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An introduction to Forms Automation Software

Forms automation software solutions are a company-wide set of tools for managing, distributing, computing and processing paper-based forms, applications, invoices, surveys, contracts and other documents. Such solutions can be used to create a digital version of a company’s paper forms, which make them simpler and faster to create electronically, and eliminates the need for physical storage space.


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The 10 Most Popular Forms Automation Software Products

1. ProntoForms is a mobile workflow solution used to collect, receive and submit data in the field. The ProntoForms App is used across many diverse industries, including Construction, Oil & Gas, HVAC, Electrical and Transport.

Available for smartphones and tablets, ProntoForm incorporates a mobile device app and a web-managed portal to manage teams and data flow. It also allows data to be exported to the back office or uploaded to cloud services.

Within the mobile app, field agents can fill out and submit invoices, work orders and signatures. Remote users can choose from pre-prepared templates from the program’s form library, or they can create their own with a customisable form. Barcodes, time stamps, photos and signatures can be included in any form, providing data to anyone accessing a document.

2. KiSSFLOW is a cloud-base forms automation solution suitable for businesses of all kinds, and accessible on Android and iOS devices through a mobile app. It automates business processes and tracks performance.

The software helps initiate process requests, view items that require user action, and approve pending tasks. It supports HR process management, including employee onboarding, time sheet management, vacation request approval, and invoice approval workflow.

KiSSFLOW also offers purchase order management, payment order approval and purchase requisition workflow processes. It integrates with Google Apps and other cloud-based applications, using integration APIs. The tool can be used to track process performance metrics, monitor KPIs, and generate reports using its analytics feature.

It is available for purchase on a per-user basis either annually or monthly.

3. Pardot is a Salesforce product and offers an email marketing solution which offers automated support for the longer timespan and multi-step decisions associated with B2B (business-to-business) sales. It is a Saas(Software-as-a-service) model built on the Force.com platform which integrates with applications like Microsoft CRM, Netsuite, and Sugar CRM.

The suite includes products with functionality that includes lead management, batch email marketing, automated drop marketing, and real-time sales alerts.

Pardot’s enterprise solution offers more advanced capabilities, such as custom security controls, increased storage space, and a dedicated IP address.

When combined with Salesforce Edge, sales reps can connect in real-time to deliver campaigns, receive alerts, report on trends, trail emails and more, all via mobile devices.

4. JotForm is a web-based form builder founded in 2006. It offers a WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) drag-and-drop builder interface, with a range of features. There are five drag-and-drop classifications – the Forms, Quick Tools, Payments, Surveys and Power Tools. Forms can be stylised individually, as well as on a field-by-field basis.

JotForm integrates with a range of other third party applications, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Mailchimp, Freshbooks, and Salesforce. It also includes a functionality called JotForm Labs, where experimental set-ups can be tried out. The solution provides a template gallery where a host of forms are stored ready for use and customisation.

Payment gateways can also be integrated into forms, like PayPal. JotForm has 3 tier membership options – Basic (which is free), Premium, and Professional.

5. TypeForm is a survey software application that helps users create online surveys that are unique and memorable. Available completely online, it offers two pricing plans – a free basic package and the PRO version, designed to meet the needs of small business owners. The software merges design principles with question-building practices designed to get the most out of each survey.

The platform is designed in a drag-and-drop format which makes it quick and easy to learn. This makes editing and rearranging quite simple, whilst tools are there to provide a survey with a customised look and feel. The buttons and icons that survey respondents use to rank items can also be customised. A popular feature is the progression bar, which shows respondents how far they have moved through a survey.

6. Zoho Forms is a no-coding drag-and-drop online form builder used to create forms for every purpose. It provides users with a variety of customisation options, supports task assignment, approval workflows and is also responsive to mobile browsers. The solution integrates with Zoho products, Salesforce and Google apps.

Zoho Forms offers native applications for both Android and iOS devices, allowing users to create forms and collect data from their mobile devices, and can also be used offline. It is supported in 9 languages.

A strong feature of the program is the ability to handle digital signatures, enforcing approval protocols and audit trails, increasing both the credibility and awareness of a brand. The program enables users to create reports to analyse performance and share with team members, and to publish forms using social media, embedded forms, email campaigns or printable barcodes.

7. Formstack is an online form builder which helps organisations in any industry streamline their workflows. It addresses the needs of companies tired of keeping track of paper forms for new hires, reviews, registrations, payments, email address and other information.

Formstack offers multiple robust features, including over 50 integrations with various payment processors, email, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) accounting and project management systems and more. Its integration with Mailchimp enables companies to schedule marketing campaigns and surveys, set-up subscriber lists, and send batch emails.

The program makes the online form process simple and painless, and the easy to use drag-and-drop interface eliminates the need for any coding. All online forms are mobile friendly.

8. Wufoo is a solution that helps anybody build professional looking online forms. When a form is designed with Wufoo, it automatically builds the data-base, back-end and script needed to make collecting and understanding data easy and fast. It is cloud-based so all a user needs is a browser and an internet connection to start building forms right away.

Wufoo has more than 120 templates on offer, with an emphasis on making form-building a fun experience. It offers basic functionality and features, which makes it a solution better suited to beginners than advanced users.

3 tiers of pricing plans are offered – a free version, starter and professional. It should be noted that many of the more advanced features, such as live reporting, file uploads, and popular software integrations are restricted to the paid versions of the solution only.  The program easily integrates with Facebook and Mailchimp.

9. Formsite enables users to easily build professional online HTML forms and web surveys, with a choice of over 100 pre-built web form templates, which can be customised, for registrations, reservations, service orders, customer surveys, and payment collection. All templates can be customised, whilst the system comes with 40 question types to help users create the forms that they need for their business.

Formsite uses a drag-and-drop editor so any type of form or website survey can be easily designed. It is a cloud-based solution so all forms can be accessed, shared, downloaded and emailed at any time.

Users can share forms by either send a secure link or embedding them in a webpage. All forms created are designed to be responsive for all types of device – desktops/laptops, tablets and smartphones.

10. PerfectForms is a flexible online form building application that also encompasses workflow and business process management. Available as a cloud-based on-demand solution, or as a localised on premise installation, the solution uses drag-and-drop functionality that requires no coding.

Users can design all kinds of HTML-based web forms to replace manual processes and enforce compliance, accuracy and accountability.  The intuitive designer allows “pixel perfect” forms to be designed and customised, before defining how forms should respond to interactions, and integrates collected data with third party systems.

Additionally PerfectForms offers workflow management support. Application templates are provided for business process modelling, workforce automation, and optimisation.

 How to choose the best Forms Automation Software

There are many available Forms Automation software solutions from which to choose. Read the online reviews, and arrange for free trials and demos. It is essential to have a fundamental understanding of the features and benefits each program provides. Make sure that the chosen solution is not too complicated for your needs, and offers redundant functionality that distracts you from the main purpose of such products, which is to save time and manual effort, and to automate what can be tedious tasks.

Types of Form Automation Software

The main type of forms automation software are enterprise-applications which are designed to make organisations operate in a paperless way, as far as possible, by enabling the electronic processing and storage of all company documents, such as invoices, contracts, orders, applications, surveys and others.


Forms automation software are tools designed to managed, distribute and process in an electronic manner tasks that traditionally have been completed on paper. These include documents such as invoices, applications, invoices, surveys, contracts and myriad other forms of forms. The objective of such solutions is to save time and effort, and automate recurrent processes.