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Best MochaHost Self Service Web Hosting Review in 2019

MochaHost Self Service Web Hosting
MochaHost Self Service Web Hosting

Best MochaHost Self Service Web Hosting Review in 2019

There are opportunities galore to be found on the world wide web. For writers, it is a medium on which they can share knowledge, express opinions, offer advice and expertise. For businesses, it has become the world’s largest marketplace – a global bazaar where products are bought and sold and millions of dollars are spent and made each year. Professionals use the internet to peddle their services, and organizations use the platform to help them spread their messages and further their agendas. The internet has become such an essential part of life in the 21st Century, and it’s only getting bigger and bigger each day. That’s why web hosting companies – service providers that enable everyone from average Joes to big businesses – are quickly growing more popular and more numerous by the day.

One of the best web hosting providers who make their products and services available for commercial use is MochaHost. MochaHost is an award-winning web hosting company that powers over a million websites from all around the world. Information technology experts and authorities, including CNET, Web Hosting Search, Top 11 Hosting, and Host Review commend and recommend MochaHost for being one of the most reliable, affordable, and feature-rich web hosting services operating in the industry.

MochaHost Self Service Web Hosting Features

MochaHost is the web hosting company of choice for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. Between its excellent web hosting services, the wide variety of plans it offers, and the various tools, features, and utilities it makes available to its users, MochaHost offers feature-rich web hosting that delivers plenty of great value. These features include:

Lifetime Low Price

Unlike other web hosting companies that follow industry-typical business models where hosting prices get higher and higher over time, MochaHost guarantees a lifetime of discounted hosting rates. The initial fee – the amount that users pay when they sign up for the first time – will be the same as the renewal fee for as long as a user is subscribed to his or her choice of web hosting plan. MochaHost promises no hidden fees, no additional charges, and no price changes for a lifetime of quality web hosting.

Fast and Secure

MochaHost server nodes are outfitted with the latest and greatest in enterprise-grade technology. Each server is powered by either Intel or AMD enterprise processors and at least 256+ GB of RAM, promising extreme processing speed and power for all web hosting needs. Not only are MochaHost servers built for high performance, but their servers are protected by Cisco secure network infrastructure and enterprise-grade firewalls.

100% Server Uptime Guarantee

With 100% uptime guaranteed, MochaHost offers the best server reliability in the industry. It uses several layers of security, redundant power supplies, emergency generators, and highly-available network connection to make sure that servers are up 100% of the time. In case of unforeseen circumstances or acts of God, the guarantee comes with discounts or even free web hosting service for a period of time should the server fail to provide 100% uptime.

100% Green Server

MochaHost’s dedication to quality web hosting services also come with a company-wide commitment to green computing. Each of its servers is custom-built to conserve energy and produce as few carbon emissions as possible. For users conscious about their carbon footprint and impact on the environment, MochaHost offers a guilt-free web hosting solution designed with love and care for the environment in mind.

MochaHost Self Service Web Hosting

Six Month Money-back

While other web hosting companies offer little in terms of risk reduction on the part of its users, MochaHost goes the extra mile and provides risk-free use of their web hosting services for up to 180 days or six months. If at the end of the 180-day risk-free period a user is dissatisfied with the service, MochaHost will provide pro-rated compensation regardless of whether or not they were on a 1-year, 2-year, or other, commitment web hosting commitment.

24/7 Customer Support

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a web hosting partner is the quality and availability of customer support. With MochaHost, technical support teams are available 24/7 on multiple channels so that whenever a user runs into a problem, needs an issue resolve, or otherwise has questions regarding their plan, expert help and support is only an email, instant message, or phone call away.

Lifetime Domain Name Registration for Free

Whereas other web hosting companies charge users a premium to reserve, register, and keep their domain, MochaHost offers users with lifetime use of their registered domain name for free. From the time they sign up for a MochaHost web hosting plan, users can enjoy free and unlimited use of their domain names which are automatically renewed and registered for as long as they are subscribed to any of the available web hosting plans.

Enterprise-grade Hardware

MochaHost servers are outfitted with high-speed solid-state drives to maximize the performance of each host machine or server node. Additionally, the company implements enterprise-grade SAN storage and configures its storage drives in RAID 10 for the best possible performance. Its choice of hardware is top-notch and features redundant components for maximum server reliability backed by the best server hardware available.

Professional Services and Expertise

Instead of the typical web hosting services that host user platforms and then leave them to their own devices, MochaHost offers professional services to help users along on their road to success. Users can take advantage of consulting services from MochaHost’s experienced webmasters, application development services from expert developers, interface design services from professional UX/UI designers, and even marketing expertise from MochaHost’s own professional marketing arm. These professional services are made available to users of any of MochaHost’s web hosting plans.

MochaHost Self Service Web Hosting

Premium Assistance

For users migrating from a different web hosting company like HostGator or GoDaddy, MochaHost offers free migration services to help them transfer their platforms and all of the necessary data with ease. Premium migration assistance from its in-house team of experts makes it so that websites and web applications run just as well or even better than before on MochaHost’s advanced servers.

Unlimited Usage

Most MochaHost web hosting plans come with no limits and no usage restrictions. Host as many sites as needed, take up as much bandwidth as your viewer-base desires and use up as much of their high-speed server storage as is necessary to achieve your goals for your platform.

Free Credit with Google AdWords

With $100 of free Google AdWords credit, MochaHost users can get a jump start on monetizing their website or application. Google AdWords credits allow users to create online advertisements and target specific audiences based on certain parameters, as well as track the performance of promotional efforts. Use Google AdWords to promote your website, target the right audience, and reach potential customers and readers the right way and the smart way.

Rewarding Referral System

MochaHost emphasizes the value that each of their customers represents. By spreading the word about MochaHost and getting people they know to subscribe to their top-tier web hosting services, users can earn a commission of up to $2,500 per sale for every successful referral they make through MochaHost’s rewarding referral system.

98% Customer Satisfaction Rating

MochaHost boasts one of the most impressive customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Through a combination of high-quality web hosting services, top-notch customer support, and the wide range of options, tools, and utilities available, MochaHost has left 98 out of every 100 customers completely satisfied with their service.

Website Building and Management Tools

24/7 Server Monitors

Email Marketing Tools

MochaHost Self Service Web Hosting

Benefits of MochaHost Self Service Web Hosting

MochaHost is the web hosting service of choice for over 1,000,000 satisfied website owners around the world. Users choose MochaHost over the competition for the great benefits that they can enjoy through the company’s services. These benefits include:

Host Websites at Lightning Speed

Websites and applications hosted on MochaHost servers are powered by enterprise-grade hardware and software systems that are built and designed for lightning-fast speed and optimal performance. Give your user-base a great web experience that features no downtime and rapid loading speeds to ensure that they’re satisfied enough to keep coming back for more.

Build Stunning Websites Easily and Intuitively

Whether you’re a tech guru well-versed in the programming languages of web development or a blogger, businessman, or professional with little to no technical know-how, MochaHost’s suite of easy-to-use website building tools will allow you to build beautiful and functional websites with ease. Design a custom website or choose from over 500+ professional templates using the easy website builder that comes with almost all MochaHost web hosting plans.

Enjoy Lifetime Benefits and Discount Rates

While other web hosting companies usually end up charging long-time users more and more money over time, MochaHost does the opposite and rewards long-time users for their continued trust and loyalty to their service. As long as they are registered to any of MochaHost’s web hosting plans, users can enjoy lifetime discount rates, free domain name registration and renewal, and other great benefits.

Establish Your Brand With Powerful Marketing Tools

MochaHost provides its users with not just the web hosting services to help them build and manage their platform, but also the essential marketing tools to help them grow and develop their website or application into a well-known brand and reputable source. Powerful email marketing and promotional tools are available to help users reach the audience that they want.

MochaHost Self Service Web Hosting

Pricing Plans

While it offers plenty of different web hosting plans that each caters to specific user needs and purposes, MochaHost’s self-service web hosting plans are available only for shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and standalone use and hosting for the easy website builder application.

Shared Web Hosting Plans – Starting at $1.95 per Month

MochaHost shared web hosting plans fall into two categories – cPanel plans and ASP.Net plans. Each of these categories offers three different plans with varying resource allocations and usage limits. cPanel plans start at $1.95 per month for the Soho plan, which is aimed at small business websites and blogs. The cPanel Business Plan is available at $3.48 per month and is the shared web hosting plan of choice for online businesses. cPanel Mocha is the top-of-the-line shared cPanel hosting plan and is available for $5.59 per month. For the ASP.Net plans, similar plans are offered – ASP.Net Soho at $2.48 per month, ASP.Net Business at $3.98 per month, and ASP.Net Mocha at $6.21 per month.

VPS Hosting Plans – Starting at $7.98 per Month

For users who want better control over their server performance as well as higher resource availability, MochaHost VPS hosting plans are excellent choices for professional-grade and business-grade websites. VPS hosting falls into two categories. For Linux hosting, by order of tier, MochaHost offers the Ristretto4 plan at $7.98 per month, the Perfetto1 plan at $9.98 per month, and the Perfetto2 plan at $14.98 per month. For the Windows VPS plans, MochaHost offers the Perfetto1-R2 plan at $11.68 per month, the Perfetto2-R2 plan at $14.98 per month, and the Perfetto3-R3 plan at $19.98 per month.

Review Summary

MochaHost offers excellent value web hosting services with several features and policies that are to the advantage of its users. While its managed hosting services provide excellent technical management and maintenance, its self-service hosting plans still equip its users with the tools and utilities necessary to build and maintain an effective website or application. MochaHost offers excellent pricing and value for their plans, undercutting the competition by a large margin while still providing great web hosting services that are as good, if not better, than that of its competitors. For self-service web hosting, MochaHost comes highly recommended and is deemed worthy of the numerous awards it has received over the years.

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