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Best MochaHost E-commerce Hosting Review in 2019

MochaHost E-commerce Hosting

Best MochaHost E-commerce Hosting Review in 2019

Are you planning to launch your own product or service? Are you searching for the right platform to market your business ideas? Then you need to build a web store which can help you sell your ideas to the global market. The most basic web hosting service provider features the essential e-commerce functionalities such as necessary themes and templates, easy installs, secure payment servers etc. Therefore, you need to ensure that the e-commerce platform you have selected provides a true worth for your money.

Not all hosting solutions are equal. But, if you are looking for an e-commerce solution then you need to hire something that is safer and more robust than the regular hosting plans usually opted for. Only then will you be able to create a memorable shopping experience for your customers. So, in order to that, you need to know the essential features and probable benefits that you can expect to receive from an e-commerce host.

Essential features of an E-commerce host

When searching for a suitable web host for your e-commerce site you need to be a bit nit-picky as there are several hosts that simply offer more associated features but lag in providing proper e-commerce assistance. You should not forget that you are earning money from your site and the site being down for even a minute would mean the possibility of revenue loss. Considering the above fact, you should take into account certain key features that can help you select the right host from among the list of eligible alternatives.

PCI compliance

If you are accepting payment through credit card from your online store you need to ensure that the host you have selected for your e-commerce service complies with the PCI standards. Do not dismiss the requirement only because it is not applicable to your store at present. You should know that complying with the PCI norms is mandatory irrespective of the number and size of the transactions undertaken through such web store.

Dedicated IP Address

Although dedicated IP addresses are applicable for non-shared hosting plans if you have a professional e-commerce site you need to have one, however expensive it might be. Moreover, having a dedicated IP address for your site means that you can have access to your site even if the domain is down and also allows you to apply for a private SSL certificate.

MochaHost E-commerce Hosting

SSL Certification

This is an essential feature for your e-commerce site if you want your visitors and customers to feel safe and secure purchasing from your site. Having a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate indicates that the data shared by your customers with your website is encrypted with added protection. It also helps to create a good reputation for your website in the market. Therefore, you should opt for a service provider who facilitates such a setup, especially if it works with Let’s Encrypt.

Firewall Solution

This might not seem necessary for many, but if your host has its own firewall solution it can protect your website in case it is attacked by some automated DoS attempt or bot network. This will prevent your customers from accessing your website if there is a probable attempt of theft or hack attack.

Round-the-clock assistance

Facing downtime is the nightmare of all web store owners. It not only hampers the sale but also creates a negative impact on the brand image and ultimately leads to a loss of trust by the customers. Such an occurrence might be interpreted as a lack of professionalism. That is why it is necessary to hire a reliable e-commerce host who can take care of all such unwanted occurrences.

Backup facility

There are numerous ways for the website owner to create a backup of the entire data of the store but it becomes easier when the e-commerce host takes care of such functionality. A standard hosting plan will include regular backups in its package and also provide an option to get any essential data restored.

You will get to know how MochaHost satisfies the requirement of their users by providing a quality e-commerce hosting service and how the difference in their service creates a major impact on the outcome of such a facility.

MochaHost E-commerce Hosting

MochaHost E-Commerce Plans

All the plans featured by MochaHost supports e-commerce application, but they provide an additional solution to those looking to set up an e-commerce platform. The plans have been segregated into three different tiers ranging from the basic one to a full-featured plan. Potential users can get everything from the simple and basic advice to all kinds of assistance relating to e-commerce hosting. The plans have been segregated as follows:


This plan is ideal for small businesses where the user requires no HTML skills. This plan is based on Site Builder which provides the facility of unlimited products and categories. Alongside, it includes more than 500 designs or templates. There is also no requirement for a private SSL certificate. Users are recommended SoHo, Business or Mocha hosting plans for this basic package of e-commerce hosting. You can get all these features at a nominal price of $ 3.10 per month.


Superior to the Basic Plan is the Advanced Plan which is suitable for small to mid-sized businesses. Users would require some basic skills of HTML/PHP in order to take the maximum benefit from the use of this plan. This plan is based on ZenCart, CubeCart, and Magento. Apart from the basic templates it also offers third-party templates to be included in your website. It includes shipping methods such as FedEx/USPS/UPS and many more. The best hosting plans for this package are Business or Mocha. The monthly charges for this plan are $ 4.75.


This is a versatile plan which accommodates users of all class ranging from small businessmen to big business houses. Users need not have HTML skills to benefit from the use of this plan. The e-commerce solution can be utilized as per the needs of the user. You can also opt for custom designed templates as per your requirements. Apart from that, you can also get custom logo designs and header designs as per the needs of your e-commerce business. The suitable hosting plan for this e-commerce package is either Business or Mocha. The rates for this plan would depend on the features opted for and the customizations made.

MochaHost proudly informs that there is no additional charge or commission for any transactions processed for hiring their hosting plans. However, there may be the imposition of commission fees by the gateway provider or merchant.

MochaHost E-commerce Hosting

Benefits of MochaHost E-Commerce Hosting

The E-commerce hosting solutions featured by MochaHost provides a perfect combination of the special merchant service rates, intuitive shopping carts, and internet promotion packages. Their solutions will help you market your products and services by minimizing the overheads while maximizing the popularity of your site. Some of the benefits offered by MochaHost to their customers are as follows –

Unlimited bandwidth: The higher packages of MochaHost provide its users with unmetered bandwidth which means that the site will be able to handle a countless number of visitors. Moreover, the no visitor will be turned down due to server overload on your website. So, once you purchase any package of MochaHost featuring unlimited bandwidth, you no longer have to worry about your site getting down due to excess traffic load.

Site Builder: This is one of the outstanding features of MochaHost which allows users to have access to numerous inbuilt themes. All that the user needs to do is to change the text and images of the placeholder to develop a complete website. The WYSIWYG can easily be taken advantage of even by those who have no prior experience of website design or technical knowledge. Since this is a paid feature there will be no advertisement of MochaHost on your final site. You can easily add product catalogs, payment modes, shopping carts and much more with the click of a few buttons. You can also get additional features with their advanced site building packages.

 Uptime Guarantee: This is where most e-commerce hosts back out as they cannot ensure to provide cent percent uptime guarantee to their users. But MochaHost guarantees a 100% server uptime and network. However, this is exclusive of problems outside the network of MochaHost, scheduled maintenance, malicious activity like DDoS attacks, and interruptions by the client.

If users experience downtime of up to 3 hours a refund of 3% of the monthly fee will be made to the user. Beyond that, for every additional hour, there will be a refund of 5% of the monthly fee (extendable up to 100% of the monthly charge).

Blazing fast speed: MochaHost is so confident about their services that they ensure to make your sites run smoother and faster than ever. This will help to enhance the experience of the visitors and improve the ratings of your site. Their unique combination of proprietary hardware and software technologies have been able to enhance the performance levels from 20% up to 200%. The busier the site, higher will be the gain in speed.

MochaHost E-commerce Hosting

Lifetime free domain: Most of the hosting packages of MochaHost provides a free domain for a lifetime. The free registration is available for .com, .net, .info and .org domain names. The best part is that the domain name is registered in your name which means that you have complete authority over such domain. The renewal of your hosting account will act as the renewal fee for your free domain. You also have the option to transfer the domain to another registrar beyond the initial transfer restriction of 60 days by ICANN.

Risk-free guarantee: Now you won’t have to risk your money trying to host your e-commerce site as MochaHost is there to take the burden of risk on their own shoulders. You are free to use their service for the initial period of 30 days and in case you are not satisfied with their service you can always claim a refund. If you still have doubt after 30 days whether or not to accept their service you can use their service up to 180 days after which you can claim a refund for the period unused if you feel they are not up to the mark.

Quality customer support: The comprehensive customer service and technical assistance offered by MochaHost truly distinguishes them from the rest of the lot. Whether you are a user or simply a visitor you can always get your queries and concerns addressed by their customer support team. Their professional experts and technicians are available 24/7 to address the queries of their valued customers.

You can get in touch with them either through the call, ticketing system or live chat. In addition to that, you can also go through their online video tutorials which can provide you with an in-depth guide for utilizing their services in the best possible manner.

Do not take your decisions in a hurry. Take time to decide which e-commerce plan of MochaHost will serve your purpose the best and proceed accordingly. Remember, that the decision you take will determine the success or failure of your e-commerce business.

MochaHost E-commerce Hosting

List of top 30 e-commerce hosts of 2019

Choosing the best e-commerce host is quite a difficult task as there are too many factors to consider. So, you should know your priorities and requirements before getting down to select a reliable service provider. But make sure that the host you select is equipped and capable of fulfilling all your needs to help your business reach new heights. Below is the list of the top 30 companies that have been able to satisfy their customers better than similar other service providers in the market. The list is as follows –

  • Wix
  • iPage
  • SiteGround
  • LiquidWeb
  • Shopify
  • 3DCart
  • WooCommerce
  • DreamHost
  • BoldGrid
  • Big Commerce
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • ZenCart
  • 1&1 eCommerce
  • SquareSpace
  • 3dCart
  • Sitelio
  • Sopio
  • UltraCart
  • Selz
  • LightSpeed
  • E-junkie
  • Pixpa
  • PageCoud
  • HostPapa
  • DoodleKit
  • OpenCart
  • Webydo
  • WebStarts
  • Ecwid