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Best Liquid Web Virtual Private Server Review in 2019

Liquid Web Virtual Private Server
Liquid Web Virtual Private Server

Best Liquid Web Virtual Private Server Review in 2019

Liquid Web offers website virtual private server services by focusing on a corporate domain and website hosting assistance. As of the moment, Liquid Web owns four data centers, three of which are located at Michigan and one is located at Arizona.

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The company was created on the idea that web and cloud professionals with expanding enterprises needed innovators and developers that could generate domain and hosting sites for them. Liquid Web has over 250 experts ranging from technicians to administrators who are empowered in providing the tools their users need in creating an outstanding domain name for themselves.

Liquid Web’s Virtual Private Server runs on the purpose-based platform that makes it a great option for those who want to open up an online shop or delve into e-commerce. Liquid Web’s host and web services which include their dedicated servers offer adaptability and flexibility in supervising cloud VPS. Liquid Web provides efficiency through its ability to a combination of cloud software and dedicated servers.

For those who are savvy in using WordPress, Liquid Web through their interactive dashboard provides a way for their users to create hassle-free domain hosting and blogs which includes but not limited to iThemes sync tools and application. With Liquid Web, they make sure to provide the best possible experience for their users by immediately providing solutions and web services with optimal efficiency.

Liquid Web Virtual Private Server Features

Dedicated Servers

Single-area adjustable dedicated server, Liquid Web offers the optimal version of performance and when it comes to the security of the user’s domain registration and domain search site. Through Liquid Web’s Virtual Private Server, the user’s offers accessibility through running on various operating systems that are 64-bit: CloudLinux6, CentOS6, CloudLinux7, CentOS7, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Windows Server 2012 Datacenter R2, Windows 2016, and Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.

Other than that Liquid Web’s Dedicated Server also offers operating systems for both: Linux and Windows. Liquid Web’s dedicated servers have a performance level that is optimal because of its Uptime Network of a 100%, hardened server security, modifiable platform, and round the clock Sonar Monitoring™ system.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Liquid Web’s Virtual Private Server offers cheap web hosting and can–afford a dedicated server with optimum reliability and performance. The Liquid Web’s VPS caters its users through its ability to efficiently utilize its cloud hosting capabilities which are of the following: 24/7 phone, chat, and email support. Liquid Web’s virtual private server offers a great way for users to buy domain or purchase domain name through their strong support team and system.

Liquid Web values security and understands the need of their users’ protection in creating their websites. That is why through ServerSecure™, every single server under Liquid Web is guaranteed with enhanced, the state-of-the-art system which blocks unwanted admission and makes sure the user’s data isn’t breached.

Liquid Web Virtual Private Server

Private Cloud

Private Cloud runs on NetApp and VMWare caters with all the perks of the usual public cloud performance but provides security, power, and performance to an isolated system in dedicated hardware. Whether the user decides on first moving to an on-premises system towards the cloud, searching for a secure flexible user’s development group, or already has a VMWare hosted area but doesn’t have the support the user needs, Liquid Web will provide the solution for the user’s Private Cloud for whatever reason or need.

Liquid Web will cater to the user’s hosting infrastructure which includes cloud platform and hardware through focusing on the user ’s applications and VMs. Every single-tenant Cloud solution is kept secured and private through its firewall, dedicated vCenter, and load balancer for the user’s VMs in order to safeguard the user’s data and infrastructure.

Created on high-quality server nodes and dedicated hardware, Liquid Web combines speed, reliability, and scalability through its speedy NetApp SAN cache. Private Cloud provides fully backed industry-advanced The Most Helpful Humans In Hosting™ and SLAs which helps its users with any given issues within 59 seconds.

Supervised WooCommerce Hosting

Liquid Web’s collaboration with WooCommerce allows its users to have an all-in-one solution platform that can provide store and e-Commerce applications. Liquid Web gives assistance to its users in online shopping platform through its ability to provide ten times the speed than WordPress hosts when it comes to product stores. If the user has products that need to be shipped, with WooCommerce, Liquid Web’s users have numerous platforms that they connect to like ShipBob, TradeGecko, and ShipStation who will take care of shipping the items for them.

Not only that, but its use can subscribe to SkyVerge and Prospress, or they can apply to speedy and easy online courses like LearnDash and WP Courseware. With many options like Printify and Printful dropshipping stores that can connect the users to AliExpress under Liquid Web, the users have access to 2 – 10 times the speed in optimizing their shared servers. Liquid Web provides free migration if they decide to have their WooCommerce installed into their servers. By combining cart plug-ins and page builder, the users of Liquid Web have total control in their domain name registration and domain purchase.

Liquid Web Virtual Private Server

Liquid Web Virtual Private Server Benefits

WordPress Hosting Supervision

Liquid Web’s users offer collaboration in providing its users with business hosting. The user offers twenty-four hours support, stable system, and secure hosting. Liquid Web’s entrepreneur trust offers Full Server Admittance, Traffic Limits, No Pageviews, Full Right of Entry to database and server access, No Pageviews, page view counts overage fees and immediate daily backups.

Providing automatic SSL, through extra charge, Liquid Web offers its own certificate of SSL that is no hassle and no configuration. Instantly because of Liquid Web, WordPress will update and the users are given both database and server. Liquid Web provides as a staging site for those who want to test any changes they want to apply in their database.

Reasonable Cost

Liquid Web Virtual Private Server does not offer hardware once the user subscribes to their website services and software. While expanding the user’s online enterprise, they can upscale the websites they own by accumulating better space to their free hosting and cheap domain names. Liquid Web makes sure to provide their users with the ability to decide whether they want only dedicated servers or Cloud VPS, or if they want to have both through a beginner-level server which starts at around $60 and can reach up to $199 per month by setting up their server, resource supervising system, and network setup.

100% Uptime in Network

Liquid Web provides an excellent 100% Uptime in Network to its avid customers by means of their dedicated servers and VPS which assures a thirty-minute major response time and by also making sure to provide thirty-minute hardware substitute.

Also through Liquid Web’s guarantees, the user can obtain 10 hours amount of report credit if they ever experience a downtown of over an hour or more, or if the user felt their expectations haven’t been met—upon the submission of their complaint and manual claim of Liquid Web’s negligence, they can claim their compensation.

Only if the user forwards the claim immediately this is why Liquid Web reminds their users of their right and obligation to do so. Based on Liquid Web’s company policies and contract with their clients, their clients have a right to claim their compensations and credits. Their users can visit or forward their complaint at their four data centers which are located in Arizona and Michigan.


The number one concern of most website developers and users is the speed of their website hosting and cheap domain as well as the data storage of their domain purchase. Depending on the type of package plan the user decides on, the speed and storage of the web hosting will accommodate to its users needs depending what the user prioritizes such as the kind of storage and processor.

The limit of its user’s shared web hosting, dedicated server, and VPS package plan even though all three have free caching use and services, they vary on the number of IP address, amount of storage, number of RAM, the type of processor, and etc. All of this, as well as, how much the user is willing to pay for their package plan will affect the speed and storage. However, even though the user decides to purchase their entry-level package deal they are still guaranteed a 100% Uptime and fast running of their cheap web hosting.

Liquid Web Virtual Private Server

Technical Details

With Liquid Web, the users’ system operates on a platform that caters to both Linux and Windows. The highlighted features of Liquid Web are unlimited bandwidth, limitless disk space, free domains, and WordPress hosting, and unlimited sites. Also, Liquid Web runs on a system that operates on scripting and languages that consists of ASP, Django, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Perl.

Liquid Web uses on a control panel that operates on both WHM and CPanel. Liquid Web’s users operate on easy installs such as WordPress, MediaWiki, SSL, Mambo, Joomla, Magento, b2evolution, Fantastico or Softaculous, and Drupal. Liquid Web’s location of the server is found in the US. The server’s location of Liquid Web is located at the US. Liquid Web’s database runs on a system of MySQL and system of PHPMyAdmin.

Technical Support

Liquid Web Virtual Private Server caters to its users’ needs and problems by providing several ways of giving their technical support. The users can gain assistance through contacting Liquid Web’s website where they can get in touch with round the clock chat and ticketing support. Found in Liquid Web’s online website, the users have access to knowledge base data which are essential in navigating through their system’s applications and functions through their getting started knowledge-based information, featured articles regarding their items, common fixes, tutorials, and series. Their users can also communicate and speak to them by reaching them through their telephone toll-free number: 1-800-580-4985.

Liquid Web Virtual Private Server

Liquid Web Virtual Private Server Price and Plans

Liquid Web Windows Hosting consists of three main Hosting Package Plans: Shared Website Hosting Package Plans, VPS Hosting Package Plans, and Dedicated Server Package Plans. I will only be providing their Virtual Private Server Pack Plans, as it is the only thing relevant to this article. Under VPS Hosting Package also includes Cloud Virtual Private Server and Private Cloud.

VPS Hosting Package Plans

1. 1GB – package deal amounts to $50 a month which has unlimited bandwidth, 1GB RAM, and 50 GB storage.
2. 2GB– package deal amounts to $90 a month which has unlimited bandwidth, 2 GB RAM, and 100 GB storage.
3. 4GB– package deal amounts to $140 a month which has unlimited bandwidth, 3.9 GB RAM, and 150 GB storage.
4. 8GB– package deal amounts to $220 a month which has unlimited bandwidth, 7.8 GB RAM, and 300 GB storage.

A. Cloud VPS Package Plan

1. 2GB RAM – Package plan that costs $59/month which includes a 2vCPU system, 40 GB SSD Disk Space, 10 TB Bandwidth, Linux only OS running, and cPanel.
2. 4 GB RAM – Package plan that costs $99/month which includes 4 vCPU system, 100 GB SSD Disk Space, 10 TB Bandwidth, runs on either Linux or Windows OS, and cPanel
3. 8 GB RAM – Package plan that costs $139/month which includes 8 vCPU system, 150 GB SSD Disk Space, 10 TB Bandwidth, runs on either Linux or Windows OS, and cPanel.
4. 16 GB RAM – Package plan that costs $189/mo which includes 8 vCPU system, 200 GB SSD Disk Space, 10 TB Bandwidth, runs on either Linux or Windows OS, and cPanel

B. Private Cloud Package Plan

1. $2,499/month single processor plan which comes with 5VMs, two nodes, 32 Cores, 128 GB of RAM, and 2.5 TB SAN Storage.
2. $6,999/month single processor plan which comes with 15 VMs, three nodes, 48 Cores, 576 GB of RAM, and 5 TB SAN Storage.
3. $10,999/month dual processor plan which comes with 30 VMs, five nodes, 80 Cores, 960 GB of RAM, and 10 TB SAN Storage.

Liquid Web Virtual Private Server

As we have examined the benefits of Liquid Web as a Virtual Private Server provider, we also included in this review a list of other virtual private server companies that also present similar services:

1. InMotion Hosting
2. GoDaddy Hosting
3. Bluehost
4. iPage
5. HostFav
6. Dreamhost
7. InterServer
8. Namecheap
9. 1&1
10. DedicatedNOW
11. Acenet
12. Flywheel
13. Hostiso
14. ServerHub
15. Hostinger
16. Host1Plus
17. YesUpHost
18. HostDime
19. HawkHost
20. cPanel
21. DigitalOcean
22. Hostwinds
23. IOZoom
24. AWS Direct Connect
25. UpCloud
26. Netrepid
27. Lunarpages Internet Solutions
28. Amazon Lightsail
29. AccuWeb Hosting
30. Linode

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