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Best Liquid Web Cloud Hosting Review in 2019

Liquid Web Cloud Hosting
Liquid Web Cloud Hosting

Best Liquid Web Cloud Hosting Review in 2019

The use of the internet has increased tremendously over the past couple of decades. The progress in technology and its prudent application has taken the concept of advertising and marketing to a whole new level. Every day more and more people are trying to make a space for themselves in the online market. But with such an increase there has also been a significant increase in the risk of leaking confidential and sensitive information in the hands of the third party. To combat such mishap, professionals have come up with reliable solutions like cloud hosting which has brought a whole new change to the face of internet marketing.

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What is Cloud Hosting?

While most web hosting users are aware of the concept of cloud hosting some are yet to get introduced to such a concept. Cloud Hosting is a kind of web hosting which makes use of multiple servers to balance the load on a website and optimize the uptime. The function operates on the concept that instead of depending on a single server, a website uses a cluster of them operating from a centralized pool. In simple terms, it can be imagined as a group of computers that are interconnected to each other. It is not like the traditional concept of web hosting where only a single server was used for running a website.

While in case of shared hosting a single server is used to run multiple websites, cloud hosting follows a distributed approach where a single website is hosted across several servers. So, there is no possibility of a website going down due to excess load on a single server or because of downtime. This kind of hosting option is generally suitable for search engines and social networking sites where the excessive traffic is distributed among multiple servers.

Liquid Web Cloud Hosting

Who are the eligible users of cloud hosting?

Almost all web hosting solutions are free to be used by any user depending on their need-specific projects and business goals. However, there are certain specific situations when these web hosting options match well with the scenario. The same applied to cloud hosting as well. If a business is solely dependent on online operations such as an e-commerce site, then cloud hosting should be a necessity. For this reason, it is frequently used by e-commerce websites, projects that involve high traffic, corporate websites and lead generating sites.

In addition to that, Cloud hosting is also known to provide additional power for those in need. This facility makes it a preferred choice for news agencies and publishing firms who have a planned course of action where there is an increasing chance of generating huge traffic in a relatively short time period. Overall, this hosting solution has made a marked impact in the minds of the new generation and is giving tough competition to shared hosting solutions and virtual servers.

Liquid Web Cloud Hosting

Managed Hosting Solution of Liquid Web

Liquid Web has designed their web hosting portfolio after proper research and keeping in mind the requirement of a different class of customers. Potential users can choose from the range of hosting products depending on their specific project needs. Their hosting solutions are reliable and flexible enough to take up any hosting plans whenever and wherever required. The web hosting solutions offered by Liquid Web are as follows –

  1. Cloud Dedicated Servers

This feature provides the perfect combination of the resources and power of traditional dedicated servers with the contemporary flexible cloud platform. It provides complete transparency and scalability that the modern applications require. Compatible with both Linux and Windows based operating systems; this hosting facility is suitable for those who require customized cloud-based features with bare-metal configuration.

The features that can be taken advantage of by subscribing to this package includes –

  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Root Access
  • Gigabit Uplink
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • ServerSecure Advanced Security
  • Standard DDoS protection
  • cPanel or WHM and Plesk Onyx
  • 100% Uptime SLAs

Cloud Dedicated Servers offers a range of packages to their customers starting with the Single Processor Cloud Dedicated Server priced at $ 189 per month and ending with the Dual Processor Cloud Dedicated Server priced at $ 379 per month. Users can also opt for their customized packages based on their business-specific needs which will be charged depending on the number and type of features opted for.

  1. Cloud VPS Hosting

All VPS Hosting services are not the same. The Cloud VPS Hosting facility offered by Liquid Web provides its users with the power of a dedicated server combined with the flexibility of cloud hosting. This hosting solution is suitable for users looking to benefit from the affordable feature of VPS hosting while having the control of the dedicated server.

Every VPS is known to contain the following features –

  • Unlimited Sites;
  • CloudFlare CDN;
  • Root Access;
  • DDoS Attack Protection;
  • Easy Scalability;
  • Local Backups;
  • Integrated Firewall;
  • Built-in Backups;
  • cPanel or WHM and Plesk Onyx; and more.

The Cloud VPS packages start with 2 GB RAM priced at $ 59 per month, 4 GB RAM, 8 GB RAM and range up to 16 GB RAM which is priced at $189 per month. Users can opt for the package for their choice depending on their hosting requirement. In case there is any need for a custom VPS solution users can also have that and pay an amount based on the features opted for.

Liquid Web Cloud Hosting

  1. Private Cloud

This facility offers the benefits of the conventional public cloud but with performance, security and power on dedicated hardware of an isolated infrastructure. Some of the notable features that come with Private Cloud includes –

  • Firewall, dedicated vCenter and load balancer for the security of your data.
  • Fully managed to host needs including hardware and cloud platform.
  • Scheduled backup of snapshots.
  • Customer support within 59 seconds of raising an issue.
  • Server nodes combined with ultra-fast NetApp SAN storage for improved performance.
  • Standard free DDoS protection.
  • Fully customizable and scalable.

Every individual package has been configured with resources for a specific number of typical VMs. It starts with up to 5 VMs which costs $ 2,499 per month only ranging up to 30 VMs priced at $ 10,999 per month. For larger needs, their customer support team can be contacted and inquired for more details.

  1. Cloud Sites

This web hosting solution is most suitable for those who would want to host a website of their own but would hate to manage the operations associated with hosting. Users need not have knowledge of cPanel or server management in order to showcase their creativity by launching a website.

The Cloud Sites facility of liquid Web does not require any complicated process for set up or management of the operations of using any tool like WordPress or creating customized websites. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. In addition to that, it also creates separate accounts for each client and provides preview links to share with the clients so that they can have an overview of the entire contents of the website. The uptime guarantee is something which will attract the attention of all potential users. So, whether there is a single visitor or thousands of them, there will be no possibility of any server downtime.

It provides unlimited sites at just a nominal rate of $ 51 per month for the first three months and then $ 150 per month thereafter.  Not only this, but it also allows unlimited site visitors with up to 50 GB SSD storage and 1 TB bandwidth. Users can also opt for additional bandwidth and storage for which additional rates are applicable.

Liquid Web Cloud Hosting

Benefits of Liquid Web

One hosting solution does not fit all website owners and businessmen. Similarly, one benefit would not be enough for all users. While most web hosts feature some common benefits applicable to all, there are few who are able to provide additional assistance to the clients through their service. Apart from the common benefits that Liquid Web provides, some of the ones worth mentioning are as follows –

  • Backups and Recovery: The Cloud servers of Liquid Web are combined with the flexibility of cloud hosting with the power of dedicated server hosting. Their backup and recovery feature easy recovery of the entire system with controlled scheduling options and multiple layers of protection. For improved backup needs, their Guardian Backup Solution can also be opted for. Therefore, once you host your data with Liquid Web’s cloud hosting you need not worry about data loss or leakage.
  • Flexible: Time is limited and businessmen need to allocate their time among several areas of their business prudently. The Cloud platform of Liquid Web allows such flexibility and allows all information to be hosted on a local server. Moreover, if there is any need to get any additional bandwidth that demand can be met instantly without having to update the entire IT infrastructure. This will ensure the efficient running of the entire business organization which improving its effectiveness.
  • Quality maintenance: The primary aim of every business should be to maintain the quality of their products or services and ensure consistent reporting. This has been made easier with the introduction of the cloud-based system which stores and maintains all documents under a single roof. With the information being shared from a centralized database, consistency in data can be ensured avoiding human error and revising or updating records with precision.
  • Cost-effective: It might be apparent looking at the overall scenario that taking up cloud hosting can be a costly affair but it will fetch huge returns in the long run. Once there is a cloud platform from where the data can be accessed with ease it will result in substantial savings in time and money. Moreover, Liquid Web allows its users to pay only for the features opted for and not for the entire package as a whole.
  • Security: Security of data and sensitive information is something that cannot be compromised for any benefit, especially when it comes to using the internet for doing business or for any personal needs. This is a major hindrance with most service providers as despite offer a myriad of benefits to their customers, they are unable to provide the required level of security for their hosting solutions. Liquid Web’s full-time task is to monitor the safety and security of the data hosted on their cloud platform and undertakes adequate measures to maintain the reliability of the customers intact.
  • Outstanding customer support: The customer support team of Liquid Web, also referred to as The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting, are responsive and helpful in their own ways providing assistance for server monitoring, performance optimization, and risk mitigation. They have a team of more than 250 certified technicians to help with any of their hosting needs 24/7/365 days. Users can contact them through
  • Knowledgebase
  • Ticketing System
  • Live Chat facility
  • Telephone
  • Support Tools

Your queries will be addressed within 59 seconds of raising the same. If the response time exceeds half an hour 10 times of the amount will be credited to the account of the aggrieved.

Liquid Web Cloud Hosting

Top 30 cloud hosting companies

Due to the cost-effective solution that cloud hosting provides in comparison to other hosting options has earned it huge popularity in a relatively small time period. This has led to the rise of several potential service providers in the market with each one trying to overpower the other by providing better and cheaper solutions. However, only a few have been able to satisfy the requirements of their valued customers. Here is a list of the top 30 cloud hosts in the market that has been recognized as reliable and secure in comparison to others. The list includes –

  • Liquid Web
  • DigitalOcean
  • A2Hosting
  • BlueHost
  • FastComet
  • Azure
  • Vultr
  • GoDaddy
  • InMotion Hosting
  • InterServer
  • CloudOYE
  • OpenHosting
  • Dialwebhosting
  • Bytemark Cloud
  • 1&1 Ionos
  • GreenGeeks
  • Host1Plus
  • WP Engine
  • GiagaPros
  • FastComet
  • RoseHosting
  • Hostripples
  • iPage
  • FatCow
  • yulPa
  • SiteGround
  • HostGator
  • JustHost
  • Cloudways
  • DreamHost
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