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Best Full Liquid Web Domain Registration Guide in 2019

Liquid Web Domain Registration
Liquid Web Domain Registration

Best Full Liquid Web Domain Registration Guide in 2019

From websites like Facebook to Amazon, to PayPal, Netflix, and more, it’s apparent that the internet has become the newest and biggest marketplace, job fair, open forum, entertainment system, etc., that the world has ever known. The modern world lives on the world wide web, and this is exactly where the modern man makes his living.

Writers are steering away from print media and making their careers out of online blogs and electronic publication. Artists no longer scour city streets and instead sell their artwork online, some even in the form of digital paintings, photographs, and illustrations, to buyers from all over the world.

Organizations like the Green Peace, the United Nations, Doctors Without Borders, etc., have all dedicated resources towards creating an effective online platform because they know that by taking their message online, they are able to reach more people than ever before, draw more people to action than ever before.

Businesses have also taken to the internet to sell not just goods but also services. There are so many opportunities to be found on the internet, but question is, how does one get started?

Well, the very first step and the most crucial one is choosing a domain. While there are going to be plenty of other big important decisions to make like what hosting service you’re going to use or what the best web hosting for you is going to be, the very first step is to choose and buy a domain name. Domain registration is a paid service that is facilitated by plenty of reliable website hosting companies.

Liquid Web Domain Registration

Some companies even offer excellent auxiliary services, allowing users to not only buy domains but also to perform domain checks and domain search. Some companies may even offer free domains when you choose them as your host.

Domain name registration is a tricky business. You’ll find that a lot of nice domain names are already taken – especially the more obvious ones – so the best thing to do is to find a name that will serve as a unique identifier to your website or platform.

Once you’ve decided on a domain name, or we recommend have a short list of domain names you like, it’s time to do a domain name search to see if you can buy domain names you want. You can do this from a number of websites, especially those that offer website hosting, domain hosting, and other web services.

Liquid Web is one such website that offers affordable and cheap domains, cheap hosting, as well as an interface where users can purchase domain names. It’s one of the most popular web hosting companies to date, and while they don’t offer free website hosting, they do have a wide range of plans to choose from, including cheap web hosting, cheap domain names, as well as more expensive premium options such as dedicated servers and WordPress hosting.

While you can get lots of free hosting options out there, having a professional website often entails a domain purchase, giving you the rights and privileges to use your domain name as you please. However, for a professional website built for professional use – a reputable blog, for example, or an e-commerce business that jumps out of the page, Liquid Web’s affordable prices may be as close to professional-grade free web hosting as one can get at that price range.

For users who want to get started the right way, Liquid Web is the web hosting service of choice. It has been around for over 20+ years, and since 1997 has been powering a major part of the internet in data centers around the globe.

It has a market presence in over 130 countries, with a customer count of over 30,000+, managing and powering over a half a million websites with over 500 tech and web experts working on-site to ensure the best hosting experiences for its consumers. That’s why it has consistently led the industry in terms of customer loyalty.

To help users get started on their way to building, managing, and owning a successful online platform, we’ve created this guide on registering a domain name with Liquid Web.

Liquid Web Domain Registration Guide

First-time users and website owners often find the very first step daunting and intimidating. After all, by creating a website, a user enters the arena with millions of other websites and blogs and online platforms and competes with them for page views, ratings, and the ability to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, with the rise of technology and the thriving business that is web hosting, it is now easier than ever to take the plunge into a realm of infinite opportunity. To register a domain with Liquid Web, simply follow these three steps:

Step 1 Create a Liquid Web Account

First things first, users need to register with Liquid Web. To do so, we recommend that a user signs up to their service and subscribes to any one of their affordable and high-value web hosting plans. Liquid Web has a wide range of web hosting services to offer, each outfitted with different specifications, usage limits, resource allocation, features, and more, and each tailored to satisfy specific user needs.

Liquid Web does not offer shared web hosting plans – which are the cheapest entry-level hosting services – and instead offers professional-grade hosting services at competitive prices. Users can take advantage of Cloud VPS, Dedicated Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, as well as infinite custom solutions.

Visit their website at Liquid Web to learn more about their hosting service, or refer to the pricing guide below to gauge which user subscription is right for you.

Liquid Web Domain Registration

Pricing Plans

Depending on whether you’re a blogger, a professional, a service provider, a non-profit, a small business, a medium enterprise, or a large-scale business organization, it’s important to choose a web hosting plan that fits the bill. Liquid Web hosting plans have something for everyone. Bloggers, content creators, professionals, and even organizations can benefit much from Managed WordPress hosting, optimized by Liquid Web for the best performance for sites hosted on the WordPress platform.

Online businesses and e-commerce websites can get great value from the low-price WooCommerce hosting plans. For more professional-grade hosting, Liquid Web also offers Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers, both featuring enhanced performance and much more control over system resources. For power users who want the most specific web hosting solutions to cater to their specific needs, Liquid Web also offers custom solutions at the quote.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting – Starting at $39 per Month

Built with versatility in mind, Liquid Web Managed WooCommerce Hosting plans are the perfect fit for all kinds of businesses. Whether its a physical store looking to seize their opportunity online, a digital store trying to improve their systems and generate greater value, dropshipping stores, or online marketplaces, Managed WooCommerce hosting empowers businesses with the best customer-oriented e-commerce website hosting.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting comes in eight (8) different flavors. New and up-and-coming businesses can take advantage of the low price newcomer plans, while established businesses can choose a high-performance hosting plan that will satisfy their needs.

  • Beginner Plan – $39 per Month
  • Basic Plan – $99 per Month
  • Dropshipping Plan – $125 per Month
  • Marketplace Plan – $149 per Month
  • Standard Plan – $249 per Month
  • Plus Plan – $749 per Month
  • Pro Plan – $1499 per Month
  • Enterprise Plan – Request a Quote

Liquid Web Domain Registration

Managed WordPress Hosting – Starting at $99 per Month

For WordPress users, the benefits of choosing a WordPress-specific hosting plan is leaps and bounds above regular hosting. Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting plans are optimized for the best WordPress performance, and because its a managed plan, users have the luxury of relying on Liquid Web’s experts for the technical end of running the website.

With it, users can focus on the work they do best – creating content, managing marketing and advertising, enabling excellent user experiences – while Liquid Web technicians make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Managed WordPress Hosting comes in three (3) pricing options, each intended for professional use and at professional-grade pricing. These hosting plans are:

  • Professional (10 WordPress Sites) – $99 per Month
    Includes 50 GB of SSD Storage and 5 TB of Bandwidth
  • Business (25 WordPress Sites) – $149 per Month
    Includes 100 GB of SSD Storage and 5 TB of Bandwidth
  • Agency (50 WordPress Sites) – $289 per Month
    Includes 200 GB of SSD Storage and 5 TB of Bandwidth

Cloud Virtual Private Servers – Starting at $59 per Month

When choosing a Cloud VPS with Liquid Web, users choose the number of resources they need. The Cloud VPS Plans are priced in the following manner, with key differences only the amount of memory, virtual CPUs, and storage space.

  • 2GB RAM – $59 per Month
    Includes 2 vCPUs, 40GB SSD Storage, 10TB Bandwidth, Linux OS Only
  • 4GB RAM – $99 per Month
    Includes 4 vCPUs, 100GB SSD Storage, 10TB Bandwidth, Linux or Windows OS
  • 8GB RAM – $139 per Month
    Includes 8 vCPUs 150GB SSD Storage, 10TB Bandwidth, Linux or Windows OS
  • 16GB RAM – $189 per Month
    Includes 8 vCPUs, 200GB SSD Storage, 10TB Bandwidth, Linux or Windows OS

Liquid Web Domain Registration

Cloud Sites™ – Starting at $150 per Month

For users with little to no technical expertise, Liquid Web’s trademarked Cloud Sites are the easiest and fastest way to get a website up and running, with no coding or development experience needed. Cloud Sites are available at $150 per month for unlimited websites, with the option for additional usage limits if needed.

  • Cloud Sites™ – $150 per Month
  • Additional Storage – $2.00 per GB per Month
  • Additional Bandwidth – $0.15 per GB per Month
  • Additional Dedicated IP (with SSL) – $1 per Site per Month
  • MySQL Databases – $5 per 100 MB per Month

Cloud Dedicated Servers – Starting at $159 per Month

Depending on processor power and other system resources, Liquid Web Cloud Dedicated Servers are available from anywhere between $159 per month for the entry-level, and $379 per month for the top-of-the-line.

Once you’ve decided on the best web hosting service for you, complete the signup process. Congratulations! You are now an official website owner with your very own spot on the internet. The next step is to give your newly purchased online property a name – specifically, a domain name. You’ve probably already registered a domain name when you signed up for the web hosting plan of your choice, but in case you didn’t, or in case you want to expand your platform and choose other domain names as well, follow the rest of this Liquid Web Domain Registration Guide.

Liquid Web Domain Registration

Step 2 Login to the Liquid Web Manage

Now that you’re a fully-fledged member of the Liquid Web community, you now have access to dozens of tools, features, utilities, and more, each designed to help you manage your website successfully. One of these tools is Liquid Web Manage – a management interface that users can conveniently view from the comfort of their web browser. Simply log in to Liquid Web Manage with the login credentials you provided upon signup, and you now have administrative access to your online platform.

Step 3 Register a Domain

To register a domain, simply click on the Networking tab on the sidebar, and scroll to the option to Create a DNS Zone. Fill in the proper blanks – choose your domain name, the IP address will be chosen for you depending on your Liquid Web hosting subscription – check the box that asks if its a new domain name, click the Create DNS Zone button, and voila! You have just registered a new domain name!

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