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Best Liquid Web e-commerce Hosting review in 2019

Liquid Web e-commerce Hosting
Liquid Web e-commerce Hosting

Best Liquid Web e-commerce Hosting review in 2019

Business is what makes an individual, a society, a country to be progressive in economic and financial matters. The idea of business has long been constructed and is the main reason why goods are acquired and transferred to different continents and places. We have come to a long way terms of technological inclination, but the concept of how business works stays the same way.

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It starts with offering a particular service or goods, followed by searching for the target market, and lastly receiving something like an exchange for the service or a product that is offered. There are unlimited possibilities in the business world, an individual can basically invent and create their own brand of product and market it to their chosen target market.

As mentioned earlier, we have come to the verge of great technological advancements. And considering that the society is widely coping with the technology means that business owners and companies should also upgrade or find new ways to market their product or service and integrate it with the latest trend in technologies that is the reason why e-commerce was born.

Liquid Web e-commerce Hosting

Electronic commerce or simply e-commerce is a new trend in the business world. It uses electronic capabilities such as the internet and different devices such as smartphones and personal computers to start marketing their service. E-commerce is the preferred alternative for individuals and companies that wanted to cut some expenses for renting or building their own store or a place wherein they can sell their product.

Huge companies and businesses use this new way of selling their product even if they have the financial capabilities to rent a space in malls or build their own physical store. The reason lies behind the preferences of their customers. We would agree to the fact how smartphones and the internet have greatly given us convenience, and it would be a shame if that convenience wouldn’t be applied in the way that we purchase our needed goods or services.

That is the reason why most companies are now migrating their business on the internet because they know for sure how purchasing product using internet-powered devices can bring convenience to their customers, and at the same time creating a wider space for marketing opportunities.

And since e-commerce has been a trend now, web hosting companies such as Liquid web used this opportunity to empower the digital business of many individuals and corporations. E-commerce hosting just like other hosting services works by putting your business domain and database into their servers.

But what makes it distinct from a regular web hosting service is that the hosting company could provide freebies for improving your online stores such as marketing tools, web design services, front-end design services, shopping cart, tools for finance and inventory management. This article would review the e-commerce hosting service offered by Liquid Web, which includes the full features and benefits of their service, as well as the pricing for their individual plans.

About Liquid Web

Liquid Web is complete with web hosting solutions that you would need depending on the platform that you require. This includes, shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, cloud VPS, and of course e-commerce hosting. What’s more, their plans are also flexible enough to have the features that a specific user might need, which makes it great for freelancers and huge corporations.

Liquid Web is one of the most sought-after and leading company in the web hosting industry. They have been helping entrepreneurs and huge corporations achieve a digitalized marketing platform. The company was founded by Matthew Hill in 1997. And since then, they had managed to gather many customers to get their service since there were just few web hosting providers at that time. Their main headquarters is located at Lansing, Michigan, but they have several data centers set-up in different locations around the US and from across the world.

Based on the latest reports, Liquid Web caters to over 32,000 customers from around the globe in 130 countries. Moreover, they currently employ 600 people to keep their data centers and servers in a desired manner.

The company has also received a lot of recognition for their excellent service, such as the INC.5000 Fastest Growing Company that accumulated a total of $90 million in revenue from the year 2007 up to 2015. What makes Liquid Host very unique is that they offer a very scalable set of services and site-specific customer support which is very beneficial.

They offer live person support which promises a 59 seconds response for chat and phone, and 59-minute response for Helpdesk which is higher than the average waiting time in terms of customer support in different industries. What makes this even better is that it is available 24/7/365.

Liquid Web e-commerce Hosting

Liquid Web e-commerce Hosting Features

Thousands of Themes – Create a very great welcome design for your website and your store so you can attract more customers. Choose from 500 free templates and 1000 available other templates for your e-commerce. Liquid Web has also included Astra Pro which is proven to have the fastest theme building capability.

Customizable Look and Feel – Create a landing page in the way that you prefer. Customize the look and feel of your e-commerce by using Beaver Builder. Beaver builder would give you the flexibility to design and build your website in your own preferences.

Optimized for Mobile – All e-commerce transaction are either held on the desktop or on a mobile device such as smartphones and tablets, 15 percent are held on mobile phones. Get your website optimized in smartphones by Liquid Host’s compatibility tools to get your website to load faster in mobile devices.

Responsive design – Choosing templates means you have to consider the compatibility of the template on different devices. Failing to do so could result in a very unresponsive website. With Liquid Web, you can make sure that your website would be responsive with the custom built theme that is compatible with all devices.

Comprehensive Plugins – Liquid Web provides numerous plugins that you can choose from. Pick a plugin that would suit with the functionality of your website.

Custom Fields – Create a custom field on your website and segment your content on the way you want it to look. You can also set up the information of your product in your liking.

Product Catalogs – Set up your catalog into success. Whether you have are marketing a physical, virtual, external or digital product, you can easily set up your catalog.

Product variations – Create your brand as a whole. You won’t be worrying if you are selling t-shirts that have all variations with it, Liquid Host e-commerce hosting would see your product as a whole.

Staff accounts – Create as many staff accounts that would be managing your e-commerce.

Store management – Manage orders, inventory, discounts, and coupons with just a few clicks.

Image support – Get your product looking good by adding images to it. As well as other functions such as zooming and compression support for mobile.

SEO – Get the highest SEO capabilities such as clean URL’s, product schema, and keyword indexing.

Liquid Web e-commerce Hosting

Liquid Web E-commerce Hosting Benefits

High-Performance website and servers

Both your server and website should have an efficient power to provide a faster and smoother experience for your costumes. Users that are satisfied with their shopping experience would likely become your permanent customer. Liquid Host’s server is equipped with systems that are capable of self-managing domains. That mainly means that it has the power to reduce your query loads by 95 percent, thus increasing the capacity of your database to almost 75 percent without needing to upgrade your plan. In this way, your customers would have a smooth experience in shopping for your products.

Check for Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are a real deal for many companies. This translates that a customer didn’t finish their purchase for whatever reason. And most E-commerce owners don’t really give too much attention with this when in reality it affects the growth and revenue of their business. The simple solution is to provide options for the customer, or discounts if applicable. Liquid Host has partnered with Jilt, the leading technology for capturing abandoned carts. With this system, you can readily implement needed actions to regard If not possible to save abandoned carts.

Performance Check

Some, if not all web hosting companies don’t give you the ability to check for the performance of their website. This would likely cause unpredicted traffic on your website and would greatly affect your revenue and the growth of your business. With Liquid Host’s e-commerce hosting, you can freely check the performance of your website so you can create necessary preparation for expected huge traffics.

Convert Faster

The faster your website loads, the more customer can access your store at the same time. Creating a faster phase for converting your customers. All of Liquid Host’s server is designed not only to have cached sites but also with a system that would radically improve the load time of your website. There is no need to upgrade for higher plans with features that you don’t need. Only pick the most suitable plan and expect that it would perform at an optimal level so that you can have a faster conversion rate.

Liquid Web e-commerce Hosting

Technical Support

Liquid Web is the MVP in the technical support game. They are proven to have one of the most reliable, fast approaching, and most responsive technical support personnel out there. Moreover, they also provide a plenty number of options that their customers can choose from for solving their technical issues. Initially, their support through the phone is their featured support means. Customers can reach them with their toll-free hotlines in the US. The good part about their support is that calls are directed to the data center on which their domain is hosted so that the support personnel can easily check the server. Other support options that they provide is the live chat and their very huge knowledge-based database in which customers can freely access.

Liquid Web E-commerce Hosting Pricing and Plans


  • $39 per month
  • Suitable for 150 monthly transactions
  • Unlimited products and orders
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Abandoned Cart from Jilt
  • Beaver Page Builder


  • $99 per month
  • Suitable for 300 monthly transactions
  • Unlimited products and orders
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Abandoned Cart from Jilt
  • Beaver Page Builder


  • $125 per month
  • Suitable for 300 monthly transactions
  • Unlimited products and orders
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Abandoned Cart from Jilt
  • Beaver Page Builder
  • AliExpress and other supplier support


  • $149 per month
  • Suitable for 300 monthly transactions
  • Unlimited products and orders
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Abandoned Cart from Jilt
  • Beaver Page Builder
  • A multi-vendor platform such as Dokan

Liquid Web e-commerce Hosting

Liquid Web E-commerce Hosting Review Summary

Starting your E-commerce and making it profitable should consume a lot of time and requires a lot of patients, but not with Liquid Host. The company has long been trusted by many consumers in providing quality solutions for different business. Whether you are looking for a regular cloud hosting solution or an e-commerce solution that should include relevant features for your business, they got it all for you. Their E-commerce hosting solution is packed with cutting-edge technologies and great perks that you would surely appreciate. Here are the things that we love about Liquid Hosts and the things that we thought that needed improvements.

Pros: Thousands of templates to choose from, customizable look and feel, powerful servers, and great customer support

Cons: fully managed to host may be pricey

Below, we also listed the top 20 E-commerce hosting provider in the market right now

  1. Siteground
  2. Hostgator
  3. A2 Hosting
  4. Dreamhost
  5. Fast Connect
  6. Inmotion
  7. Bluehost
  8. iPage
  9. Namecheap
  10. GoDaddy
  11. iPower
  12. HostDime
  13. Host1Plus
  14. YesUpHost
  15. HawkHost
  16. XLHost
  17. ServerHUb
  18. Acenet
  19. Host Sailor
  20. Liquid Web


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