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Best Liquid Web Colocation Review in 2019

Liquid Web Colocation
Liquid Web Colocation

Best Liquid Web Colocation Review in 2019

A colocation or colocation hosting is a web hosting service where a certain company would lease a space in a data center from the hosting service provider and used their own hardware for their data center. A colocation is similar to a dedicated hosting however there are still some differences.

Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting where the data center infrastructure is dedicated to a single-tenant. The colocation as well is monitored by a single user and have its freedom to fully managed the hosting. A client that purchase a dedicated server used the hardware and software provided by the hosting provider.

Unlike colocation hosting, single client or enterprise would lease space for their data centers but used their own products of hardware and software. The colocation customers rent server space in a data center that can provide other features including internet bandwidth, a cooling system for servers, climate control, and reliable uptime.

Liquid Web Colocation

A colocation hosting works when the company or customer have their own physical server. Customer will not lease any servers from the hosting provider but rather have their own. They will only lease server space from a web hosting service and co-locate the physical server that they have.

Company or customer that purchase a colocation service manage their own data infrastructure unlike other hosting products, the hosting provider will be the one to manage, troubleshoot, and monitor the data center of its customers’ web hosting. The customer can quickly upgrade or downgrade its data infrastructure in a colocation hosting.

The main reason why the company would prefer to have their own physical server and only co-locate a space from a hosting providers server space is the security. The freedom of the customer to control its own data center was such a big responsibility. They have the access to keep every information and data gathered and received from their website.

Of course, we could not tell when does cyber threats or malicious sites would attack our data centers. In this case, it is good to have an infrastructure that is safe and protected from any malicious attacks and security vulnerabilities. Keeping all the information private and secure.

There are web hosting providers in the industry that offers a colocation hosting. One of them is the Liquid Web. Here in this review, we are going to identify the benefits and features of a colocation hosting, how much costs will it take when renting server space from a hosting provider such as Liquid Web. Lastly, identify other web hosting companies that provide colocation.

What is Liquid Web?

Liquid Web is a web hosting company that primarily provide a professional web service to their customers. For almost two decades, Liquid Web provided their web services and hosting products to more than thirty thousand customers from the different countries around the globe. They have approximately provided a web service to more than one hundred thirty countries.

Liquid Web was recognized as the best web hosting company in the industry that value most their customers’ loyalty. Their recognition proudly made them provide a hosting service to more than five hundred thousand websites under management. Liquid Web was composed of more than five hundred hosting professionals on their site that are well-experienced to help their customers and provided five global data centers.

The mission that Liquid Web hold is to empower professional websites across the globe. They have provided products such as hosting and other web services needed for the customers’ critical websites, stores, and applications. Liquid Web was consist of more than two hundred administrators, engineers, and technical supports who are dedicated to giving satisfaction to the needs of their customers. The Hosting Advice.com awarded Liquid Web for their excellent dedicated servers.

Customers can choose a variety of products that the Liquid Web has provided. The Liquid Web offers managed to host dedicated servers, cloud dedicated, cloud VPS hosting, cloud sites, managed WooCommerce hosting, managed WordPress, and custom hosting solutions. Liquid Web has been recognized by the Inc. Magazine as one of the five thousand fast growing web hosting companies in the world eleven times.

On the other hand, Cloud spectator awarded Liquid Web as the web hosting company that offers the fastest managed VPS hosting while Liquid Web ranked seven as one of the hosting company that provides cloud services according to Talkin Cloud.

Liquid Web also offers a colocation service. They offer a secure and guarantee protected Liquid Web data infrastructure. As mentioned earlier, a colocation hosting is a web service in which a hosting provider let their customer lease space from their data centers and bring their own physical servers. The customers’ physical servers include the hardware needed, the software, and licenses needed for their website. The colocation service provided by Liquid Web comes with their terms and condition, and policies.

Liquid Web Colocation

What are the features offered by Liquid Web?

Liquid Web allows their colocation customer to leave their physical servers in their data centers and configured freely their servers. The Liquid Web team will not touch any of the hardware and software embedded to colocated servers. The customers will configure everything first its data center before leaving it to the web hosting providers rack space. The following lists below are some of the features offered by Liquid Web in their hosting products:

Backup and Storage

Liquid Web provides a certain backup for their servers including guardian-offsite and cloud backups. They also provide the greatest storage for their data centers such as storage area network (SAN), cloud block, log, and cloud object storage.


Liquid Web has provided security software for their hosting products. Their hosting products and web services comprise a firewall and VPN security, DDoS Attack prevention, compliance assistance, data protection, server, and web application protection.


Liquid Web provides Cloudflare CDN, Load balancers, and Akamai CDN feature for an excellent performance to their customers.

Web Services

Liquid Web provides a free software service including  WHM/cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS, and iThemes.

Database Hosting

Liquid Web provides a dedicated database such as Microsoft SQL Hosting and Microsoft SQL service.

Business Email Hosting

Liquid Web email hosting provides spam filtering and infrastructure to increase the productivity of their customers’ website, and purchase for a lower cost.

In a colocation service, the customer provides its own product for their hardware, software, and license to provide all the features needed for their website and data centers. However, renting space from the Liquid Web space rack ensures that their data servers are secured, well-protected, and owned by a reliable hosting company.

Liquid Web Colocation

What are the benefits of Liquid Web?

Liquid Web will not make any changes to the colocated servers. However, they have provided a 24/7 technical support for their customers’ hands-on request. The Liquid Web team assists their colocation customers only in network and power plug-ins, remote access set-up, changing of BIOS, and power supply and drivers set-up.

Their hands-on technical support will only occur to their customers’ colocation types of equipment. A colocation service can give a lot of benefits to the company. They could have their own enterprise-level hosting and full control to their web performance. However, there are also other benefits of a colocation hosting. The following below are some of the additional benefits a customer get in a colocation service:

  • Bandwidth and Latency

Since a company leases space from a hosting providers data infrastructure, the servers can achieve a high bandwidth of the network and low latency. The servers are plugged-in with an enterprise-level of internet connection and have the freedom to contract other third-party networking providers for more connectivity.

  • Power

The hardware and other types of equipment provided by the customer to its colocation hosting can access an unlimited power provided by the web hosting company. It can have full access to steady power, backup batteries, and generators.

  • Monitoring

Customers don’t have to worry to any unidentified persons that will access the data centers because the hosting provider has a 24/7 on-site monitoring for their data servers. Further, the hosting provider has well-experienced and IT professional that will monitor and give technical support to any problems that may happen in the data centers.

  • Climate-control

A colocation customer can provide an advance climate-control for their data centers. The web hosting company ensures the temperature and humidity of the environment in the data centers are well-monitored and comply.

  • Management

Customer colocation hosting ensures that it is managed by an excellent technical team and a reliable web hosting company.

Liquid Web Colocation

Liquid Web Technical Support

The Liquid Web provides a 24/7/365 hands-on and remote hands support system. The Liquid team compromised with well-experienced and intelligent IT professionals. They make sure to give their customers excellent service and assistance.

As mentioned above, Liquid Web will not touch any of the hardware and types of equipment provided from a colocation hosting. However, the Liquid Web team can give technical assistance for upgrading the BIOS, plugging network and power cables, set up the remote access, and perform power-supply and driver changes.

The Liquid Web technical team cannot assists their colocation customer in their software related issues and does not provide additional hardware for their data centers equipment. The customer can request a ticket from the Liquid Web website for hands-on or remote assistance. The Liquid Web also provides a call, email, and live chat to provide their customers a much better technical support. They oath to give their customers concern as soon as possible.

When the colocation data center encounters any problem, Liquid Web let their customers visit their data center and request an emergency visit that has a 24 hours notice. Liquid Web can only access colocation servers when their colocation customers give them permission to access and monitor the servers.

However, if the customers cannot comply the payment, the colocation service has been suspended, and customer encounters some issues in the terms and condition contracts provided, Liquid Web technical team will interact to the colocation servers of their customer without their permission.

Liquid Web Colocation

Liquid Web Pricing and Plans

The colocation service of Liquid Web lets their customer provide their advanced payment for colocation hosting. If the customer cannot pay their due amount for three consecutive months, Liquid Web will charge their customer an additional 5% to their colocation bill for their overdue fee.

Further, Liquid Web will also charge 1.5% interest to any unpaid payment per month. The technical assistance provided by the Liquid Web for the colocation service costs $50 per hour. The technical assistance will only cater for one hour. The colocation visit in Liquid Web caters only a maximum time limit of 4 hours.

Liquid Web will charge an extended fee for customers that will exceed to the maximum time limit of colocation visit. The customer will pay an additional $20 per hour if the visit exceeds to more than 4 hours. If the customer has requested hands-on support and does not come to the said date of appointment, Liquid Web will charge $50 for the technical preparations made.

Liquid Web Colocation Review Summary

Liquid Web is a web hosting company that primarily provide professional web hosting services and products. Aside from their managed hosting, managed applications, and custom solutions that they offered, Liquid Web also provides their customer a colocation service. The colocation service of Liquid Web comes with a colocation service contract.

In their contract, they provided all the details and information that customer must know when purchasing a rack space. The Liquid Web provides a 24/7 technical support to handle any concerns and problems encountered by their customers. In addition, customers that lease server space in Liquid Web data centers must provide everything its types of equipment including the hardware, software, and licenses.

Liquid Web Colocation

There are also other web hosting companies that provide colocation service. The following lists below are some of the web hosting providers that offer colocation excluding Liquid Web:

  1. Atlantic.net
  2. Life Wire
  3.  Web Host Gear
  4. Who Is Hosting This
  5. Rackspace
  6. GoDaddy
  7. Netcettera
  8. Netwise Hosting
  9. Zen Internet
  10. 1&1
  11. Claranet
  12. Softlayer
  13. Fast 2 Host
  14. Blue Host
  15. Mocha Host
  16. Hostinger
  17. iPage
  18. A2 Hosting
  19. WP Engine
  20. Fast Comet