer would prefer windows powered operating system or Linux based operating system.

The company was established in the year 2002 in San Jose, California, but it also has offices and data center located in Bulgaria wherein majority of their employees resides. The main expertise of the company is providing a wide range of pricing plans which you can choose from.

Moreover, they also offer a lifetime discount for some of their web hosting plans, which makes them a suitable for a provider for individuals that are looking for a long time partner is hosting their domain. Their exceptional uptime and customer service are also guaranteed to satisfy all your needs for an excellent website hosting company.

MochaHost has also received different recognitions from award-giving bodies such as “Best host of 2018” given by CNET, “Best affordable hosting” given by Hostreview.com, “Best Support” given by WebhostingSearch.com, and “Best Host of 2018” given by Top11Hosting.com.

MochaHost SSL Certificate

MochaHost SSL certificate features

Support for major browsers – Your customer can now use any browser from any devices such as with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera browser and expect that their personal information would still be encrypted and they would see a secure connection notification regardless of the browser that they are using.

Strong Encryption – MochaHost has all the most powerful and strong encryption types available such as 256, bits, SHA-2, and 2048-bit signatures. With this strong encryption technologies, never give hackers and phishers take the opportunity of stealing you and your customer’s data.

Google Ranking Booster – all of MochaHost’s SSL certificate technologies are equipped with the ability to increase your ranking in Google Organic Search. With a higher rank, there would also be a higher chance that your domain would have numerous traffic for possible clients and customers.

Free Installation – No need to lend additional fees or hidden charges for your SSL installation process. MochaHost provides you with a free of charge installation of your chosen SSL type. With a fast and free installation process, you can start conducting transactions with your client in no time.

Automated Validation – There is no need to hire people to manually check the credibility of the data that is shared through your domain. SSL certificate with MochaHost has an automated validation system which checks credibility automatically without needing to produce any paper related documents that contain data.

24/7/365 support – Reduce your worries about being untechnical to SSL certificate system. MochaHost provides a 24/7/365 technical customer support so you can easily solve your technical issues or ask for important technical concerns. They provide a wide range of options for you such as through phone, live chat and their FAQ section on their website which you can all access for free.

Free SSL – SSL certificate can be given by MochaHost for free with their selected and pre-defined web hosting plans. A great value for huge corporations and entrepreneurs as they would have the feature of having SSL certificate encrypted on their domain while they are only paying for the web hosting service.

Unlimited SSL- Aside from a Free SSL that is included as a feature on their selected hosting plan. MochaHost also provides this feature free for life in one of their also selected hosting plan. ( FREE SSL and Unlimited SSL can both be seen on few of MochaHost’s highest hierarchy of their hosting solutions)

MochaHost SSL Certificate

MochaHost SSL Certificate Benefits

Protect your Customer’s personal data

This is obviously the main purpose of the SSL certificate. As we are living in a generation wherein it is much easier for hackers to sneak through our personal and private data, we should improvise and implement new technologies to serve as a defense mechanism. With MochaHost’s four types of SSL certificate solution, you can protect your customer’s data and help them reassure their trust in your website. You can easily accept passwords, card information such as pins without needing to go through the doubt of your customers.

Increase Ranking In Google Organic Search

A secure website with SSL certificate is a trusted website. A secure connection is one of the metrics that Google and other search engines in providing the top results to their client’s search query. Increasing and adding complex encryption certificates to have a more secure end-to-end data sharing connection can increasingly drag your domain to the top and expect a higher rate of your website is visited by millions of internet users around the globe.

Reduce the Space of Hackers

As mentioned earlier, the internet and file and data sharing work by using multiple computers and servers. When you type in and send your personal data, it goes through multiple computers before allowing it to be passed down to the target server. Having your domain being certified with Secure connection SSL means that you would be participating in a macro movement of reducing the number of unencrypted websites. The lesser the number of unencrypted domain means hackers would have reduced space for sneaking through servers.

Increase Domain Credibility

We couldn’t argue how a credible website could have the highest chance of being shared and recommended by the customer to their acquaintances. This is one of the focal point wherein the marketing process would not play a big role, as the credibility of your website acts as the marketing campaign for your brand. A secure and safe connection could add credibility to your website. Getting one of Mocha Hot’s SSL certificate are guaranteed to boost your credibility in terms of providing security to your client’s personal information.

Technical Support

MochaHost provides multiple technical support for their client such as Phone support wherein you can talk directly on one of their agents to help you with your concern. They also offer live chat that you can access on their website and knowledge-based article where you can read FAQ. All of their customers are available 24/7/365 and are backed with a ticketing system in prioritizing their customer inquiries and issues.

MochaHost SSL Certificate

MochaHost SSL Certificate Pricing and Plans

256 bit SSL (Get free 256 bit free SSL certificate from one of this hosting plans)

  • Shared, Business ($3. 48 per month)
  • Shared, Mocha ($5.59 per month)
  • WordPress, Starter ( $2.48 per month)
  • WordPress, Premium($3.98 per month)
  • WordPress, Advanced($6.48 per month)
  • Cloud, all servers that contract base
  • VPS, Perfetto1 ($9.98 per month)
  • VPS, Perfetto 2 ($14.98 per month)

WildCard SSL certificate

  • $129.00 per year
  • $64.00 per year by using the ssl50 coupon code
  • Google search ranking booster
  • 1 certificate every sub-domain
  • Free installation
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Support for major browsers
  • 256 bits, SHA-2, 2048 bit signature
  • $1750000.00 liability insurance
  • Automated validation

Let’s Encrypt (Get free Let’s Encrypt feature from one of the selected hosting plans below)

  • Shared, all Linux packages
  • Shared, all Windows packages
  • WordPress, all packages
  • Cloud, all packages that have can, Plesk, or Solid CP control panel
  • Sitebuilder, all packages
  • Tomcat, all private JVM, VPS, Cloud, and shared packages
  • Unlimited SSL
  • 90 days undisrupted automatic renewal

MochaHost SSL Certificate

MochaHost SSL Certificate Review Summary

MochaHost is a web hosting that has been running for a decade. They make a big name in award-giving organizations because of them being the powerhouse of a digital business solution. They can name any service that you would need for your online platforms such as web hosting, WordPress hosting, Web design services, SEO solutions, SSL certificate and more. Although they’ve been an underdog in the web hosting world. There is no denying that the company masters all the skill to help you increase your probability of being successful in your online platform without running through the abyss of digital business. A service that is worth trying especially for individuals that haven’t been satisfied with their current or the previous hosting provider.

Pros: Support for all major browsers, automated validation, strong encryption, free installation, unlimited SSL, free SSL for life

Cons: plans with SSL certificated should come as a 2 or 3-year contract

Below, we had also listed the top 20 alternatives.

  1. Comodo
  2. GeoTrust
  3. DigiCert
  4. GlobalSign
  5. Symantec
  6. Thawte
  7. IdenTrust
  8. Entrust
  9. Network Solutions
  10. RapidSSL
  11. Siteground
  12. Hostgator
  13. A2 Hosting
  14. Dreamhost
  15. Fast Connect
  16. Inmotion
  17. Bluehost
  18. iPage
  19. Namecheap
  20. GoDaddy