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Best Liquid Web Windows Hosting in 2019

Liquid Web Windows Hosting

Best Liquid Web Windows Hosting in 2019

Liquid Web as a website hosting provider focuses and specializes on enterprise and corporate website and domain hosting services.  Currently, Liquid Web has ownership over data centers that are based at Lansing, Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona.

Liquid Web was founded on the principle that cloud and web professionals with growing businesses needed Developers, Agencies, and Designers to generate and build for them. Through Liquid Web’s over more than two hundred fifty experienced engineers, technicians, and administrators that are empowered and dedicated to providing their users with the tools and services in having a successful domain and hosting.

Liquid Web provides a purpose-built platform in which mission-critical websites, applications, and online stores. Liquid Web’s dedicated servers have the ability to adapt to different needs and is flexible for managing cloud VPS. Liquid Web is known for its efficiency and effectiveness in combining dedicated servers and the flexibility of cloud software.

WordPress users can get a fully-managed, hassle-free hosting for their blogs and websites which includes iThemes sync functions and tools that run on optimized control and an intuitive interactive dashboard. Liquid Web also provides multi-server hosting and domain solutions to any platform, site, and application problem.

Liquid Web Windows Hosting Features

Dedicated Servers

Single-tenant modifiable dedicated servers present the uppermost level of performance and security for the user’s application and site. With Liquid Web Windows Hosting, the users have access to single-tenant servers that offer the maximum performance level, fully built-to-order and modifiable platform through Windows and Linux Operating system, real-time monitoring, 100% Uptime network guarantee, ServerSecure hardening, and 24/7 hands-on Sonar Monitoring™.

Cloud Virtual Personal Server Hosting

Liquid Web Windows Hosting provides an affordable dedicated server for top-notched performance and reliability, leading in customer loyalty, and et cetera. The VPS of Liquid Web offers its users with the ability to effectively manage their cloud hosting which includes support from  Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™ that are available 24/7 through chat, phone, and email. Liquid Web’s VPS web services is ideal for those users who wants to be sure that when they buy domain and inquire a domain name registration they can be assured that its users will provide ideal solutions in any given situation.

Cloud Dedicated

Liquid Web provides single-tenant on-demand dedicated cloud servers which provide resources such as 100% Cloud Hosting Scalability management, 0% Sharing of leaked information, top security, optimal performance, readily available powerful servers, Operating System and server security, and flexible cloud platform.

Liquid Web offers cloud-based features and bare-metal configuration through the following applications and functions:  DDoS Protection Standard, CloudFlare CDN, Advanced ServerSecure Protection, Gigabit Uplink, Root Access, Available Plesk Onyx, CPanel, WHM, Dedicated Service IP Address, and 100% Power and Network Uptime SLA.

Liquid Web Windows Hosting

Cloud Sites™

Liquid Web provides a simple way of domain hosting through Cloud Sites™ that doesn’t require much server knowledge and management and supports the following applications and functions: unlimited host sites, One Account Apps, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and et cetera. Liquid Web’s Cloud Sites manages platforms like website hosting and domain search through a creative system that allows its users with the freedom to customize and build domain hosting through its cPanel. Whether the user is developing and generating a host site through WordPress or PHP, Liquid Web’s Cloud Sites™ will immediately manage and launch the domains or WordPress hosting with much ease and efficiency.

Managed WordPress

Liquid Web manages the user’s domain registration and web hosting through its WordPress installations which immediately updates Plug-ins, WordPress, and much more. With Liquid Web, the users can be assured that their plug-ins will be updated and the company will take full responsibility if there is any conflict between plug-ins because the company will conduct the automatic updates through a separate location for no conflicts.

Once Liquid sees that everything is operating properly, they will update the user’s production site. Through Liquid Web’s partnership with iThemes Sync Pro which its users can do the following:  supervise site uptime and downtime, observe and track data through Google Analytics,  check SEO posts and status, manage what clients can see, and the user can operate all their sites through one location.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Liquid Web provides an all in one solution through WooCommerce stores and provides the platform. Liquid Web can help users through product stores and allows its users to get up to ten times speed in the WordPress hosts. If the user has shippable products through WooCommerce, the user can connect to platforms like ShipStation, TradeGecko, and ShipBob to manage the shipment.

Liquid Web offers a subscription or membership store through Prospress and SkyVerge, or the user can avail for online courses such as WP Courseware and LearnDash which is very fast and simple.  The user can obtain dropshipping stores which allow the user to get Printful and Printify, the users are connected to AliExpress which is covered by Liquid Web.

The shared servers consist of 2 to 10 times faster and are optimized in the user’s stores. Liquid Web offers free migration if the user wishes to move their WooCommerce to their servers. The Liquid Web combines page builder and abandoned cart plug-ins in order to provide its users with fast themes and total solutions in managing their domain hosting and cheap web hosting.

Liquid Web Windows Hosting

Liquid Web Windows Hosting Benefits

WordPress Hosting Management

The user provides partnership in the user’s business hosting. The user can provide secure hosting, 24/7 support, and stable platform. Liquid Web’s business trust provides No Pageviews, Full Server Admission, Traffic Limits, Overage fees, full access to server and database access,  automatic daily backups, and pageview counts. Liquid Web provides automatic SSL in which the users can have their own SSL certificate with extra charge with no configuration and hassle. Liquid Web updates WordPress automatically. The users are provided with both server and database. The staging site of Liquid Web offers to test before applying changes to any database.

Reasonable Cost

Liquid Web Windows Hosting offers no hardware once subscribing to their software and website services.  While the users’ commerce expands, the user can upscale their websites by adding larger space to their free website hosting.  Because the user can have their own physical hard drive like dedicated servers, which is why some would purchase and have them setup despite the additional fee.

With their own server, the user has the freedom to pay for optimum power despite the fact that the user isn’t using the full capacity of the server.  With Liquid Web, the user can decide on having both Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers through an entry-level server which will generally cost the user $60 to $199 for each month for setting up a server, network setup, and resource monitoring system.

Liquid Web Windows Hosting

100% Uptime Network

Liquid Web offers its customers with a superb 100% Uptime Network through its VPS and dedicated servers guaranteeing a thirty-minute primary response time and as well as a guaranteed thirty-minute hardware replacement.  Liquid Web also provides credits or guarantees if they have failed to keep up to their user’s expectations or if their users have deemed that the promises of the company have not been kept. Which is why if the user experiences an hour of downtown, the user will gain ten hours worth of account credit.

The user, however, has the obligation and duty to manually claim or complain to the company about the compensation. Through the company’s data center three of which are located in Michigan and one in Arizona or contact them through their website.


Most users and website developers, their number one main concern with how fast their website, domain, and hosting. Liquid Web offers back-up support for the data of its user’s information like domain name registration, domain name search, and other essential information that they would need as a functioning website.

Depending on the type of plan the user wants to utilize for their domain, the user can look through Liquid Web’s plans which has numerous features like the type of processor and the type of storage which can affect the speed of the server’s speed and capacity.

For instance, the user selected a plan but the package has reached its limit because the user’s VPS or shared web hosting plan compared to Liquid Web’s dedicated server hosting even though they have the same free caching service.  Since each plan varies in the amount of storage, RAM, processor, a number of IP address, and etcetera but its users are assured that the quality of speed is reasonable to how much they are paying monthly.

Technical Details

Through Liquid Web, its users can use the operating system platform of both Windows and Linux.  The top features of services that Liquid Web provides to its users are free domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited sites, and WordPress hosting. The languages and scripting of Liquid Web consist of Django, ASP, Java, Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Python. The tool for a control panel that Liquid Web utilizes are CPanel and WHM.

The users of Liquid Web utilizes easy installs like SSL, WordPress, MediaWiki, Mambo, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, b2evolution, and Fantastico or Softaculous. The server’s location of Liquid Web is located at the US. The database of MochaHost utilizes PHPMyAdmin and MySQL.


Liquid Web Windows Hosting Technical Support

Liquid Web Windows Hosting provides various ways in providing technical support. One way their users can contact them is through their website in which they have access to round the clock, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week chat support and ticketing. At their website, Liquid Web offers knowledge base information in which its users have access to tutorials, series, featured articles about their products, common fixes, and getting start information.  Liquid Web’s users can also contact them through their toll-free telephone: 1-800-580-4985.

Liquid Web Windows Hosting Price and Plans

Liquid Web Windows Hosting consists of three main Hosting Package Plans: Shared Website Hosting Package Plans, VPS Hosting Package Plans, and Dedicated Server Package Plans.

Shared Website Hosting Package Plans

  1. Standard – package plan costs $14.95 per month which includes 5 GB storage, 240 GB bandwidth, 2 domains, and an unlimited number of emails.
  2. Webmaster – package plan costs $19.95 per month which includes 20 GB storage, 400 GB bandwidth, 3 domains, and an unlimited number of emails.
  3. Professional – package plan costs $14.95 per month which includes 40 GB storage, 640 GB bandwidth, 5 domains, and an unlimited number of emails.
  4. Semi-Dedicated – package plan costs $40 per month which includes 40 GB storage, 640 GB bandwidth, 5 domains, and an unlimited number of emails.

VPS Hosting Package Plans

  1. 1GB – package plan costs $50 per month which includes 50 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 1GB RAM.
  2. 2GB– package plan costs $90 per month which includes 100 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 2GB RAM.
  3. 4GB– package plan costs $140 per month which includes 150 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 3.9 GB RAM.
  4. 8GB– package plan costs $220 per month which includes 300 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 7.8 GB RAM.

Dedicated Server Package Plans

  1. Single Processor— package plan costs $130 per month which includes 211 GB SSD storage, 5 TB bandwidth, 4 cores Total @2.80GHz processor, and 4GB RAM (DDR3).
  2. Dual Processor (Intel’s Dual Xeon E5-2603 v2) — package plan costs $400 per month which includes 1849 GB SSD storage, 5 TB bandwidth, 8 cores Total @1.80GHz processor, and 32 GB RAM (DDR3).
  3. Dual Processor (Intel’s Dual Xeon E5-2620 V2) — package plan costs $725 per month which includes 1775 GB SSD storage, 5 TB bandwidth, 6 cores Total @2.1 GHz processor, and 64GB RAM (DDR3).Liquid Web Windows Hosting Since we have reviewed the benefits of Liquid Web Windows Hosting, we also included in this review a list of other web hosting companies that provide similar services:
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