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Best Hostinger Reseller Hosting Review in 2019

Hostinger Reseller Hosting
Hostinger Reseller Hosting

As of June 2018, the internet users of the world have reached 3.95 billion. From the publication of the first website in 1991 by the English physicist Tim Berners-Lee, the number of websites as of June 2018 has approximately reached 1.89 billion. The e-commerce industry is set to churn out$2.8 trillion in sales in 2018. With these data, one can surmise that the World Wide Web will continue to flourish. More people will be interested to make their own websites. And therefore, more web hosting will also be required.

Webhosting can be done by anyone as long as a server can be secured. However, not everyone will be capable to do so because of the need for a reliable internet connection. It will drive the reliability of the website and its fast loading capability.

Webhosting has become a good business option because of the increasing demand for its services. The continuous proliferation of web hosting service providers shows that it is a good business opportunity. Affiliate programs and reseller options are another way to enter the business of web hosting provision.

Hostinger Reseller Hosting

What Makes a Good Hosting Provider?

Hosting providers come in different types. They differ in the range of services they provide. Some web hosting is designed with platforms that can be easy to use for beginners even if they have not had any previous coding or web design experience. These types are best for blogging and some basic websites. Other platforms are ideal for more advanced types of websites. It is important to use a web host that caters to your specific needs. It wouldn’t help if you employ a popular hosting provider without a good support if you are in constant need of assistance in building your own website. It would be vital to know your specific needs so you can purchase a package that suits your needs best.

A good web hosting company offers a good range of features required in hosting and establishing a website. The features must be reliable to ensure that your website can run seamlessly 24/7. It is important to check every feature to see whether the hosting provider will be able to provide your requirements.

Hostinger Reseller Hosting

The following are the basic features that every web hosting company offers:

  • Unmetered bandwidth. Bandwidth usage must not be limited. The more bandwidth the hosting provider offers the better. The offer should also not cost you extra charges. It would be important to know upfront the bandwidth that the company provides for the package that you are considering. Some offer certain packages for every cost they charge.
  • Disk storage. Disk storage refers to the amount of storage capacity that the hosting provider offers for the uploading of your files and data.
  • Uptime. It measures the reliability of the host.
  • Drag and drop site builder. Hosting providers offer automated tools to help customers create websites using designed templates.
  • Data transfer. Good hosting provider must be able to seamlessly allow the transfer of data.
  • Unlimited domain hosting. Some hosting providers offer hosting of an unlimited number of domains.
  • Free domain name. Some providers offer network address without additional cost to their customers.
  • Subdomains. A portion of the main domain.
  • International domain name support. The capability to provide domain names in the local language of the users.
  • Web file manager. Software that can be employed by the users to organize the files of the organization.
  • Site statistics. A tool that analyses the success level of the website especially in terms of the marketing strategy employed by the company in the website.
  • FTP access. The standard network protocol that can be used in transferring files from the server to the clients.
  • Pre-installed apps. The software initially installed in the web host which can be utilized by the users depending on their need.
  • WAP enabled. An application that enables the functionality using a wireless device.
  • Password protected directories. A directory of information which is secured using a password.
  • Parked domains. Is a temporary webpage that is visible to your site visitors as they type the primary domain.
  • One click app install. A simple tool that the users can use in the installation of the website.
  • Email features.  A web hosting must provide the capability to offer email options. It includes the following important aspects:
    • Webmail interface
    • Integration with Google Apps
    • POP3 support
    • Forwarding
    • iMAP support
    • autoresponder
  • Archiving services. Archiving or backup services are important to ensure the reliability and the stability of the website. Archiving can come in the following forms:
    • Periodic daily/weekly/ monthly archiving
    • One-click restore
    • Direct download to desktop
    • Restoration of databases and tables
  • Languages. Programming languages and databases come in different kinds. A web hosting provider must be able to support a good range of the languages and databases. The following are the programming languages and databases:
    • ASP
    • JSP
    • ColdFusion
    • Perl
    • Ruby of Rails
    • PHP
    • Python
    • C++
    • Other languages and databases.
  • Security. The prevalence of website hacking puts the data and information of the users and its clients in danger. It is important to ensure the security of a website. Hackers do not only single out the moneymaking websites and other government organizations. Some hackers target small business websites and blogs for SEO spamming. Firewalls and other basic security features must be included in the features of a hosting provider. Security features can come in the following forms:
    • SSL Certification
    • Blacklisting
    • Malware scans
    • Anti-spam email monitoring
    • XSS
    • SQL
    • Website application scans
Hostinger Reseller Hosting

What is Reselling Hosting?

It is the next level of providing hosting services. A reseller hosting has the capability to resell hosting services to other customers, either hosting providers or direct website users. They pay for webhosting purchased in bulk and they allot portions of the hard drive space including the bandwidth to the hosting of the websites of the customers from the original hosting company.

Reseller Hosting has become one of the most convenient ways of starting a business. Reseller hosting is provided to individuals or companies looking to start a small web hosting company for a fraction of the cost of establishing a full-size web hosting service provider.

People going into the reseller business are not required to have coding capabilities. It is so convenient that even the first time users of websites can start one. It is also a very convenient option for developers,website designers, and internet consultants. They can purchase a reseller plan and have their clients purchase a portion of their reseller hosting. It becomes more convenient to both them and their clients because the hosting provider becomes the experts themselves.

A reseller hosting stands out through the cost, disk space, partner requirements, and the likes.

Hostinger Reseller Hosting

Hostinger Hosting Features

  • Uptime and reliability

The high reliability and fast loading time of Hostinger can be attributed to the availability of their servers in various locations. They have servers in the US, Europe, and in Asia which are connected to 1000 Mbps lines. With the said infrastructure, Hostinger page load time is above average compared to the page load time of other providers in the market. They are also capable of ensuring a 99.9 percent of uptime for the websites that they cater. Even with this commendable infrastructure, they still offer their services in a price range that is highly competitive in the market. Their affordable pricing for the quality of service they provide sets them above the competition.

  • Free website migration

Clients who already have existing websites but are looking for new homes for their sites can take advantage of the free website migration offered by Hostinger. Conveniently transfer your file sand ensure 99.9 percent up time in your new web hosting company, Hostinger.

  • 24/7 live support

The dedicated team support of Hostinger composed of experts is available 24/7. It does not matter where you are and what time zone you are available because the Hostinger support got you covered. The various locations of operation of Hostinger covering all time zones capacitate the company to be available 24/7.

  • Easy-to-use website builders at no additional cost

Hostinger provides its clients with free website builders regardless of the type of plan purchased from the company. It is very convenient for those who are still in the startup phase of website building. It does not necessitate prior experience of establishing a website.

A number of fun templates are also available which the clients can conveniently choose from. Not to mention that the templates are already SEO-ready. And to top that, the templates are also already optimized for mobile device users. 

The dashboard of Hostinger web hosting enables its users to customize their websites. Conveniently add videos, pictures, Youtube videos and more to attract more traffic to your website. Establish your website in just 5 minutes max.

  • Free domain and free SSL

Both the Business and Premium plans of Hostinger includes a free domain name. The free SSL certificates are provided to the Business plan owners. SSL certificate can be added by those who purchased lower plans for a minimal additional fee.

  • Convenient interface

Hostinger provides an easy-to-use interface so you can manage your domains, upgrade your account, monitor your emails, and access basic details in one click. The dashboard features large icons that are convenient to use for beginners who have yet to experience a cPanel.

Hostinger Reseller Hosting

The quality of web hosting services of Hostinger is the same quality of services offered through the Hostinger Reseller Hosting.  The reseller is granted the non-exclusive and non-transferable license to promote and sell the services of Hostinger.

Hostinger Reseller Hosting Review

Features of Hostinger Reseller Hosting

  • ResellerHosting Packages

The Hostinger Reseller Hosting isoffered in two packages: the Starter Reseller Package and the Business Reseller Package.

  • Starter Reseller Program

The Starter Reseller Program enables the reseller to trade the accounts of cPanel Shared Hosting to his customers. Aside from that, hard disk space and bandwidth are provided but with certain limitations.

  • Business Reseller Program

The Business Reseller Program enables the reseller to trade accounts of cPanel Shared Hosting without the hard disk space and bandwidth limitations.

  • Pricesand Fees for a Hostinger Reseller Hosting Package

The prices and fees to be collected are subject to the discretion of Hostinger. It is also subject to change any time, without prior notice to the reseller.

The reseller account is also non-transferable. Nor can it be sold separately or in conjunction with the sale of any of the existing website or business. 

  • MoneyBack Guarantee

The Hostinger Reseller Hosting plan also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of service that Hostinger provides, you are entitled to a refund for your cancellation of the account.

  • Term and termination

The term of the contract between Hostinger and the reseller will automatically carry on depending on the chosen reseller package and the agreed payment method. Termination will only be implemented upon notification of the reseller of the desire to terminate the business. Request for termination must be done 3 days before the billing date. 

Hostinger, on the other hand, has the sole right without prior notice to terminate the contract or suspend the access of the reseller to the Reseller Package. Once the contract is terminated, the services to the customers will default to Hostinger or a related entity. The termination merits no refund to the reseller or the customers for any services purchased.

  • Customer Notices and Support

Any modifications, revisions,discontinuance, and other material changes in the Hostinger set up requires the reseller to assist Hostinger to update the clients of the reseller.

Clients needing customer supportdirectly contact the reseller for assistance. The 24/7 support either through ticketing or email customer support is directly provided to the reseller. The resellers are the ones who are in direct contact with their clients. 

Hostinger Reseller Hosting Review

Pros and Cons of Hostinger Reseller Hosting


  • Hostinger offers a high uptime of up to 99.9 percent.
  • The easy to use dashboard of Hostinger is beneficial for the users
  • Hostinger offers free domain
  • Live Support of Hostinger web hosting is available 24×7
  • Hostinger web hosting offers 30 days money back guarantee
  • The price range of Hostinger Reseller hosting is affordable given the quality of service they offer
  • Hostinger web hosting provides unlimited disk space
  • The Business Plan of Hostinger offers no extra charge for SSL Certificate. The other lower plans can also avail of the same certificate at a minimal additional cost
  • The daily backups offered by Hostinger provides additional security for its users
  • The provision of an SEO optimized website templates is advantageous for its users
  • Hostinger provides a 30-day free of charge trial phase


  • Hostinger is not as popular as other well-established and well-advertised counterparts. Hostinger does not spend much of its resources on advertising its products. It focuses on spending more to provide quality service.
Hostinger Reseller Hosting

Hostinger Company Background

The company Hostinger was founded in Lithuania in 2004. Its worldwide capacity is evidenced by its operations in the North and South America, Middle East, South East Asia,and in Europe. Indeed, it has grown into a strong hosting brand.

Hostinger hosting options come in the shared and virtual private server (VPS). The company also offers domain name registration for websites. SSL security certificates are also offered to its users. Aside from that, Hostinger also offers a template-based site builder that capacitates its users to build their websites with a few simple clicks. The drag-and-drop capability of the website builder makes it very convenient to establish a website.

The Hostinger web hosting service is easy on the pocket. Nevertheless, they do not compromise the quality of service they provide allowing their clients to create good quality websites. The popularity of Hostinger is anchored on the niche they are catering. Clients of Hostinger range from those who are using the basic hosting and site building for the first time, the personal bloggers, and even the large-scale professional website builders. Aside from that, Hostinger provides sufficient hosting space for successful bloggers who want to grow their blogs into a business.Hostinger does so by providing a quality range of professional hosting features packaged in attractive and affordable price ranges.
Hostinger offers great value for each plan that it caters.

30 Top Service Providers or Companies Offering Reseller Hosting

Several companies or service providers offer Reseller Hosting. It is important to be able to determine which of the Reseller hosting providers will be able to provide the services that your business requires.

The following are the 30 Reseller Hosting Service providers you can choose from:

  1. Hostinger
  2. GoDaddy Hosting
  3. Bluehost
  4. Dreamhost
  5. iPage
  6. SiteGround
  7. HostGator
  8. A2 Hosting
  9. Site5 Hosting
  10. InMotion Hosting
  11. 247-Host
  12. MediaTemple
  13. WebBebo
  14. Superb Internet
  15. Lunarpages
  16. Justhost
  17. Web.com
  18. GreenGeeks
  19. Arvixe
  20. Namecheap Hosting
  21. HostPapa
  22. interServer
  23. CoolHandle
  24. DailyRazor
  25. Exabytes
  26. Tsohost
  27. ResellerClub
  28. Hosting Recipe
  29. Krystal
  30. HyperHost