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Gamification Software – an overview

Gamification is a process for integrating game mechanics into something that already exists to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty. This can include almost anything, from a company’s website to its social media presence, day-to-day operations, customer engagement and more.

The technique introduces game design elements into non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. It uses competitions, points, achievements, rules of play, status and self-expression to encourage action through positive feedback.

Gamification software is any tool or platform used to apply game mechanics to non-game contexts. Common use cases include customer loyalty, e-learning, employee engagement, and performance management.


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The best Gamification Software Solutions – the 10 most popular

1. Bandicam is all-in-one screen recording software designed to help users run a video recording process backed by a high compression ratio without disturbing the video quality which is close to the original work. The software has been designed to deliver performance better than any other program offering similar functionality.

The latest version of the software includes hardware acceleration, webcam overlay recording, mouse click effects, and push to mute/unmute/ Bandicam offers 5 recording modes – Full Screen, Rectangle, Game, Around mouse and Device.

The product comes with a lifetime licence and there is a free version of the software available online which allows users to test the system for a limited period. The software is currently available in 48 languages.

2. Tango Card is an enterprise and solutions software that is designed for customers of all sizes. A digital incentive provider for incentives, Tango Card’s global catalogue of desirable e-gift cards, donations and prepaid rewards is bundled with easy to use delivery technology and expert support. The program allows for rewards to be delivered in bulk, as a one-off, or automatically via an API. Tango Card manages and delivers incentives, allowing clients to focus on operations.

The solution works with organisations to deliver e-gift cards for uses such as employee rewards, health and wellness participation, marketing incentives, modern customer loyalty, referral rewards, payment disbursements and more. The solution includes configurable email templates, and an international e-gift card, donation and prepaid rewards catalogue.

3. Influitive helps B2B companies drive revenue and increase customer engagement through the voice of their most passionate advocates. Influitive’s AdvocateHub is an Advocate Marketing platform that builds trust and transparency by giving customers personalised relationships with the brands they love.

Advocates include top stakeholders like employees, customers, partners and alumni. Influitive elevates and binds together fragmented initiatives with this group, such as word of mouth, branded communities, social sharing, product reviews, references, NPS (Net Promoter Scores) and feedback, whilst fulfilling advocates’ desire for social status, access, belonging and shared sense of purpose, through a best-in-class advocate marketing experience.

The Influitive product suite includes Advocate Anywhere and Upshot which allows businesses to reach out to advocates anywhere and produce ungated customer stories without effort.

4. Badgeville is a gamification platform design to help business leaders drive key employee and customer behaviours across their web, mobile and enterprise applications. Users are provided with incentives to better engage with a business’s products or services. Badgeville enables organisations to build more personalised and rewarding experiences for both customers and employees on top of their websites, enterprise apps and social network communities.

The platform enables companies to measure, analyse and understand user activities across their digital network, from one unified interface. As well as promoting loyalty and customer engagement, Badgeville can be used internally to engage and motivate employees, encourage productivity, and strengthen employee collaboration.

With pre-configured integration for applications like Juve, Drupal, Get Satisfaction and more, Badgeville creates gamification platforms that businesses of all sizes can integrate straight into their websites.

5. Freshdesk Arcade is a support desk platform that uses gamification technology to motivate customer service representatives. Integrating game mechanics into customer support helps companies achieve their goals while providing customers with an entertaining support service experience.

The purpose of the solution is to promote a positive environment for both customer support agents and customers by applying game elements to transform support tickets into points.

Freshdesk Arcade uses a reward system to improve customer service in areas like speed, quality and number of responses that allow clients to set scores and define ratings for specific categories. Friendly competition is encouraged through the leader board, which tracks the representatives with the most points, and determines what rewards they receive. These rewards include trophies for the fastest, sharpest and happiest representative. Business goals can be set and completed by developing new challenges for additional ratings and badges.

Productivity and positive attitudes are maintained by incorporating fun into the work experience. Real-time information keeps customer service representatives knowledgeable about incoming and resolved tickets, whilst automated responses created from pre-formatted reply templates answer frequently asked questions online.

6. Hoopla is a sales gamification platform that combines data analytics, completion theory and broadcasting to help build a performance, play to win, culture within a sales team.

Hoopla integrates with existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to create contests, competitions and leader boards linked to sales goals or metrics – such as calls, demos, reviews, opportunities etc. Managers can assign individual challenges and one on one competitions. Contests and games can be highly customised with different point values for various activities. Hoopla’s intelligent motivation engine automatically tracks, recognises and delivers specific motivation to the right person at the right time.

Hoopla’s animated and customisable leader board displays every team member’s progress to keep everyone engaged and competing. Results can be broadcast live to any TV, mobile or computer screen to celebrate wins company-wide.

7. GetBadges is a motivation system for software teams that transforms everyday work activities into a game that integrates applications like Trello, GitHub, Jira, Slack and many more software developer tools. It builds workflow synergy through the use of a unique gamification experience. The objective of GetBadges is to keep teams motivated, and to increase productivity and cooperation.

Once a developer tool or project management software is gamified, developers can earn points for performing and finishing essential tasks, such as implementing new features, code review, fixing bugs, and delivering software patches and new releases on time.

GetBadges enables users to reward bonus points for every successful project sprint a team completes. The solution makes it easy for project managers and developers to access data as everything is stored in one centralised location.

8. Playlyfe is an online gamification platform that allows companies, organisations and individuals to design, create, prototype and otherwise use any type of gamification application quickly, cost-effectively, efficiently and flexibly. The solution enables non-technical users to do all of this by breaking down the development process into a simple, almost drag-and-drop design interface that lets anyone create a game. Playlyfe allows app development from beginning to end in just a matter of minutes, and it also includes a function that allows users to quickly update or modify existing apps.

The program can be easily integrated with almost any existing software or platform, thanks to its REST API. Playlyfe also offers a standalone gamified sales and performance management application that is pre-integrated with several systems, including CRMs, Excel, and more.

9. LevelEleven is a sales performance management solution that uses data and analytics to better understand the behaviour of agents. The data can be used to optimise campaigns, and identify areas that need more attention, as well as motivating teams. LevelEleven helps to define which key sales behaviours reps should be focusing their time on, in order to drive revenues, such as face-to-face meetings, or a new product, based on real-time data.

LevelEleven is a native Salesforce (a world-leading CRM solution) app. The app uses the data tracked in Salesforce to build motivational campaigns and provide visibility into performance. Sales reps can use the app to access personalised performance analysis, historical trends and peer comparisons. The leader board feature helps to motivate sales agents and enables them to understand how their performance compares to others.

10. Rise is a success tracking network, and auto ranking and weekly blogging tool, which uses an open API for monitoring, publishing and sharing success. The application prompts a three-step process – create a board, join a board, and then follow a board. The user is free to decide how the score of a board is calculated and how results are shared with people involved in the operation.

The reason to join a board is to track and compare success with others. The software provides an accurate point of reference with actionable statistics to driven informed decision-making.

Rise’s Power 100 Leader board is an audience development tool which aims to attract the right people to visit a website or blog, targeting selected Twitter users to engage with the company’s online channels to produce a weekly list of top influencers.

Choosing the best Gamification Software

As gamification software describes a methodology and the techniques of game design and play, rather than a specific application, there is no means of recommending the best product or products from which to choose. Instead the user should define their needs and find the appropriate solution to fit them, having due regard to online reviews and customer feedback first, and thoroughly testing them with free trials and product demos before deciding to buy.

Types of Gamification Software

There are three generic types of gamification software.

Marketing – products which are used to detect customers’ preferred product segments and to keep them engaged;

Product – combines techniques that give feedback to users, and motivates them to engage;

Workplace – designed to train and motivate employees through reward mechanisms.


Gamification software is the term used for platforms and programs which incorporate game design mechanisms to introduce a fun element into the office, and boost employee productivity. It makes use of methods such as rewards, points, quests and quizzes to help employees perform tasks, often of a routine nature, motivating them to learn new skills and work more efficiently. It is also used to help customers engage with their customers better, and to elicit customer feedback and support for its products and brands.