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Best Liquid Web SSL Certificate Review in 2019

Liquid Web SSL Certificate
Liquid Web SSL Certificate

Best Liquid Web SSL Certificate Review in 2019

Gaining the trust of potential customers and retaining the old customers for your business is not an easy task. It takes several years to build a reputation for your business website but it only takes a second to lose the same. The best way to take the customers into confidence is by installing an SSL Certificate which is a hallmark of good brand reputation.

It is the backbone of a secure internet and protects all confidential and sensitive information that is transmitted through a website. Sensitive information can either be in the form of online banking services, or payment methods or account login. This feature is essential doe protecting a website, even if there is no sensitive information to handle such as credit cards.

Google provides incentives to website owners installing SSL certificates for their websites to benefit in search engine ranking. Upon installation of an SSL certificate, the website URL will change to HTTPS from HTTP. A padlock will appear beside the URL bar indicating that the URL you are trying to access is a secure one. An SSL Certificate is generated and issued by a trusted third party referred to as the Certificate Authority (CA).

What is the purpose of using an SSL Certificate?

Apart from being an indicator of trust and security, an SSL certificate provides a host of other features as well. Some of the notable benefits that the user experiences through SSL Certification include –

Encryption of sensitive information: The primary task of SSL is to encrypt sensitive information that is transmitted through a website so that only the intended recipient receives the same. This is necessary as the information that is sent through the internet is transferred from one server to another before it reaches the ultimate recipient. Therefore, there is the possibility of leakage of confidential information in the process which can be avoided if the data is end-to-end encrypted. This protects information from identity thieves and internet hackers.

Site Authentication: Apart from the encryption of data, an SSL Certificate also provides authentication of data. This means that you will be aware that you are sending the information to the right server and not to anyone else. It might be an imposter trying to steal your personal information by pretending to be your website. But this can only be avoided by obtaining an SSL Certificate from a trusted service provider. Such a Certificate will only be provided to an applicant who has gone through various security checks and not just to anyone applying for the same.

Creation of Trust: With the help of visual cues such as a green bar or a lock icon, web browsers are able to convey to the people that the URL they are trying to access if secured through SSL certification. A trust seal is given by the SSL providers that will instill a sense of security in the minds of potential customers.  Apart from that, it also protects from phishing attacks wherein phishing emails trying to impersonate your website are restricted. This will reduce the possibility of visitors encountering criminal attacks by third parties who would be trying to use your domain name with the intention of causing harm.

Compliance with the PCI norms: A website, in order to accept credit card information needs to undergo certain audit checks that will ensure that it is complying with the standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI). One such requirement is the proper use of an SSL Certificate.

Liquid Web SSL Certificate


Types of LiquidWeb SSL Certificates

LiquidWeb features some of the best high-end SSL certificate plans and ServerSecure service making them a top-notch web host in the market. There are a variety of SSL validation levels offered by LiquidWeb. So, before hiring their services it is important to be familiar with each one of them so that the best possible outcome can be achieved. Below is the list of different kinds of SSL Certificates that can be purchased from LiquidWeb.

  • Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL) – This is the most expensive and the highest ranked certificate type. Upon installation of this certificate, it will be displayed on the browser address bar, HTTPS, padlock, the business name, and the country. Displaying the information of the website owner on the address bar will help distinguish the site from other duplicate and malicious ones. A standard identity verification process needs to be undertaken to obtain such certificate to ensure that the website owner is authorized to have the exclusive rights of the domain. This Certificate is suitable for applications that require identity assurance like processing logins, collecting data, and online payments or for high profile websites.
  • Organization Validation Certificates (OV SSL) – The primary purpose of this Certificate is to encrypt any sensitive information of the user during a transaction. Similar to the EV SSL, this version of the SSL Certificate also has a high assurance value. It also displays the information of the owner on the address bar so that users can stay aware of any other malicious sites. This type of certification is generally useful for commercial or public-facing websites which require dealing with confidential information from customers. The Certification Authority will investigate into the details of the website owner to ensure that the owner has the right to such specific domain name before granting the Certificate.
  • Domain Validation Certificates (DV SSL) – This Certificate possesses low assurance and the basic encryption essential for blogs and other informational websites. The validation process is minimal to obtain this type of Certificate. It requires only the domain owner to validate the domain ownership by responding to a phone call or an email. The least expensive among the type of SSL certificates, it only displays a padlock and HTTPS on the address bar and not the business name. This is suitable for those website owners who do not require any extra assistance for their website visitors.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates – This type of Certificate is usually required to validate base domain and unlimited subdomains. The cost of obtaining a Wildcard Certificate is cheaper than obtaining numerous single domain SSL certificates. These certificates would contain an asterisk * mark as a part of the common domain name. This will be an indicator of any valid subdomain that contains the same base domain.
  • Multi-Domain SSL Certificates – This kind of certificate can validate up to a hundred different domains and subdomains using just a single certificate which helps to save both time and money. The website owner will have complete control over the Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field to change, delete or add any of the SANs required. Organization Validated, Domain Validated, Wildcard SSL and Extended Validated are available under this SSL Certificate type.
  • Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) – These type of Certificates are also considered as Multi-domain SSL certificates. UCCs were primarily designed to secure Live Communications servers and Microsoft Exchange. Like the multi-domain certificates, these secure multiple domain names on a single server certificate. UCC Certificates are validated organizationally and displays only the padlock on the browser. Moreover, these certificates can be used as EV SSL certificates to provide the highest level of assurance by displaying a green address bar.

Liquid Web SSL Certificate

LiquidWeb SSL Certificate Pricing

LiquidWeb is known to provide customers with affordable SSL Certificates. Among the types of available SSL certificates, the Standard SSL Certificate is the most popular and also the cheapest one among all. For a one year subscription the charge is $ 50, for two years it is $ 95 and for three years it is $135. The Wildcard SSL packages are also quite affordable with a one year charge of $ 150, for two years it is $ 285 and for three years it is $ 405. This indicates that customers will be able to save around 5% to 10% when they subscribe to longer plans.

When the online presence of customers expand and grows bigger there might be a need to have additional SSL encryption for additional domains in which case a Unified Communication SSL Certificate can be added. The most cost-effective type of Unified Communication SSL is $ 50 for adding one SSL.


Liquid Web SSL Certificate

Benefits of signing up with LiquidWeb

Most web host service providers make a lot of promises to their customers but very few actually live up to the expectation. However, reviews by various users of LiquidWeb reveal that they have actually been able to live up to the expectation of potential customers. This has made them one of the preferred options when people think of obtaining an SSL certificate for their website. Some of the advantages that come from signing up with LiquidWeb include –

100% uptime guarantee which ensures that all the websites of their customers are up all the time, failing they will be refunded 10 times the downtime.

Free Backups which provides backup of the data off-site for a period of about 30 days. This is very helpful in case of website problems or hacks attacks when any data that is lost can easily be restored with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Free Staging sites wherein you can check the details of your website before deploying. This allows you to ensure that your website is in the optimal stage before being launched ultimately ensuring better user experience for website visitors.

No Traffic Limit wherein there is no overage fees or charge for pageview counts. You can have as much traffic as you generate for your website and you won’t have to spend a single penny for such benefit.

180 days money back guarantee which allows users to experience their services without risking their money. If they are not satisfied with the quality of their service they can claim for a refund for the unused period.

Liquid Web SSL Certificate

Customer Support Service

For most users, the extra level of management and performance is sufficient enough to prefer a host like LiquidWeb. But some people might still wonder whether it will be true money’s worth for the services offered by LiquidWeb. All these doubts come to an end when the customer support service of LiquidWeb is taken into consideration. This was their biggest feature even a decade ago when they were gradually progressing with their web development service. With the aim of delivering timely and prompt assistance to their customers, they have developed a dedicated technical support team which they refer to as Heroic Support Team. Comprised of professionally trained and knowledgeable technicians with years of experience their team has been dedicated to providing round-the-clock assistance to their valued customers. They have been able to successfully extend their support through

  • Telephone
  • Live Chat facility
  • Knowledgebase
  • Ticketing System
  • Support tools

They guarantee an initial response time of half an hour from the help desk failing which they will credit 10 times the amount for such inconvenience. They even ensure that once a faulty dedicated server is detected it will be replaced within 30 minutes. If it takes more than that, 10 times the amount of the additional time taken will be credited to your account.

Liquid Web SSL Certificate

Top 25 SSL Certificate Providers in 2019

In this modern era where internet use has reached high peaks, it is crucial to protect confidential and sensitive data from security breach and attacks. Such situation mandates using the best and the latest security features and tools like SSL Certificate for your website in order to gain the trust of potential customers and website visitors. This is where the question of hiring a reliable SSL Certificate provider comes to the forefront. While there are numerous service providers in the market claiming to provide top-quality services very few can live up to the expectation of customers. Below is the list of the top 25 SSL certificate providers in 2019 which can help you to make an informed decision –

  • LiquidWeb
  • Comodo
  • DigiCert
  • GeoTrust
  • Symantec
  • GlobalSign
  • CheapSSLsecurity
  • The SSL Store
  • GoDaddy
  • com
  • IdenTrust
  • Network Solutions
  • Entrust Datacard
  • Thawte
  • RapidSSL
  • Certum
  • NameCheap
  • Trustico
  • SSLRenewals
  • Secure128
  • Cheap SSL Shop
  • ClickSSL
  • Cloudfalre
  • LetsEncrypt