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Best MochaHost Colocation Review in 2019

MochaHost Colocation

Best MochaHost Colocation Review in 2019

Web hosting companies nowadays offer all kinds of web hosting services. From the traditional market offerings like affordable entry-level shared hosting packages and pricier virtual private server hosting to newer and more modern pricing plans like build-your-own server subscriptions and the availability enterprise-grade performance to consumers, web hosting companies around the world are adapting to the varied and specific needs of the industry.

While most consumers won’t need anything more complicated than simple shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, or even dedicated hosting for some users, web hosting companies offer plenty of advanced plans and services for power-users: businesses, developers, enterprises, startups, and more.

Among these “advanced” services falls more into the realm of real estate and property management than it does web hosting. We’re talking about colocation – a web hosting service where a user doesn’t rent out a server system, he or she rents out shelf space in a data center to house a server node that he or she owns or purchases.

There are definitely dozens of advantages to opting for colocation. First of all, modern data centers are, more often than not, equipped with high-end hardware such as redundant power systems, backup generators, industrial cooling solutions, elemental resistance, and top-notch security.

Colocation hosting also has several benefits over traditional web hosting. With colocation, users own their server hardware – including upgrades, changes, choice of software, hardware, and more – are all in the hands of the user/owner. This dynamic between the host and the client offers users a far greater degree of control and flexibility with which they run their platform.

MochaHost Colocation

Most businesses and organizations, instead of building their own data center to house the servers that run their company – an endeavor that would cost quite a bit of capital to guarantee security, stability, and safety – instead opt for colocation services offered by reputable web hosting companies.

MochaHost is one of the best and most reputable web hosting companies around. It powers over 1,000,000 websites from all over the world and has dozens of high-powered industry-leading data centers in 137 locations, across over 50+ countries, spanning 7 global regions.

MochaHost currently does not offer colocation hosting services, but with its growing popularity, stalwart reputation, and massive global coverage with 137 data center locations all over the world, it’s only a matter of time before the web hosting company expands its market offering to provide colocation hosting for users around the world.

For now, MochaHost has plenty of excellent web hosting services available to all. From shared web hosting to specialty hosting for WordPress websites and other platforms, or business-grade hosting for businesses big and small, MochaHost promises to have a web hosting plan to cater to just about any need.

MochaHost Web Hosting Features

MochaHost offers users not just generic web hosting but hosting services that are feature-packed. It equips users with tools, features, benefits, and guarantees that they won’t get anywhere else. These features include:

Lifetime Low Price

Unlike most other web hosting companies that entice users with a very low initial price, and then charge them a rate several times higher after the initial period ends, MochaHost rewards users for staying with their service, instead of punishing them. MochaHost guarantees a lifetime of low-price web hosting services, so that the longer you stay subscribed to their unique and highly-rated hosting plans, the more you save in the long run.

Fast and Secure

MochaHost servers run on the latest and greatest in server technology. Each server is outfitted with enterprise-grade components, including the fastest processors from Intel or AMD, over 256+ GB of RAM, top-of-the-line solid-state drives in RAID 10 configuration for maximum performance, and more.

100% Server Uptime Guarantee

Thanks to its choice of hardware, redundant components, high-end security, and maximum-effort server monitoring, MochaHost is one of a handful of web hosting companies that guarantee 100% server uptime. With MochaHost, users can enjoy zero downtime so that they don’t ever have to miss out on online opportunities. And if it does happen that your server goes down, MochaHost experts stand at the ready to get your site up and running as soon as possible, as well as offer free hosting period to match their guarantee.

100% Green Server

MochaHost servers aren’t just powerful, high-performance machines; they’re eco-friendly, too. Built with choice eco-friendly components to minimize carbon emissions as much as possible, MochaHost servers are a testament to the company’s dedication to environmentally friendly practices.

24/7 Customer Support

The quality of customer support is a crucial factor in web hosting. Web hosting is a service that usually done remotely – users often have no physical access to their servers, and there are only so many things that one can do to fix problems remotely. Thankfully, MochaHost Customer Support is one of the best and highest-rated customer support teams in the industry, standing at the ready 24/7 to provide technical support and arrive seamlessly at the most optimal solutions.

MochaHost Colocation

Lifetime Domain Name Registration

Instead of paying a yearly premium to keep your domain name registered like you would have to do if you were subscribed to most other web hosting providers, MochaHost provides all of its users with lifetime access and ownership of their registered domain name. This service is already included in the price you pay for your subscription, no additional fees necessary.

Professional Services and Expertise

Not everyone is a developer, and not everyone can work developer magic to get things on the internet running smoothly. For those who can’t or those who have something better to do with their time, MochaHost offers their professional services and expertise in terms of web development, IT administration, digital marketing, and more, so that websites, platforms, and marketing campaigns are backed by experience and professional input.

Premium Migration Assistance

For users who want to jump ship and move their website to MochaHost, the company offers premium assistance to help make sure that once your website is on their servers, it’ll work just as well or even better than before.

Unlimited Usage

Most MochaHost web hosting plans come with no restrictions and no usage limits. Whether its resource allocation to accommodate a massive reader base, gigabytes upon gigabytes of data to house all of your content or enough processing power to make sure your web application runs smoothly and effectively, MochaHost gives users unlimited bandwidth and storage space to make sure they get the most out of their platform.

Free Credit with Google AdWords

With $100 worth of Google AdWords credit, users can kick-start their marketing efforts and make sure that their brand new website gets all the exposure and recognition it needs to succeed.

Rewarding Referral System

MochaHost users are already satisfied with how rewarding it is to take advantage of MochaHost’s customer-oriented services, but the company takes it a step further by introducing the Referral System. Users can earn up to $2500 per user they refer, so just by sharing your satisfaction with MocahHost’s services, you can earn, too.

98% Customer Satisfaction Rating

At 98% Customer Satisfaction, MochaHost has proven itself to be one of the best web hosting companies ever built.

MochaHost Colocation

Benefits of MochaHost Web Hosting

MochaHost is popular because it offers more, and does more for its users in terms of sheer benefits. These benefits include:

Host Websites at Lightning Speed

With the power of MochaHost’s enterprise-grade hardware – industrial Intel/AMD processors, boatloads of RAM, and high-speed SSD and SAN storage – users can experience new performance heights on their websites and web applications. Combined with the best in optimization software, websites load dramatically faster, providing excellent customer experiences.

Build Stunning Websites Easily and Intuitively

Advanced users and web novices alike can create stunning, professional websites using MochaHost’s easy website builder. With the drag and drop interface, hundreds of professional templates, and countless design possibilities, users can create impressive, fully-functioning websites and applications with ease.

Enjoy Lifetime Benefits and Discount Rates

Unlike other web hosting companies that milk their users for more and more as time goes by, MochaHost dedicates itself to continue providing its users with more and more value, guaranteeing a lifetime of benefits and discounted rates for as long as they stay subscribed to their MochaHost web hosting plan.

Establish Your Brand With Powerful Marketing Tools

MochaHost dedicated itself not only to customer satisfaction but also customer success. With the suite of powerful marketing tools it provides, MochaHost users can more easily establish their brand, develop a reputation and grand following, and maximize the results of their marketing efforts whether it’s through content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, and more.

Rely On World-class Customer Support 24/7

MochaHost Customer Support is available 24/7 on all channels. For questions, issues, concerns, or technical difficulties, users can take advantage of MochaHost’s award-winning customer support by sending them an email, chatting with a live service agent, calling their 24/7 service line, or submitting an in-depth support ticket.

MochaHost Colocation

Pricing Plans

MochaHost offers a wide range of web hosting services with each plan tailored to meet specific needs. Across all of its web services, it offers shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, domain name registration, Java hosting, Tomcat hosting, VPS hosting, and their Easy Website Builder plans as well.

Shared Web Hosting Plans – Starting at $1.95 per Month

Shared Web Hosting plans offer plenty of features and performance and are highly regarded as the entry-level web hosting service intended ideally for individuals, bloggers, small to medium businesses, and, depending on the resource availability, even some high-traffic websites like news sites. MochaHost shared web hosting includes, by order of price, the Soho Plan ($1.95/mo), the Business Plan ($3.48/mo) and the Mocha Plan ($5.59/mo).

WordPress Hosting Plans – Starting at $2.48 per Month

For WordPress users, MochaHost’s WordPress hosting plans are optimized to deliver greater speed and performance on the WordPress platforms. Plans include WP Starter ($2.48/mo), WP Premium ($3.98/mo), and WP Advanced ($6.48/mo).

Domain Name Purchasing – Starting at $13.95 per Year

For users who just want to purchase and register a domain name, MochaHost also offers this service. Registration prices start at $13.95 per year and must be renewed annually for the same price.

Tomcat/Java Hosting Plans – Starting at $3.48 per Month

For Java power-users, MochaHost’s Tomcat-based Java servers are ideal for the high-performance requirements of the Java platform. Plans include the Shared JVM Plan ($3.48/mo) the Private JVM Plan ($5.57/mo), the Java VPS Plan ($19.98/mo), and the Java Cloud Plan ($47.00/mo)

VPS Hosting Plans – Starting at $7.98 per Month

MochaHost VPS hosting plans offer better performance, availability, and flexibility than shared hosting plans. Plans include Ristretto4 ($7.98/mo), Perfetto1 ($9.98/mo), and Perfetto2 ($14.98/mo) for Linux machines, and Perfetto1-R2 ($11.68/mo), Perfetto2-R2 ($14.98/mo), and Perfetto3-R2 ($19.98/mo) for Windows machines.

MochaHost Colocation

Review Summary

MochaHost promises to be one of the most comprehensive web hosting service providers in 2019. From cost-effective shared web hosting plans to specific platform-optimized hosting plans like WordPress hosting, to feature-packed options such as VPS hosting, and more.

MochaHost’s wide-range of web hosting services will cater to any need. In addition to the top-notch web hosting services that it provides. The web hosting service provider also sets itself apart from the rest of the competition, challenging industry standards at almost every step.

It offers lifetime low prices, and dozens upon dozens of premium services for users who stay subscribed – the complete opposite of the most common practice in the industry, where most web hosting companies end up charging rates several times higher after a certain period of time. MochaHost is a web hosting company that has expressed time and time again its loyalty to and care for its customers.

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