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Best Dreamhost Virtual Private Server Review in 2019

Dreamhost Virtual Private Server
Dreamhost Virtual Private Server

Best Dreamhost Virtual Private Server Review in 2019

The Dreamhost Virtual Private Server will allow you to store your data in a secured datacenter, which will be fully managed by the webhosting company. That means you will not worry about upgrades, maintenance, and repair because Dreamhost will do that for you.

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The VPS will give you full access to your data in the server. Nobody else can see your private information without your expressed authority. If you forget the password, you are the only one who can ask Dreamhost to reset it for you.

Some people may have a misconception about a server. Yes, there’s a physical data center, which is essentially a powerful computer with enough RAM and processing power and connected to the Internet all the time. In fact, you can convert your own computer into a server if you have a dedicated IP address. Of course, it wouldn’t be as powerful as the one that the webhost company has. Another difference is that a server is being used by websites instead of the software apps and games installed in a typical computer.

Apart from hosting websites, what are the other uses for the VPS?

  • You can set up your virtual private network, which gives you anonymity when browsing sites
  • You can trade in cryptocurrency after setting up a masternode
  • You can set up a remote desktop protocol and use that essentially as another computer, a secret computer if you will
  • The VPS can also be used as a storage facility. You can dump your files there as a cache. The best thing is that the virtual private server is very secure so your data is also protected

What to Look for in a Virtual Private Server?

There are so many webhosting companies offering a VPS service that the search itself can be overwhelming. You want to pick correctly the first time because the wrong choice can spell success or disaster for your company.

At the very least, you want your VPS to have the following features:

  1. It should be fully managed – You won’t have the time and resources to be always maintaining your private server. Although self-managed will provide you with a lot of flexibility, it also requires that you have a dedicated IT team who will manage that server such as downloading patches and upgrades, troubleshooting, and the like.
  2. Powerful RAM and CPU – The performance of your website will depend on the processing power and memory of the server. The RAM will be crucial if you want to run multiple websites on your VPS. A multi-core technology will ensure that your website doesn’t crash or slow down even during peak times.
  3. Access to the root – A Linux-based architecture necessitates access to the root. You want unlimited flexibility to install some scripts, full command of the SSH, and any modification that matches your needs.
  4. Huge storage – When it comes to VPS, size does matter. You know your mobile phone lags when the memory is nearly full? It’s the same way with virtual private servers. This is why you need a webhosting company that offers a sizable disk space for an affordable price.
  5. Full support – The technical support should be a make or break decision for you. Don’t sacrifice support for a cheap price. You will regret it later when you try to call customer support and you get the runaround. You want a team that will address your current problem yesterday.

We encourage you to research online and come up with a shortlist. Out of those names, sign up for the free trial to orient yourself of the product. Afterward, you can decide which product you are most comfortable with.

Dreamhost Virtual Private Server

Why Choose the Dreamhost Virtual Private Server?

There are several reasons why you should seriously consider Dreamhost to host your virtual private server.

Uptime guarantee of 100%

This is what Dreamhost is claiming that they can guarantee an uptime rate of 100%. However, based on users’ reviews, there are instances when they experienced an error or service interruption. These are extremely rare, however. It’s not at all an insult to assume that Dreamhost can guarantee an uptime of 99.99% because that’s still above the standard in the industry.

Expandable disk space and RAM

The VPS service is easily scalable. If you are a small website, you can start with the Basic VPS which should already provide you with ample storage and RAM. However, if your needs expand, you can easily scale up to the higher subscription plan. Dreamhost makes the transition easy for the user. There’s no need to shut your website down while you scale up to a higher package. Each VPS is powered by SSD, which is 20 times faster than your average SATA disk storage. The SSD technology used by the company ranges from the minimum 30 GB to a high of 240 GB.

Fully managed

If you have no dedicated IT experts to make sure your server is running smoothly, the value of allowing Dreamhost to manage your VPS is priceless. You don’t have to be anxious whether or not your server specs serve your needs. The Dreamhost robots will assess your data and usage and determine if your current VPS plan still supports your requirements. The company will also make sure that your server is updated with the latest software, security patches, and others.

Dreamhost Virtual Private Server



Full support

If you are looking for a VPS host, you want to get in touch with them 24/7 because you never know when you will encounter a problem that you can’t fix. The Dreamhost’s team of experts can be accessed anytime of the day. The hotline is open 7 days a week and 365 days a year. So if you need help at 3 a.m., you know that you don’t have to wait for a few hours until business hours are open. That is crucial, especially if you are using the server for your e-commerce business and every minute that your site is down meant hundreds of dollars of potential profits down the drain.

Control panel access

DreamHost will provide you with your own control panel to manage your VPS. The company claims that it took pains to make sure the cPanel is intuitive and easy to learn. Supposedly, the control panel is designed by developers who manage their own websites. They know full well what people would want to see in their control panels. Of course, the term easy is relative. Some people—particularly those who are not technically savvy—may still be confused by all the buttons and fields.

One-click installer

You have to credit Dreamhost for trying to come up with ways to make it easier for its clients. Take the control panel, for instance. It’s supposed to be designed by developers who have their own websites. They are not operating on a theory but rather taking on from their own experiences to come up with a cPanel that is not only efficient but also intuitive. This deliberate purpose to make it easier for their clients extend to their other services, as well. Recognizing the fact that not every client is tech-savvy, Dreamhost has a one-click install option for its VPS service. If you want to add more features and apps, you don’t need to know how to code. It’s also very easy to scale up since you will just contact the customer service to change your plan.

Dreamhost Virtual Private Server


Another advantage of going with Dreamhost for your VPS needs is security. Generally, webhosting companies are investing millions to make sure their datacenters are secure from internal or external threats. Imagine the amount of damage that a DDoS attack can do not just to their servers, but most importantly to their reputation. You think their customers will still entrust their data to the webhost that has been the subject of a hack? The consumer is the end beneficiary and they may put security in their marketing brochures but make no mistake, they are securing their datacenters for their own benefit.

Track record

When you go with Dreamhost, you know you are partnering with an established brand. The company started back in 1997 when webhosting was still in its infancy, and it has grown since then to become one of the more recognizable brands in the industry. You can’t survive in the industry through sole reputation alone. It means the company has a good track record of providing a service—whether it’s plain webhosting, VPS, or cloud hosting. That’s one advantage of working with Dreamhost. You know that you are dealing with a company that has been there and has surmounted all challenges to managing more than 1,500 servers today.


  • The service is fully managed
  • Less expensive than dedicated hosting
  • Full support 24/7
  • You can scale up or down depending on your needs
  • Designed to optimize WordPress
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.99%
  • Unlimited domain and bandwidth
  • Affordable entry level plans for the virtual private server service


  • More expensive compared to shared hosting
  • Server issues especially if the resources are not allocated properly
  • The cPanel can be confusing for some people
  • No root access but the Cloud server offers customers with a full root access

Dreamhost Virtual Private Server


Dreamhost VPS Pricing Plans


This is designed for new websites or those that require minimal data use and storage. The plan costs $13.75 per month and among the features are:

  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 30 GB for storage
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fully managed
  • Linux Ubuntu OS


The plan costs $27.50 per month and it is designed for small business websites. Among the features are:

  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 60 GB for storage
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fully managed
  • Linux Ubuntu OS


The Professional package is designed for websites that require intensive resource and data. The subscription plan costs $55 per month and among the features are:

  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 120 GB for storage
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fully managed service
  • Linux Ubuntu OS


The Enterprise package is for websites that record high traffic per month and require high resource and storage. The package costs $110 per month and among the features are:

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 240 GB for storage
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fully managed
  • Linux Ubuntu OS

You can also opt to move your Dreamhost virtual private server in the MySQL database for even faster performance. If you are already running a VPS, sign up for the free trial on this service. You will get 2300 MB of RAM during this trial period. Your usage will be monitored and then adjusted at the end of the week. After the trial period, you can then decide whether or not the MySQL service is right for you. You can then sign up for an additional $15 a month, in addition to your VPS subscription plan, and you will already get 300 MB of RAM along with unlimited disk storage.

Dreamhost Virtual Private Server


The Dreamhost Virtual Private Server is an affordable option for businesses that want a dedicated resource for their websites. There are probably other webhosts that offer a cheaper package (In fact, there are free VPS hosting options out there), but Dreamhost comes packed with features and support. The problem with free stuff is the lack of accountability. With Dreamhost, the VPS is fully managed so if you encounter any trouble with the service, you can just call their customer support and expect that your problem will be addressed in no time.

You can compare the features of Dreamhost VPS with these other service providers before deciding which one you will go with:

  1. Hostinger
  2. Bluehost
  3. GoDaddy
  4. HostGator
  5. A2 Hosting
  6. InMotion
  7. Site5 Hosting
  8. iPage
  9. Justhost
  10. SiteGround
  11. Namecheap
  12. GreenGeeks
  13. InterServer
  14. Arvixe
  15. FatCow
  16. LiquidWeb
  17. Hostwinds
  18. StableHost
  19. OVS (unmanaged hosting)
  20. TMD Hosting
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