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Best Liquid Web WordPress Hosting Review in 2019

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting
Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

Best Liquid Web WordPress Hosting Review in 2019

Since it was invented decades ago, the internet has transformed from a simple means of long-range communication to becoming a vast utility used in almost every single aspect of modern life, and in doing so, it has also transformed the way we humans think, read, entertain ourselves, and even shop.

From the modest HTML websites used by government offices, research institutions, academies, and other such organizations and entities at the top of the social and economic food chains, the internet is now something accessible and enjoyable to all. There’s something for the internet for just about everybody.

The youth and the young at heart have access to troves of educational material, learning tools, and video games that let them connect to each other from all across the globe. Organizations have a powerful tool to help them spread their message far and wide and advance their agendas for the betterment of mankind. Writers, artists, journalists, photographers musicians – those who create find on the internet an art gallery, a portfolio, a book showcase, or a blog on which they can share ideas and express themselves.

Business sees the internet as the global frontier for international trade and commerce, with today’s biggest websites being online marketplaces, electronic payment handlers, and social networks. The internet is big, and it’s only going to get bigger and bigger, that’s why everyone – those with big ideas, those with well-thought-out plans, or even those just with a desire to explore and to express – wants to be a part of it.

One way that millions of users around the world make their debut onto the worldwide web is through WordPress. WordPress is a tool – specifically, a content management system, or a framework – that lets users use a systematic and well-thought-out set of rules and procedures to create professional websites that are easy to build and easy to maintain.

It is the most popular website creation platform used around the world, and to date is powering over 75,000,000+ websites, almost half of all websites being hosted on the internet today. WordPress is one of the most powerful website creation and content management tools ever built, yet its interface and usability were designed specifically to make it easy for casual users and power users alike to create something unique, something useful, and something effective and put it on the internet for the world to see.

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

While anyone and everyone can go to the WordPress website right now and create a free website for themselves, people who want to take a more professional approach, a more serious approach to creating a digital platform, are recommended to purchase domain name and subscribe to a hosting plan from the dozens upon dozens of trustworthy and reliable web hosts.

Liquid Web is one such web host. It’s a widely popular web hosting company that powers over half a million websites for over 30,000 users in 130 countries all over the world. Unlike other cheap web hosting companies, Liquid Web targets businesses, professionals, and organizations more than other hosting companies.

Its web services allow users to buy domains, perform domain checks and domain searches, and even accommodates domain registration. Now, while Liquid Web is one of the most competitively-priced professional web hosting service in the industry and #1 in terms of retaining the loyalty of its customers – user won’t find what would typically be called “great deals” from them.

Their services are professional and business-grade, so users won’t find too many opportunities (if any at all) with Liquid Web for free hosting, cheap hosting, free domains, cheap domains, or free web hosting. Liquid Web users get premium services at a premium. That means they pay more money but in return receive the best website hosting services money can buy.

It won’t be cheap website hosting, and it definitely won’t be free website hosting, but especially for their WordPress hosting plans or dedicated server hosting plans which offer such increased performance and user satisfaction across the board, it’s a service that is highly valued among its users. Liquid Web also makes it easy to get started on building a web platform, creating an unprecedented balance between powerful tools and convenient usage and access.

To help them get started, Liquid Web even facilitates how users buy domain names and domain hosting, allowing them to perform a domain name search, or go through the process of domain name registration directly from their website as you sign up, and even find them cheap domain names so that users are always ready when they finally make their domain purchase.

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting Features

Liquid Web users may be paying more for their web hosting services as compared to some similar web hosting plans out there, but it’s apparent that they also receive more. Liquid Web provides its users with a suite of professional tools, features, and utilities designed to streamline the management process and improve workflows throughout. These features include:

Managed Hosting Done By Experts

With Liquid Web WordPress Hosting, users can focus on the work that they do best, and leave the rest up to Liquid Web’s teams of experts and professionals. With experts handling everything from WordPress updates to plugin conflicts to so much more, users can rest easy and devote their time to ensuring their platform’s success, whether it’s coming up with killer content, spearheading an effective marketing campaign, or making sure the website looks and feels the way they want.

No Traffic Limits

Unlike other web hosting companies that put a cap on how many opportunities you can seize on daily, weekly, or monthly basis, Liquid Web allows users to seize every opportunity by giving them unlimited traffic and bandwidth for their websites. WIth Liquid Web, it’s okay if you start out small because whether you have a following of 10 or 10,000, its WordPress plans can accommodate as much success and as much growth as you can manage.

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

Professional Website Management Tools

Liquid Web is the official web hosting partner of the ultimate WordPress website management tool, iThemes. With their WordPress hosting subscription at Liquid Web, users can take advantage of iThemes Sync Pro and its comprehensive suite of tools and features. iThemes Sync Pro lets users keep track of server status and uptime in real-time, measure and monitor Google Analytics data such as page views, likes, and other website variables, measure search engine optimization, take control of what different kinds of viewers/customers are allowed to see on your platform, and more.

High-speed Performance Based on the Latest Tech

With its dedication and commitment to high-speed computing and business-grade performance, the Liquid Web web hosting platform runs on the latest and greatest in web hosting technology. The platform is powered by PHP 7 – the latest iteration of the globally-acclaimed server-side scripting language – SSL security certificates, and the Nginx web server for optimized speed and reduced loading times, specially optimized for WordPress.

Year-Round 24/7 Support

24/7/365 support is a premium service that most other web hosting companies charge their users for. At Liquid Web, any user can have access to world-class customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even through holidays. And unlike other web hosting companies that offer users limited options in terms of support availability, Liquid Web customer support can be reached anytime by telephone, email, and live chat.

Best-in-class Security

With all servers and data stored in secure data center locations all around the world, Liquid Web is an industry leader in terms of data security. Its server systems and data center facilities are approved by and compliant with the latest requirements, including HIPAA compliance, SSAE-16, and more.

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

Benefits of Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web’s 30,000+ customer base is also the most loyal, winning the company the prestigious title of being #1 in the industry in terms of loyal, long-term customers. From the dozens of features, excellent support, and top-quality hosting, Liquid Web users experience a plethora of benefits. These benefits include:

Follow in the Footsteps of Giants

Liquid Web is one of the biggest and most popular web hosting platforms on the planet. Not only does it power over 500,000+ websites all over the world, but it also the go-to hosting platform and partner of several brands and companies, some of which are the biggest names in their respective industries. With Liquid Web, users can enjoy the same top-quality hosting services that businesses like Porsche Motors, National Geographic, Motorola Electronics, FILA Sporting Goods, Dun & Bradstreet, FedEx Couriers, the BiC Company, and more rely on for all of their web hosting needs.

Rely on the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™

Liquid Web’s support structure is so innovative and effective that it performs under company trademark. The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting is the premier customer support service that is available to Liquid Web users 24/7/365. Liquid Web guarantees initial responses of under a minute so that whenever a user needs help, all that’s needed to be done is to pick up a phone, send an email, or chat with a HelpDesk professional and wait no more than 59 seconds, guaranteed.

Focus on the Real Work with Fully Managed Hosting

Website owners have a lot to contend with – that much is true. Especially when vying for that elusive yet highly sought after top spot in the Google page rankings, users have to juggle marketing efforts, content creation, customer satisfaction, and more. With the fully managed WordPress hosting plans, users can focus on the work that they do best and still rest assured that the gears and cogs powering their online platform is a well-oiled machine, maintained by experts in the field.

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

Pricing Plans

Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting plans are available in three (3) different flavors, with each option delivering plenty of value and quality to meet a wide range of user needs. Starting at $99 per month, the available pricing plans are the Professional Plan, the Business Plan, and the Agency Plan.

While there other web hosting companies that offer WordPress hosting at a fraction of the price, these WordPress hosting plans are tailored for professional, business, and enterprise use, and feature better performance, more resources, and more powerful tools and features than any commercially available web hosting plan.

Professional Plan – Starting at $99 per Month

Aimed at professionals and web developers, the Professional Plan provides users with up to 10 unique WordPress websites, 50 GB of storage on high-speed SSDs, and 5 TB of bandwidth. Included in the plan is the iThemes Sync Pro for the ultimate WordPress site management experience.

  • 10 WordPress Websites
  • 50 GB of High-speed SSD Storage
  • 5 TB of Bandwidth
  • Access to iThemes Sync Pro Management Tool

Business Plan – Starting at $149 per Month

For more robust business capabilities, the Business Plan gives users up to 25 unique WordPress websites, 100GB of storage, and 5 TB of bandwidth.

  • 25 WordPress Websites
  • 100 GB of High-speed SSD Storage
  • 5 TB of Bandwidth
  • Access to iThemes Sync Pro Management Tool

Agency Plan – Starting at $289 per Month

The enterprise-grade performance with the Agency Plan provides users with up to 50 WordPress websites, 200 GB of storage and 5 TB of bandwidth.

  • 50 WordPress Websites
  • 200 GB of High-speed SSD Storage
  • 5 TB of Bandwidth
  • Access to iThemes Sync Pro Management Tool

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

Review Summary

Liquid Web isn’t for everyone. It’s a premium service that provides plenty of excellent value for professionals, businesses, and enterprises. If you’re going to start a small blog or a website without much possible revenue outside of advertisements, there are plenty of excellent offers out there from other web hosting companies. However, for the serious professional and the committed businessman, Liquid Web is one of the few web hosting companies with an outstanding commitment to customer success and comes with our highest recommendation for professional and business use.

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