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Best IPage Virtual Private Server Review in 2019

IPage Virtual Private Server
IPage Virtual Private Server

Best IPage Virtual Private Server Review in 2019

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are virtual software that is sold as an internet hosting service. Its program streams on an operating system which allows its users to have the benefit in linking up to the superuser-level that can operate and manage in just about any type of software.  From well-renowned brands and huge venture, VPS runs throughout the user’s shop guaranteeing that the store is well connected and sustained.  Because of VPS services are fully functioning with updated software and new installations that make it easier for business owners to manage their enterprise effectively and efficiently while at the same time catering to the individuals’ needs of their customer.

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At this day and age of modern technology and need for high-speed connection, both local and international entrepreneurs and businessmen are opting to use VPS in order to connect with more people and potential clients through a convenient system that can assist them in their accounts.  An awesome VPS system offers its clients with domain hosting capabilities, VPS Hosting, Host Web Services, and Cloud hosting. IPage is an example of VPS software that offers domain hosting.  Throughout this article, we have written down reviews regarding IPage like about the type of services it offers that concerns about VPS and domain hosting. We also incorporated the perks of having an IPage as a platform for your business’s website. At the very end of this review, you can read a list of other VPS software and companies that offer similar functions and services.

What is IPage?

The company of IPage does not only concentrate on expanding on web hosting but also focus on people: both their employees and their customers alike. They believe that the human aspect in their company is what differentiates IPage from other technology-driven ventures. IPage aspires to provide its customers with the best possible experience. They guarantee and assure its users that upon signing up in their VPS plan, they will guide their users in designing and creating their website, through generating their user’s email address up to creating and publishing on their site. IPage will support their users in every  You can count on our help every possible way.

IPage is proud of its decade-old great track record, in which they provide a flexible and easy way of solving hosting problems in personal, social, non-profit and business domains. IPage concerns itself in prioritizing these three aspects: emails, online security, and email because the company understands how much these three are vital in maintaining a website. Aside from being one of the premier VPS hosting service companies in the market with over a million customers and users subscribing to their services, IPage prides itself in being eco-friendly through its use of reusable energy powered by the wind and fueling their data centers, offices, and servers. Through IPage’s efforts in trying to reduce its company’s carbon footprint by as high as 200%, the company is eligible for the Green Certificate.

IPage’s competitive nature has caused it to develop a user-friendly tool and drag-and-drop builder which allows its users to generate beautiful websites in a short amount of time. They also provide thousands of personalized website templates and free marketing options that users can utilize in order to optimize their presence online. All iPage users that have a yearly subscription upon registration get a free domain name, create their own online stores, have blogs, and get photo galleries that have nearly unlimited options in suitable applications. IPage operates on Google’s Webmaster functioning tools in order to operate and monitor occurrences through its search results. It also provides two hundred dollars ($200) worth of ad credits from both Bing and Google.

IPage Virtual Private Server

IPage Features

Web Hosting

IPage offers a one-size-fits-all website hosting plan that can accommodate its users’ online needs and wants at a reasonable price. Its Web Hosting core features are scalable bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domain names allowed, unlimited MySQL databases,  Free SSL Certificate, and Free Domain for one year.  IPage’s building and designing tools consist of six pages of IPage Site Builder, mobile-optimized site builder, WordPress 1-click installer, hundreds of themes and templates, Easy-to-Use setup options, Management Content Systems like Joomla! And WordPress, provides Blogging applications like b2evolution and PixelPost, Photo Galleries like ZenPhoto and Gallery2, and Forums like SMF and Gbook.

Users have the opportunity to sell online through Free Online Store, PayPal integration, Easy 1-click installer, Shopping cart applications like AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, and TomatoCart.  Through IPage’s world-class technology, its users have the luxury over its vDeck CPanel, all around the clock network monitoring system, superior security suite, visitor and site traffic statistical reports, performance servers that are programmed to be load balancing that contains UPS generators and power backup, and provide BGP4 protocol routers with two data focal locations.

VPS Hosting

IPage offers its users with good for one-year free domain registration, pre-installed scripts, and a managed and accommodating support system. Its users can customize with ease through its root access in which they can generate content and install software and applications that can best suit their needs. The VPS Hosting of IPage allows its users to have access to semi-private resources through its fast-accessing SAN storage which provides a secure memory allocation that can ensure maximum reliability and server speed.  Other than that, IPage’s cloud-based flexibility offers a simultaneous and seamless way for its users to condition an increase of traffic and growth in audience population through the scalability of the user’s website domain.

Dedicated Hosting

iPage’s dedicated hosting features allow its users to manage support which can assist the user if ever he or she will need support. The system is running on pre-installed scripts such as PHP5 and Python.  Users have total control in customizing the software with no restrictions through its very user-friendly control panel (CPanel) for maximum control and accessibility for over the hosting environment. User will be glad to know that IPage provides resources like speed, uptime, and maximum security through its mirrored storage which at the same time keeping it private as no two users will be sharing the same resources.  The program governs an assurance to its users that the website’s traffic and audience progressively grows through its flexible cloud-based program.

WordPress Hosting

IPage provides its user with a search engine that allows its user’s clients to easily find your website. Through IPage’s WordPress hosting, both beginner and intermediate webmasters can create custom-made domains which are free for one year upon registration of the site. The advanced features of IPage provide security and engagement applications. IPage has optimized WordPress in ways that its users can pre-install plugins, customize WordPress CPanel, and personalized themes.  The WordPress platform of IPage was created and designed to increase the speed at 2.5 times its original capacity. Not only that but it utilizes a customized firewall through SiteLock which provides superior security for the website.  iPage’s support team is ready to accommodate its users through their trained experts who can provide help and impart valuable information with much ease and efficiency.

IPage Virtual Private Server

Benefits of IPage


They provide one of the best cost values when it comes to VPS industry through its offer of unlimited email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, free domain name registration, and disk space.  They also offer a money-back guarantee within thirty days if it doesn’t pass the user’s expectations.


For over twenty years, individuals from all walks of life from website creators to business owners have trusted their domains under the care of IPage. Through their data centers which monitor and maintains their user’s websites twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, its users can sleep soundly knowing their websites are fully functioning even when they’re not monitoring.

IPage Virtual Private Server


User-Friendly Application

Through their own vDeck cPanel, their users can personally drag-and-drop items into their website making it easier to create and design a website that is both secured and e-commerce ready for the internet. Moreover, IPage’s experts are readily available to help and support its users with what problems that will come their way.

Strong Uptime

Despite having one of the cheapest VPS services in the market, IPage provides its customers with the highest and strongest Uptime provided by any VPS company. IPage’s average uptime is around 99.98% which is exceedingly higher compared to other VPS and website hosting services. Investing in this company not only saves them in cash but also increases productivity for the user making it a great deal.

Green Certificate Nominee

Despite being a technological powerhouse when it comes to VPS web hosting, IPage prides itself in being a progressive company by subscribing into a program that is run on reusable wind energy. All of its website servers and data centers are powered by wind energy which reduces the company’s carbon footprint. IPage is a certified green site and has reduced their energy consumption by as high as 200%! The decision of IPage to utilize reusable energy is the same as if they planted around ninety-nine (99) hectares of trees or took away two hundred forty-four vehicles of the streets.

IPage Virtual Private Server

Technical Details

IPage runs on both Windows and Linux. This program offers Unlimited Bandwith, Unlimited Diskspace, Free Domain, Unlimited Sites, and WordPress Hosting. IPage’s program runs on Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby on rails as its languages and scripting. IPage’s server location is found in the United States and its databases run on PHPMyAdmin and MySQL.

IPage uses cPanel but compared to other VPS services, its VDeck cPanel is very user-friendly which both intermediate and starting webmasters can utilize. IPage’s VDeck cPanel has a wide variety of functionalities and tools that aren’t provided by other VPS services. Some of the basic functionalities offered by IPage include but not limited to Website Management, Email Management, eCommerce Services, Marketing Services, Account Management, Always New Services, and 1-Click Install.

IPage also offers its users with easy install programs such as b2evolution, Drupal, and SSL.

IPage Virtual Private Server

Technical Support

IPage offers technical support through its website where its users can contact them through their live chat support where users can contact them 24/7. Users of IPage can also go through the Help section of the website where they can search and have access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and varied topics about the program like Advanced Hosting, CGI and Scripting, Partnership Programs, Database, and et cetera. Users can contact through the IPage telephone number: 1-877-472-4399. IPage also provides tickets to their users who want to contact them. IPage’s users can contact them through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

IPage Pricing and Plan

The price of Virtual Private Server Hosting Plans of IPage comes in three package plan deals: Basic Plan, Business Plan, and Optimum Plan.  All these plans offer one domain and one IP address.

  • The Basic Plan costs around nineteen dollars and ninety-nine cents ($19.99) within the package is a 40GB of storage, 1TB of Bandwidth, 1 domain, 1 IP address, and 1GB RAM.
  • TheBusiness Plan costs around forty-seven dollars and ninety-nine cents ($47.99) within the package is a 90GB of storage, 3TB of Bandwidth, 1 domain, 1 IP address, and 4GB RAM.
  • The Optimum Plan costs around seventy-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents ($79.99) within the package is a 120GB of storage, 4TB of Bandwidth, 1 domain, 1 IP address, and 8GB RAM.

Hopefully, with this review users can determine whether IPage is the VPS service they want to subscribe and utilize for their domains. Since we have reviewed the benefits of IPage as a Virtual Private Server, we also included in this review a list of Virtual Private Servers and companies that also provide web hosting, domains, and SEO services.

  1. InMotion Hosting
  2. GoDaddy Hosting
  3. Bluehost
  4. HostGator
  5. HostFav
  6. Dreamhost
  7. InterServer
  8. Namecheap
  9. 1&1
  10. DedicatedNOW
  11. Acenet
  12. Flywheel
  13. Hostiso
  14. ServerHub
  15. Hostinger
  16. Host1Plus
  17. YesUpHost
  18. HostDime
  19. HawkHost
  20. cPanel
  21. DigitalOcean
  22. Hostwinds
  23. IOZoom
  24. AWS Direct Connect
  25. UpCloud
  26. Netrepid
  27. Lunarpages Internet Solutions
  28. Amazon Lightsail
  29. AccuWeb Hosting
  30. Linode
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