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Best InMotion Hosting Shared Webhosting Review in 2019

InMotion Hosting Shared Webhosting
InMotion Hosting Shared Webhosting

Best InMotion Hosting Shared Webhosting Review in 2019

InMotion Hosting is one of the world’s largest independent web hosting companies with more than 300,000 domains and two data centers in Los Angeles and Virginia Beach to their name. They have been around since 2001 and have built quite a reputation for themselves as being the choice of “nerds” and the ones that businesses love to use.

The company also has the distinction of being one of the few large service providers that are not under the Endurance International umbrella. Some companies that are a part of this umbrella are HostGator, iPage, and BlueHost. InMotion Hosting provides web hosting services for both professional and personal websites, so you can trust them to have something that will meet your needs.

If that’s not enough to convince you, then you might want to know that InMotion Hosting has been a CNET certified company for the last 15 years. Not only that, but they also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Getting this nod of approval from the BBB means that the company operates with integrity and always puts their customers’ needs first.

InMotion Hosting boasts several features including WordPress, the virtual private server (VPS), shared, reseller, dedicated, and virtual hosting. On top of all this, it also has many different eCommerce tools making it a worthwhile investment.

Features of InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is right up there among the very best in the web hosting industry. They have earned their positive reputation by providing customers with top-notch service and for always putting their clients first. With that said, here are some of the features that help put them on top of their competition:

99.94 Percent Average Uptime  

One thing that many customers will like about InMotion is their stable uptime. You will get 99.94 percent uptime right off the bat with these guys. A higher uptime percentage means your website will be up and running consistently. This is very beneficial for webmasters who are running eCommerce sites as less downtime means better business for them and their customers.

InMotion’s uptime is so stable that it never goes lower than 99.68 percent in a 10-month period. You’d be hard pressed to find a hosting service that is as stable and consistent as InMotion. This is the definition of getting great value for your money.

Fast Server Speeds

Users are not the only ones who can benefit from having faster loading times. Server speed also gets factored into Google’s algorithms. This dictates how high your website will rank in search engine results pages. Yes, server speeds have an impact on SEO as well, and a faster loading website will usually be given more priority by Google.

Slow loading websites will have a negative effect on your bottom line, and half of your organic traffic will simply bounce to another site if yours doesn’t load within the first three seconds. To complement their high uptime percentage, InMotion followed this by giving their clients average loading speeds of 808ms. Basically, this means that they are 10% faster than other web hosting providers whose average is 890ms.

So yeah, these guys are pretty quick when compared to some of their competitors.

InMotion Hosting Shared Webhosting

Excellent Customer Support

Having reliable web hosting servers is not the only thing that’s helped put InMotion at the top. They claim to be one of the very best when it comes to customer service, which is quite a bold statement to make. One thing that the web hosting industry is notorious for is its historically unreliable and ineffective customer service. Some companies are guilty of turning even the simplest of issues into complicated fiascos.

Fortunately, this is not the case with InMotion Hosting because their customer service track record is top notch. You can contact their customer support agents through web chat, phone, and e-mail. The great thing is many customers have commended InMotion Hosting’s customer support staff for their swift response times to queries.

Their agents are super friendly and will be happy to assist any customers who contact them. Their swift responses, friendliness, and overall knowledge of their product are what makes InMotion Hosting’s customer service one of the absolute best in the business.

Secure Servers

The internet has grown tremendously over the last two decades. We have seen so many improvements being made to the online world. However, with all of this good comes a bit of bad as well in the form of cybercriminals. Hackers have also become more sophisticated as the internet has grown and many web servers have fallen prey to their attacks as a result.

InMotion is fully aware of this which is why they only operate with secure servers on the internet. To say that they take their security seriously would be an understatement. These guys literally keep an eye on their servers 24/7 to ensure that they are all up and running, and are kept safe from potential threats. They will cover your websites with DDoS protection and advanced firewalls such as ModSecurity along with custom firewall systems.

Great WordPress Features

Seeing as how WordPress happens to be one of the most widely used content management systems in the world, it is only fitting that InMotion provides WordPress users with some neat features as well. Their shared hosting service lets you have WordPress preinstalled by an expert within minutes. But if you choose not to have it preinstalled, then you can simply submit a request for website transfer absolutely free.

All of the WordPress sites hosted by InMotion operates on a CloudLinux Platform and comes complete with OptimumCache already enabled.

WP-CLI integration is included in all of InMotion’s WordPress sites. For those who might not be familiar with WP-CLI, it is a command line tool that is made specifically for WordPress installation. This lets you configure installations, update plugins, and a whole lot more without having to use your web browser.

Another great feature that InMotion’s WordPress hosting has is PHP 7. This tool allows WordPress sites to operate and perform up to 3 times faster compared to past versions of PHP.

InMotion Hosting Shared Webhosting

Benefits of InMotion Shared Webhosting

Here are some of the amazing benefits that you can enjoy from signing up with InMotion:

Free Site Migration

Let’s say you are unhappy with your current web host and would like to migrate your site from their server to that of InMotion’s. Site migration would normally cost you a significant fee, but this is not the case with InMotion. One of the biggest pros of signing up with these guys is that you can migrate your website from your previous server to Inmotion’s for no charge at all. They also guarantee that your website will not suffer from any performance issues while it’s being transferred over to their servers.

Free Website Backups

You might be wondering what could be so special about a web hosting service performing backups since this is a pretty common practice in the industry. Webhost providers usually perform website backups regularly, but you won’t often see them doing it for free.

Most other providers will charge you a fee for this service, but this is not the case with InMotion. Do note that there are some limitations that included in backing up your account. While account restoration is free, it is limited to once every 4 months. Any additional restores that you get will be charged a fee of $49 per transaction. Also, sites that are larger than 10GB will not be given automatic backup.


InMotion might be an old timer in its industry, but it sure hasn’t lagged behind the times. As a matter of fact, it still manages to stay above some of its competitors. What’s the reason for this you ask? Simple, they offer so many options that their clients have plenty of flexibility with their websites.

Hosting through InMotion means you will get great Google app integration. Their strong partnerships with numerous eCommerce services mean you’ll get plenty of eCommerce app integration and support as well.

InMotion Hosting Shared Webhosting

InMotion offers unique services for WordPress integration. This includes WordPress pre-installation as an available option when you sign up with InMotion.

Last, but not least they also offer up to $250 worth of free advertising. Now, who doesn’t love free stuff, especially when it can help your website gain more quality traffic? Here is the breakdown of the freebies:

  • $75 worth of Bing credits
  • $75 worth of Yahoo credits
  • $100 worth of Google Adwords credits

This is a fantastic offer and one that will make it hard for anyone to resist signing up with these guys.

A Sophisticated Website Builder

Every hosting plan comes included with a little something called BoldGrid, which happens to be the name of InMotion’s website builder. BoldGrid is as good as it gets because its easy drag and drop interface lets you build fantastic looking and responsive websites. What’s even better is that all of these sites are powered by WordPress.

Features such as free responsive themes and drag and drop design are what make BoldGrid so simple and intuitive. It also comes with other perks including site staging and built-in SEO, and unlike other site builders, BoldGrid is free and lets you maintain 100% control and ownership of your website.

InMotion Hosting Shared Webhosting

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you end up being unsatisfied with InMotion’s shared hosting services for whatever reason, then you can opt to get a full refund from them. The company offers a 90-day money back guarantee should customers feel unhappy with what they get. Now, this isn’t a sign of incompetence or a lack of confidence on InMotion’s part. As a matter of fact, it is the complete opposite of that.

They are so confident that they can give you the kind of shared hosting service that you are looking for that they’re even willing to give a full refund. Most other companies only have a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s worth noting that domains are not included in this offer. Once they have been registered they will be under your ownership and can be used with another host.

SSD Drive Storage

Instead of the outdated spinning hard drives, all of InMotion’s shared hosting servers now use SSD drives. The advantage of using SSD drives over the older models is that they let your website load much faster. Faster loading sites are a requirement in this day and age, and sites that load slowly or don’t even load properly at all will more than likely get abandoned by visitors.

Other hosting providers sometimes charge extra for SSD drives while some don’t even offer it at all. This is yet another reason to go with InMotion.

Free SSL Certificate

All of InMotion’s shared hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate included. This is a requirement for people who want to start their own eCommerce websites. Other hosts may typically charge their clients $30 to $60 for an SSL certificate. Just think of all the money you can save with InMotion.

InMotion Hosting Shared Webhosting

Pricing of InMotion Shared Hosting Plans

InMotion has three different and affordable shared hosting plans available, and they are: Launch, Power, and Pro. Here is the breakdown of their prices:

Launch Plan

This one is priced at $3.49 a month and comes with the following features:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Two Websites
  • Unlimited E-mail
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Marketing Suite
  • Security Suite

Power Plan

The ideal choice for small business owners. It comes in at a price of $4.49 per month. It also these features:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Six Websites
  • Free SSL
  • Marketing Tools
  • Security Suite
  • 2X Performance
  • Unlimited E-mail

Pro Plan

The standard choice for experienced webmasters and owners of a growing business. The Pro Plan is available at $13.99 a month:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited E-mail
  • Marketing Tools
  • Security Suites
  • Free SSL
  • Pro Level Support
  • 4X Performance

Like we mentioned earlier, all three of these plans come with $250 worth of free advertising credit. So with InMotion not only will you be getting quality hosting service, but you’ll also have plenty of freebies that can help you increase website traffic as well. Now that right there is what we call a great deal!

InMotion Hosting Shared Webhosting


InMotion Support Details

Even the most experienced webmasters need a little bit of help every now and then, so it is fortunate that InMotion has one of the best customer support teams in the industry. Anyone who has a basic understanding of eCommerce knows that these businesses run 24/7, so a good web host should have customer support available 24/7 as well. This helps them address any issues that may arise in a timelier manner.

The response team at InMotion is nothing short of phenomenal. Customers are always raving about how responsive, knowledgeable and friendly these guys are. They are always ready to lend a helping hand to their customers and help them solve any concerns that they might have. And the best part about this is that they are all 100% based in the U.S.A.

You can contact them through Skype, live chat support, e-mail, and phone. This can help you rest easy knowing that you have a group of knowledgeable professionals who are always willing to assist you in any way that they can. Like seriously, what more can you ask for?

Final Verdict

So should you consider signing up with InMotion for your shared hosting needs? The answer is a resounding “yes”. All of their plans from Launch to Pro are reasonably priced and come with a slew of features that are sure to fit your preferences. Your investment is always safe thanks to their 90-day money back guarantee, so you can always have the option of getting a full refund should something not meet your needs.

A reasonably priced web host should also have good service, and you’ll be glad to know that InMotion does indeed deliver. You get outstanding web hosting service from one of the top names in the industry and all for a bargain price. After all, performance should be the top concern you should have when looking for a reliable web hosting service, and InMotion can give just that and a bag of chips.

Whether it’s your first time using a hosting service or the umpteenth time, InMotion will prove to be an absolute value for your hard earned money. With 99 percent uptime, 24/7 customer service, and fast loading websites powered by WordPress, there are plenty of reasons for you to try out InMotion and have them host your websites.

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