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Best InterServer Colocation Hosting Review in 2019


What is Colocation?

There is a variety of hosting solutions from simple hosting to running your own web servers to a dedicated internet connection. Colocation is one such option. A colocation is a hosting option. It is generally utilized by smaller businesses who want the features of large-scale IT without the costs associated with them. Many large organizations maintain their own IT infrastructure to host their own web servers. These organizations employ a team of IT professionals who manage the IT infrastructure. However small companies and individuals do not maintain their own IT infrastructure.

For organizations today, colocation makes sense. Colocation providers offer you all the infrastructure and security of your data center. So as an organization you are released with the task of maintaining your own data center. With Colocation, companies enjoy the benefits of having their servers in the cloud. All of this while still having control on their system.

Colocation allows you to place your server machine in someone else’s rack and share their bandwidth as your own. Colocation costs you more than standard web hosting. However, you get a large amount of bandwidth. Hence you get value for money. For you the process is simple. You place your server in one of the data centers and you can access the server remotely knowing that if anything happens your data is secured with full disaster recovery.

Once you have set up for your machine all you need to do is take it physically to the Colocation service provider. The Colocation provider helps you to install it in their rack. Alternatively, you can also rent a server machine from the Colocation provider. The Colocation provider company provides you an IP, bandwidth, and power to your server. Once it is up and running, you can access the machine like you access a website.

The biggest advantages of colocation are the cost is lower than hosting your own server. You still have full control over your server just without the negatives of investing money into energy heating and office space. There’s a high amount of bandwidth available in the data center so if you need to use more it will be readily available ensuring your business is scalable when you need it most. The data centers are specifically designed so flexibility is a given. The server is constantly kept at the right temperature. It’s easy to upgrade if required and security is assured.

Advantages of Colocation Hosting


One of the biggest advantages of using Colocation hosting is the cost associated with the bandwidth. For example, a low-cost limited bandwidth DSL line costs you around USD 150 to 200. For a similar price range, a new server can be installed in the Colocation provider racks which provides you a higher bandwidth speed. Since you have a dedicated server in the Colocation provider rack, the redundancy in the network decreases. The net result of all these features is that your customers enjoy uninterrupted service.

Outrage Protection

Colocation hosting provides better outrage protection. Assume you have an ice-storm in your area for a long time and your office is without power. You can keep a backup generator but it won’t be able to keep all your servers running. As a result, your website will be down and customer service will be interrupted. If you are using Colocation hosting, you are already paying the Colocation provider for the backup generator. It is then the responsibility of the Colocation provider to ensure that your website is up and running even in extreme conditions. As a result, you can concentrate on doing productive work rather than on ensuring that your servers are running.

Easy Upgrade

With Colocation hosting, you do not have to worry about the conditions of the servers which are running your websites. The Colocation provider takes care of all these things. In case you feel that your website is running slow or not getting enough bandwidth you can ask the Colocation provider to provide the necessary resources to solve these issues.

The Colocation provider owns the IT infrastructure. This means that they do not have to rely on hosting provider to install any package on the server. They do it themselves.

Easy Moving

The Colocation provider can keep the server up and running even if they move. While the servers are moved, the Colocation provider pays for two lines for some time because they are the one who hosts their domain.

What is InterServer?

InterServer is one of the best web hosting service providers in the world. It has been in the web hosting game for a long time. The company was started in 1999 and has expanded to two New Jersey-based data centers. It was founded by two tech-savvy Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri. Fed up with the hosting solutions at that time, both of them created InterServer. Technical expertise and strong customer support was the basic founding of InterServer. The company is still in the process of expanding to new locations. Most of the founding people are still a part of the organization. These top management and directorial staffs have added to the reputation of the organization. Some of them even answer your phone and provide you hands-on support. Because of these staffs who are dedicated to the business, the reputation of the company is solidifying day by day.

InterServer is an impending web hosting company that offers three options. You got your share option which is super cheap and costs you five dollars along with guaranteed for life in terms of the price. It offers the VPS if you want a shared virtual private server. Or if you really want to go to the dedicated option you got the traffic, security, your own domain and so on. So whichever option works for you, InterServer can actually cater to your needs. If you want a cheap web hosting company that it’s not a part of the big boys over there that you know you can count it is InterServer. All the web hosting service providers guarantee 99% uptime but if you want somebody you can pick up the phone and not stumble upon a call center to resolve your issues, then you need to try out InterServer.You can reach out to them through chat, through tickets and so on if you need it.

What is InterServer Colocation Hosting?

InterServer Colocation Solutions are valid, truly scalable, redundant and resilient. Choosing InterServer colocation service from other hosting options makes maximum sense. The highlights of this particular colocation solution service from inter-server include the fact that you’ve got 24 by 7 center access. This is in the form of biometric access to your equipment 24 by 7. Then you also get rooftop rights in with a line of sight to the New York City metro. You also get-ups and generator back up with hundred percent power uptime guarantee. You get fast and friendly service whether by phone or email both 24 by 7.

There are different packages you can easily pick and choose the one which meets your requirement the best. Starting off with these single server option where you have 10 megabytes per second on 100 MB per port, five IPs at twenty-four dollars per IP. This works out to a monthly pricing of 125 dollars. Likewise, there is the option of a one-fourth open rack with 10 Mbps which costs you five hundred dollars a month. You also have the half-opened rack and the full closed cabinet option both of which works out to 750 and twelve hundred dollars per month respectively.

Across all of these, there’s just a three-day set of time and your contract goes on a month-to-month basis. Along with these, there are a number of optional extras which you can opt for. For instance, if you need additional power you can ask the support team to provide you the same with some extra cost. Likewise, if you want the OS or the operating system to be installed whether it’s Linux it will cost you fifty dollars. The system administrator will cost you 160 dollars a month. The cPanel will cost you around 20 dollars a month. That’s pretty much what all that inter-server has to offer. With all these features, InterServer colocation hosting is perhaps one of the best, especially within the US.


  • InterServer is an affordable colocation hosting platform
  • It provides free migrating service
  • It has excellent security measures
  • The platform is intuitive and easy to use
  • It provides value for money
  • It employs excellent infrastructure to ensure customer satisfaction.

Features of InterServer Colocation Hosting

Apart from the features mentioned above provided by all colocation hosting providers, InterServer provides the following additional features:

24 X 7 Access

As an organization who provides services to users, you want to ensure that they get uninterrupted services. A Colocation Hosting provider keeps your server up and running every time. This guarantees uninterrupted customer service. Most organizations who maintain their data center off-site are concerned about the availability of their data. By opting for InterServer Colocation Hosting they can be sure that they get access to their data everytime they need it.


Security is one the most important feature that InterServer Colocation Hosting provides. It employs the industry’s best practices to ensure that your data is safe and secure. It enables organizations to employ custom security features like firewall and antivirus. This avoids security vulnerabilities which often occurs in servers. InterServer provides biometric security features to ensure a secure connection to your server.

Managed Support

InterServer offers you managed support if you buy 4 or more slices. The support is available 24 by 7 through phone, live chat, and tickets. The team consists of a knowledgeable individual who resolves your issues. You can contact them to help you with issues related to security patches, failed services, control panel, and others. It is recommended that you use a control panel like cPanel, Plesk or other to use the support service to your full advantage.

Easy Provisioning

Using InterServer control panel you can easily deploy your online projects. You have the option to choose from multiple operating system flavors such as Debian, CentOs, Ubuntu, Linux, and Windows. In case you need more power you can easily expand or increase the number of slices. Additionally, you can select options like the control panel you want to be installed. A control panel which is very very easy to use. You only deploy the software that you need in a click.

Excellent Infrastructure

Being a reputed cloud hosting platform, InterServer employs high-quality infrastructure. This is done to ensure that customers enjoy uninterrupted services. The company has its data centers in New York. It uses an intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol. This protocol helps it to route your traffic to the closest server. This reduces latency and the website loading speed is increased.

Free Migrating Service

InterServer provides several useful features. One of the features that every user loves is the free migrating service. Just contact the support team and they will get back to you to help you migrate. The support team consists of knowledgeable persons which will help you seamlessly migrate your websites to InterServer hosting platform.

Pricing Details

InterServer Colocation Hosting provides an affordable pricing plan for their users. Have a look at the details of the plan and choose it if it suits you.

Single Server (1u) – USD 99 per month.

  • 10 Tb transfer on 1 GB port
  • 5 IPs
  • USD 25 per additional u

¼ Shared Rack – USD 400 per month.

  • 10 u
  • 10 Tb transfer on 1 GB port
  • 5 IPs
  • 5 amps 120v power

½ Shared Rack – USD 650 per month.

  • 20 u
  • 10 Tb transfer on 1 GB port
  • 5 IPs
  • 5 amps 120v power

Full Cabinet – USD 1500 per month.

  • 100 MB on 1 GB port
  • 5 IPs
  • 20 amps 120v power

Optional Extras

  • Additional Power – USD 45 per amp
  • OS Install – USD 50
  • System Administration – USD 160 per hour
  • cPanel – USD 25 per month
  • DirectAdmin – USD 12.5 per month

Technical Details

InterServer is completely cloud-based hosting solution. All you need to do is log in to their official website and sign up for a package. The package is available in various prices having different features. The application does not rely on any external hardware or software. All you need is a modern browser having an active internet connection.

  • Platform – Linux, Windows.
  • Scripting Languages – ASP, Django, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails.
  • Control Panel – Cpanel, WHM, Plesk.
  • Easy Installs – b2evolution, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Mambo, SSL, WordPress.
  • Server Location – USA.
  • Databases – PhpMyAdmin, MySQL.

Support Details

InterServer is known for its extensive support team. Being a reputed website hosting service provider, customer support is InterServer’s top priority. The support team consists of knowledgeable persons who address all your issues. The support is available 24 by 7. To get help please visit https://www.interserver.net/contact-information.html. The various support options are:

  • Email – Write to the support team at help@interserver.com regarding your query. The team expects you to explain your issues in a detailed manner in the email. The team takes up to 24 hours to respond to your query. In case you want, urgent help call the support team.
  • Phone – Want an immediate response to your query? Call the support team at 1206051440. A knowledgeable person from the support team will help you solve your issues.
  • Online Resources – There are various online resources available which help you solve your issues. These online videos and documents help you get an in-depth understanding of your issues. In case you are still facing issues, consider emailing or calling the support team.


InterServer Colocation Hosting is an affordable platform. In terms of features, in terms of pricing, in terms of overall the way the packages are designed makes sure that everything falls into place perfectly. The platform is user-friendly and does not require a sharp learning curve. Go for the InterServer Colocation Hosting platform and you won’t be disappointed.

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