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Best Liquid Web Cloud VPS Review in 2019

Liquid Web Cloud VPS
Liquid Web Cloud VPS

Best Liquid Web Cloud VPS Review in 2019

If you have been associated with the web hosting business or its related services you should be aware of cloud or cloud servers. You also must have heard of virtual equipment, virtual servers, and VPS. Most people tend to use the features of Cloud hosting and VPS hosting interchangeably but in reality, the two are quite different from each other. Virtual Private Server, also referred to as VPS is a hosting solution that allows multiple servers to work simultaneously as one, whereas cloud hosting provides the same services but on demand.

What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud computing refers to the practice of using a network of multiple servers hosted online for the storage, management, and processing of data instead of a personal computer or a local server. While the cloud can be accessed with a local machine, the aim is to remove the need for local resources for the management, processing, and storage of data.

On the other hand, a VPS is a dedicated and private hosting environment that uses a web-based virtual machine for customization, configuration, and administration of data. It is a scalable solution that provides memory, disk space, and processor speed. It is like a physical server that is considered as software operating on a host or parent server. Every virtual machine is referred to as a child instance or a guest instance that relates a child to a parent and a guest to a host.

The Cloud VPS is a proprietary cloud VPS solution of Liquid Web which is based on KVM, i.e. the Kernel-based Virtual machine of Linux. It offers virtualized and scalable resources as a part of its service that is purchased on the basis of utility. Users receive dynamic provisioning on a scalable and virtual environment. Resources that are required for various projects are available almost instantly allowing users to have complete access on a new server. The best part is that you can achieve all this without altering your server settings or migrating your data to another server.

Liquid Web Cloud VPS

Why choose Cloud VPS?

Virtual Private Servers are known to have fewer users than their physical counterparts but when combined with cloud technology it allows data access seamlessly that stores data across a range of physical servers. Cloud VPS servers are known to be the friend of small and medium-sized businesses and offer a robust combination of benefits. Some of the commonly available benefits derived from Cloud VPS servers are as follows –

  • Instant scale-ups for any change in traffic
  • Unlimited site hosting
  • Cost-effective solution
  • No requirement of contract for hosting
  • Various choices of Operating Systems
  • Backups on a daily basis
  • Payment only for what has been used
  • SSH and Root access
  • High security

Complete solutions are available for Cloud VPS with secure and powerful hosting. It is also a cheaper alternative to using the physical private server for any hosting needs. Whether you are in need for a public or private hosting, Cloud VPS offers you with the much-needed customization options and flexibility for all your hosting solutions.

Liquid Web Cloud VPS

Liquid Web’s Cloud VPS packages

The VPS hosting services offered by various service providers are not the same. The Cloud VPS service of Liquid Web provides the perfect combination of a powerful dedicated server with a flexible cloud hosting solution. The plans featured by Liquid Web has been designed keeping in mind the requirement of the different class of users and how each of them will be able to serve their target customers in the best possible manner. With that being said the packages of Cloud VPS range from the very basic to customizable pans. The packages include –

  1. This package features 2 virtual CPU with 2 GB RAM and 40 GB SSD Disk Space. It offers a bandwidth of up to 10 TB and supports only Linux-based operating system. Alongside, it also provides cPanel or Plesk Onyx. All these are available at just $ 59 per month.
  2. This is the next package which features 4 virtual CPUs with 4 GB RAM and 100 GB of SSD Disk Space. The bandwidth limit is up to 10 TB with support for both Linux and Windows-based operating system. It also features cPanel or Plesk Onyx with a monthly price of just $ 99.
  • This is a plan superior to the 4 GB plan which offers 8 vCPU with an SSD Disk space of up to 150 GB and a bandwidth limit of up to 10 TB. It supports both Linux and Windows-based operating system with cPanel or Plesk Onyx. Users can subscribe to this plan at just $ 139 per month.
  1. Suitable for medium to large-sized businesses, this plan features 16 GB RAM with 8 vCPU and an SSD Disk Space of up to 200 GB. It offers a bandwidth limit of up to 10 TB and supports both Windows and Linux-based Operating System. Providing cPanel or Plesk Onyx this plan is reasonably priced at $ 189 per month.
  2. If you are still not satisfied with the above plans featured above you can take the benefit of their Cloud dedicated servers. These servers provide Intel Xeon Processors with up to 28 Cores and RAM of up to 128 GB. It offers both SSD and SATA Storage and supports both Linux and Windows-based Operating System. The price for this customizable plan depends on the features that you subscribe to.

To ensure that you hire the best package for your virtual business you should get in touch with their expert professionals and seek assistance before subscribing to a specific plan.

Liquid Web Cloud VPS

Scaling of Liquid Web’s Cloud VPS

The scaling process of liquid Web is referred to as resizing. Through this process, the server resources are scaled up or down. This scaling is configured based on the requirements of the specific site or application. The time taken for configuring such settings include memory or storage used, server process running time or any other processes or backups running. Liquid Web features two options for resizing. They are –

  • Full Resize: As the name suggests, this process resizes the entire server resources. Full Resizes consumes more time in comparison to Quick Resizes because of the alterations in the physical storage devices. Therefore, it is recommended to resize Cloud Dedicated Server and Cloud VPS during off-peak time.
  • Quick Resize: This provides access to CPU allocations and additional RAM. This option is suitable for those who are experiencing a sudden increase in traffic levels and urgently need CPU and RAM resources to handle such excess traffic without having to increase the storage. You can also have the storage capacity to match the Full Resize as you need to pay the same amount that you would have to pay for the latter.

Liquid Web Cloud VPS

Features of Liquid Web’s Cloud VPS

The best part of having Cloud VPS service is that your server has the ability to host limitless websites as much as you need. The team of experienced professionals of Liquid Web would help you decide the number of websites that would be appropriate for your business. However, there are a host of other features as well that comes with Cloud VPS hosting. Some of the features of Liquid Web worth mentioning are as follows –

  1. CloudFlare CDN: This is a remarkable feature of Liquid Web which provides its users with the ability to fully manage the most popular CDNs in the world and that too without incurring any additional cost. This will help to speed up the performance of your site and further boost the security levels. Liquid Web’s professionally trained technicians will take all necessary steps to set up and manage the CloudFlare while the users sit back and enjoy its benefits.
  2. DDoS attack-protection: Every single server that is under the assistance of Liquid Web is provided with the free basic protection from volumetric DDoS attacks. The best part is that it always remains on and ready to maintain the safety and security of the servers. Comprehensive protection is also offered for more sophisticated and larger attacks. Therefore, users need not worry when it comes to the security of their server.
  3. Built-in Backups: Every server user can benefit from the use of local site backup facility offered by Liquid Web. For an additional layer of backup protection, Cloud backups can be included which provides full-server and automatic snapshots of the particular server. This ensures unparalleled protection of data and recovery for all the servers enabling the built-in backup facility.
  4. Enhanced Security: Security is the utmost priority of Liquid Web which is the reason why every server is included with ServerSecure. In this tech-savvy environment, almost all servers are susceptible to external attacks. However, with the help of ServerSecure each and every server will get protection from an advanced and mighty security suite. This will ensure that all confidential and sensitive information transmitted through the server remains secure and blocked from unwanted access.
  5. Internal DashBoard: Every server user will be provided with an internal dashboard to enable him to have more control and data on the server. Users will be able to see the present configuration along with the use of storage space, memory, and bandwidth. Even if you exceed the bandwidth quota, the connection will not be cut off. You just need to pay for the additional bandwidth that you use or you can also opt to upgrade to a higher plan of Liquid Web directly from the account.
  6. Server Control Panel: Depending on the level of management chosen, you can choose the server control panel. You will be provided with all the necessary tools essential for the efficient management of your server. You will have access to the control panel to manage each and every section of your site, DNS, email, databases and much more.
  7. Images and Backups: Server users are provided with a full server image tool that can be used for creating new servers from existing ones. You will also have the option to take a snapshot of your server at any time that you would want to, commonly referred to as a point-in-time snapshot. In addition to that facility, you will also get the option to use images as restore points in substitution for proper backups.

Liquid Web Cloud VPS

Is Liquid Web’s Cloud VPS a good choice?

After knowing everything about Cloud VPS and its features and benefits you might be torn between two options. i.e., whether you should hire dedicated VPS or Cloud VPS. Well, that entirely depends on the purpose for which you are hiring such facility. However, in most areas Cloud VPS overpowers dedicated VPS hosting, be it features, benefits, or pricing.

While most hosts compete based on the prices charged for their shared hosting plans, this is not so with Liquid Web as they do not feature any shared hosting plan. The only thing to consider while thinking of hiring Liquid Web is by considering their outstanding performance and excellent support. This is because; they don’t try to be the cheapest but the best in the market. This is something that would ensure consistent performance through a longer time period. So, you can always think of giving Liquid Web a try, if you are thinking of subscribing to Cloud VPS plans.

List of the top 25 Cloud VPS hosts

In the past couple of years, there has been a significant increase in the use of cloud VPS servers in the market. This is because users are able to experience the flexibility of dedicated server at just a fraction of the cost. Moreover, the cloud VPS is a much better option than the conventional VPS server. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire a service provider that provides Cloud VPS hosting. Below is the list of the top 25 Cloud VPS hosts that have been able to meet the requirements of potential customers for the year 2019. The list is as follows –

  • LiquidWeb
  • Linode
  • FutureHosting
  • Digital Ocean
  • A2Hosting
  • GoogleCloud
  • KnownHost
  • Vultr
  • Hostgator
  • DreamHost
  • GoDaddy
  • InMotion Hosting
  • InterServer
  • BlueHost
  • SiteGround
  • TMDHosting
  • Hostwinds
  • MediaTemple
  • iPage
  • JustHost
  • FatCow
  • AWS
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Host1plus
  • 1&1