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Best JustHost Cloud VPS Review

JustHost Cloud VPS
JustHost Cloud VPS

Nowadays, if you have a business and you want to be known to your customers and potential customers, you need to have an online presence. Whether you own a small family restaurant or a large-scale e-commerce enterprise, one of the most important ways to get customers is by using the Internet through a website. Conceptualizing, planning, and making a good business website is only half the job.

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You also need to have a hosting company that will not only back your storage but will also provide you with the security and volume that you really require. This is where you need JustHost Cloud VPS. But what is JustHost Cloud VPS and how will it help me with my online presence? What sets it apart from the wealth of assortment of web hosting services in the market today?

In this review, we will give you a summary of the important things that you should learn about this platform. Check out below the features, benefits, pricing, and pros and cons of JustHost Cloud VPS.

What is JustHost Cloud VPS?

While it is not the most high-profile web hosting service in the world, JustHost offers easy to navigate user interface, accessible and loaded shared hosting pricing plans. While it cannot compete for toe to toe with the offers of giant hosting companies like Hostwinds, DreamHost, and Hostgator, it beats these rival companies in one aspect—price.

It offers hosting solutions such as dedicated, shared, VPS, and reseller for all types and sizes of the website. The company concentrates on outstanding customer service to its clients and boasts on providing affordable pricing. The company gives emphasis on its features that accommodate to owners with WordPress website.

What is impressive about the services that the company is offering is its unlimited bandwidth, transfers, and email accounts as well as its expansive storage space. Every plan offers a free domain. This is a freebie that everyone will really enjoy. In addition to this, it also offers $50 Facebook credits, $100 Google Adwords, and $50 Bing credits for free.

It also comes with a free website builder. This is very useful especially to newbies so they can set up and run their own sites in a fast and easy way. Users also receive free single-click installs as well as scripts that further speed up the setup process. Aside from those, if you sign up for the service, you will be able to access the whole script library.

You will also be entitled to free download and installation of popular apps like phpBB to more complicated platforms like the osCommerce. It also has a 24/7 customer service that is available to chat, phone, and email support. The company offers one of the most inexpensive services and offers money-back guarantee anytime.

Chris Phillip founded the web hosting company JustHost. He is the same person who made Dot 5 Hosting, a web development company JustDevelop It, and the cloud storage company called Just Cloud. In 2009 or 2010, JustHost was one of the hosting companies that have reached unprecedented growth. In fact, it was the first company to introduce Anytime Money-back Guarantee. It is also the first and the only web host that offers $50 free MySpace ad credits.

The company was later sold in 2010 or 2011 to a much bigger company named Endurance International Group or EIG for an undisclosed amount. Today, the company offers a different set of hosting deals. EIG is one of the giants in the web hosting industry today. It was originally founded in 1996 as a web hosting company and it is situated in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Currently, EIG took over various hosting brands. This includes Bluehost, Hostgator, and iPage to name a few. EIG is listed on NASDAQ and has a value of approximately $1.3 billion.


JustHost Cloud VPS

Features of JustHost Cloud VPS

Web Hosting

The performance servers of JustHost Cloud VPS utilize a dual quad processor that offers unlimited hosting space for small businesses and individuals alike. These performance servers offer a fast response to your website, which translates to positive customer viewing experience. In addition, clients receive unlimited email accounts and unlimited space for transferring data.

When it comes to email, the web hosting service provides three individual web-based solutions. If you are based in the US, JustHost allows you to register your domain names. It also provides support if you want an international domain name. Clients, get unlimited parked domains and subdomains as well as an add-on.

If in case you already have a website but it is hosted by another web hosting company, it offers unlimited domain transfers aside from the unlimited gigabytes of the website’s data transfer. You can also forward email accounts so that you will not have to begin all over again or spend a hefty amount of money to transition your website.

To assist clients to build their own websites, JustHost provides a creation tool for websites that allows the user to easily drag and drop. It also has designed templates that anyone can readily use. Clients can also use the web hosting service’s script library. This includes WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, and OSCommerce together with scripts of social networking sites.

In terms of databases and Computer-Generated Imagery, it offers support for Shockwave, Javascript, and Flash to name a few. All of these offers simply mean that JustHost offers you the flexibility to create your site at an unbelievably affordable price.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is hosting a website on a particular server shared by other sites. The resources used by the server are shared by all of the accounts that are being hosted on the server. This includes disk space, CPU time, and memory.

Reseller Hosting

You can select from dedicated, shared, or VPS servers. You can add the additional services that you require to create the ideal reseller package. You can also enjoy access to the WHMCS and the WHM to achieve complete account management or for promotions of your domain name. You can also avail the free e-commerce storefronts that are pre-made. Most importantly, you can easily integrate the HTTP API of JustHost.

JustHost Cloud VPS

VPS Hosting

Founded on cloud technology and by using technologies such as OpenStack, JustHost provides Virtual Private Server hosting to its clients. Utilizing KVM or keyboard, video, and mouse hypervisor virtualization, JustHost ensures that its customers get any resource that they have paid for. This means that you are given the chance to update, access, and manage your website whenever and wherever you want.

The VPS hosting also offers provisioning that is near-instant, this way the clients are up and running within several seconds. In addition, you can also control several VPS accounts through their various cPanels using one login. Clients receive full root access to the server’s CentOS.

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting solution is intended for large websites with loads of everyday traffic. The offers are loaded with features such as Automatic RAID1 protection, setup, cPanel access, root access, server management, dedicated support, and improved caching capabilities.

Colocation Services

This hosting solution allows you to own and control a private server contained by the hosting provider. You can maintain every aspect of the owned server excluding infrastructures like internet access, electricity, and storage facilities.

Storage Limits

Pre-determined and clear storage restrictions are linked with the hosting plan. The storage limits can be widened if the site exceeded its usage.

Bandwidth Allowance

The hosting provider summarizes the amount of data that you and the visitors of your website can upload and download for a particular time.

Email Hosting

Handle several email accounts linked to the web domains via a built-in third-party email interface. Back up is offered for IMAP and POP3 email systems.

Integration of Control Panel

Incorporate the hosting plan with proprietary web hosting control panels or open-source to utilize GUI or graphical user interface. This assists access to extra management features of web hosting.



Security and E-Commerce

Integrating a store on your website is very easy. You just have to visit the Mojo marketplace and select from various e-commerce alternatives. This includes Magento, ShopSite, and Opencart. Through these one-click install alternatives, it is very easy to integrate products, banner, and logo among others.

You can also easily set up various social media connections in your site. In addition, tracking your sales on the dashboard is also very easy. You can check the Seller’s Guide for more useful details. JustHost also provides a wealth of security features that are available in the Add-Ons tab of the control panel.

Money-Back Guarantee

This web hosting solution offers a money-back guarantee. This enables you to cancel the web hosting service anytime you want. You can also receive a refund for your unused remaining time. If you are just curious about the product, you can just try it and cancel it if you find it not suitable to your needs.

A One-Trick Horse

If you are only interested in shared web hosting, you can consider JustHost as a great alternative. However, you should be aware that you are only allowed five a=email accounts linked with the Basic plan of the service. JustHost still offers a lower pricing plan for shared hosting.

Excellent Customer Support

One thing that many customers like about JustHost is its excellent customer support service. The company is offering a customer tailor-fitted support through 24/7 email, and phone access. Aside from this, it offers a wide-ranging ticket system. This allows them to break down your inquiries into various categories. This process ensures that your complaints or queries go to the proper department that can resolve it.

Needed Improvements

Guaranteed Backups

Users feel comfortable handing over their websites to the company that offers guaranteed backups. Manually backing up your own site is a major turn off to customers and only a handful of web hosting providers do that. While there is a premium backup service offered, the company can further gain more clients if this free feature is available.

Migrating up to Five Websites

This is a very attractive and useful feature. The major drawback is that it is not for free and will cost you a hefty amount of cash if you avail this. This is very discouraging to many customers that are planning to change their hosting service providers. Free website migration is really basic and a standard offer by most competing hosting service providers.

Uptime Needs Improvement

JustHost does not provide an online uptime guarantee. Customers need to be assured that their websites will not go down without any compensation. The company claims that it has a team and a set of equipment that oversee this all the time. However, some customers will not just accept this.

JustHost Cloud VPS

Pricing Plans

There are three pricing plans that you can avail if you want to use JustHost for your web hosting solutions. These are shared hosting and VPS hosting services.

Shared Web Hosting Pricing Plans

  • Basic Pricing Bundle

This plan costs $3.95 per month with 50 GB of free storage, unmetered bandwidth, and one domain. It also includes five emails.

  • Plus Pricing Bundle

This plan costs $6.95 per month and comes with 150 GB of free storage, unmetered bandwidth, and one domain. This pricing bundle also comes with 100 free emails.

  • Prime Pricing Bundle

This plan costs $6.95 per month and comes with unmetered storage, unmetered bandwidth, and one domain. The premium pricing bundle comes with unlimited emails.

 VPS Hosting Pricing Plans

  • Standard Pricing Bundle

This plan costs $29.99 per month but you only get to pay $14.99 for your first month. This includes a dual-core server, 2GB of random-access memory, 30 GB storage, 1 TB per month and one IP.

  • Enhanced Pricing Bundle

This plan costs $59.99 per month but you only pay $29.99 on your first month. It comes with a dual-core server, 4GB of RAM, and 60 GB storage. This plan also includes 2 TB per month and two IPs.

  • Premium Pricing Bundle

This plan costs $89.99 per month but you only pay $44.99 on your first month. It comes with a dual-core server, 60GB storage, and 4GB of RAM. You also get 2TB per month and two IPs.


This plan costs $119.99 per month but you only pay $59.99 on your first month. It comes with a quad-core server and 240 GB storage. You also get 8GB RAM, 4TB per month, and two IPs.

All the pricing bundles in the VPS hosting come with a free domain name, root access, and cPanel.

JustHost Cloud VPS

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