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Best Dreamhost Cloud VPS Review in 2019

Dreamhost Cloud VPS
Dreamhost Cloud VPS

Best Dreamhost Cloud VPS Review in 2019

 In handling or developing your website, there is one important thing you need to consider aside from the cost, package inclusion, and custom feature – it’s the storage capacity. The storage volume of a certain site can determine how broad or limited its scope can reach since all website transactions and other online activities rely merely on the web storage capacity.

One of the leading high web storage providers is DreamHost. It is a hosting and domain registration service company that caters about 1.5 million websites owned by long-term customers who shared their full trust to the company. With the main goal of realizing the online dream of every blogger, reseller or businessman to create a purpose-driven site, DreamHost was able to establish at least 750 thousand WordPress site installations supplying about 400 thousand well-satisfied clients. Their customer-centered values include embracing open source, empowering people through service, and creating flexible service options to every client by giving them the right to choose their desired services.

Moreover, the company is offering diverse types of purchased and free web hosting services which serve various demands of customers from different online trends who are looking for cheap web hosting or cheap domain names, either for business essentials, for private account, blogging services, marketing, and others. One of the major services that mostly requested by clients is the Virtual Private Services (VPS) type of paid or free hosting.

VPS Hosting Essentials

The DreamHost VPS hosting service and free domain offer include a US-based server with manageable performance, web and privacy and security as well as regular application updates. Using this type of VPS, you don’t have to worry about low site performance since will be using your own server resources. DreamHost provides a customer-centered service support and you will also be guided by their all-time online staff who can reliably impart you with accurate information regarding any website matters.

When it comes to performance, DreamHost’s VPS hosting function provides more advanced options and capacities. It can provide you with extensive online resources which only your website can utilize anytime depending upon the type of virtual hosting plan you have. Here, you can also comprehensively increase your RAM and storage space as your virtual necessities and your hosts also grow. You don’t have to change your main host or purchase domain name again because DreamHost can provide space upgrade options with ease of access just at a 10-second span of time.

The easy setup and management of website customization features can empower the web owner to maximize his own platform style. Its simpler program execution still provides the same accuracy of online services. You just need to choose from the number of VPS cheap hosting plan options and you can have all of its functions at a glance. All types of plans include SSD, email servicing, SSL, domain check or cheap domain search (if you want to buy a domain name), domain registration as well as an unlimited domain name, privacy features, and bandwidth. You can assure faster performance of SSDs that runs 20x faster than ordinary disk drives which range from 30 GB to 240 GB. That’s not all; you can guarantee 100% uptime performance as well because of the modernized infrastructures of DreamHost that caters corporate class track records to back up your site.

To add, the VPS platform includes a simplified custom platform in which you can freely explore various embedded web tools and features for a more convenient customization approach. In this way, you can create and establish a more comfortable virtual workspace for your business or blog.

In terms of bandwidth and web traffic, you can access unlimited services because DreamHost ensures that customers can extensively handle sites in a hassle-free and secure web trade any time of the day. Thus, no matter how heavy the online traffic can be, you can site can still manage to access and do the frontline marketing without interruption. More than that, you can as well enjoy expanding your RAM and storage capacity that is suitable for your web requirements and necessities.

Dreamhost Cloud VPS In addition, VPS hosting includes other web add-on services and features such as SSDs, email service, SSL, and of course the unlimited domain (with domain name search for reference) options so you could easily decide and buy the domain name registration type that you desire. Cloud servers such as dedicated server included in this type of hosting are accurately built for any variety of websites, applications, or businesses. That means, whatever your online dealings, you can surely gain the right fit of website hosting that you are looking for. Through the DreamHost VPS, you can handle extensive number or even unlimited domains as many as you want to include, all in one VPS platform. It has also website maintenance updates and upgrades conducted by DreamHost experts who continuously supply each customer with current application updates and security patches.

Moreover, the company also offers the reseller and sub-account feature that greatly helps most of the marketing site users to extensively handle multiple accounts of their business clients with accessibility functions, FTP, as well as billing data function. VPS allows encryption of traffic in your websites by providing free SSL or TLS certificates for security purposes so you can always ensure safer paid or free website hosting.

Also, you should never miss its unlimited MySQL database as well as email accounts which are also part of the essential parts of your site. There is also a so-called MySQL database supercharge add-on feature which you check as part of VPS options. This will allow optimized VPS management to be isolated in order to increase your site performance through a faster online page processing. You can easily grab a free trial version at least for a week span if you want to discover this service more.

If you still have more technical specifications needed for your hosting, you can check the DreamHost VPS knowledge base system for other specific details.

Dreamhost Cloud VPS


VPS Hosting Plan Options

Never thought VPS hosting would be this fun, right? You can choose from two of their package options so you can explore the convenience of private server features committedly enhanced and shared to you by DreamHost with reasonable costs. At $13.75 monthly rate of the Basic Plan, you can already start your VPS account and experience these amazing offers. The package inclusion is consists of 1 GB RAM and 30 GB storage capacity, an unlimited bandwidth and domain hosting, with Linux, Ubunto, or OS supported system, and the fully manageable services. Aside from the higher web space, affordable cost, and user-friendly web tools, you can also have the DreamHost top support customer service which perfectly fits small and new websites. On the other hand, the Business VPS type at $29.50 cost per month includes all the unlimited offers of the basic plan. Aside from that, this plan also provides a more enhanced storage capacity with 2 GM RAM and 60 GB web storage.

If you plan to acquire higher web space and store space, you can also upgrade to the Professional and Enterprise VPS plans. These options both have the same feature inclusions from the basic and business plans although more advanced in terms of storage capacity. You can purchase the former at only $55 of monthly cost and the latter at $110 per month with 4 GB RAM as well as 120 GB storage and 8 GB RAM and 240 GB storage respectively.

Another type of cloud server for VPS is the unmanaged VPS which focuses more on cloud computing function mainly powered by DreamCompute.

Dreamhost Cloud VPS

More Advanced Web Services

DreamHost does not only cater VPS hosting and domain purchase. It also provides other incredible offers that you can only enjoy through their service platform.

1. Cloud Computing and Object Storage

This cloud support system assists customer billing, pricing and rate costs for marketing or other business types of hosting sites. You can run any application within the platform expertly incorporated with OpenStack and Ceph applications. Other app blending can also be done using MongoDB, Redis, Python, Ruby, or Node.js.

Cloud compute’s network service is mainly powered by Neutron service of OpenStack software. With a user-friendly platform set up, that incorporates services such as networking, computing, and storage. Aside from that, it also has an automation system for the entire APIs provided by expert DreamHost web developers.

2. DreamHost Affiliates

Other companies have already collaborated with DreamHost due to its high market demand and the increasing websites under its platform.

  • WordPress

This company offers one of the most widely known software that handles millions of private blog sites, business trading, and other site varieties. Since the year 2005, DreamHost and WordPress go hand in hand in delivering the most knowledgeable technical support that helps many WordPress account users regarding all types of assistance, queries, questions, or insight requests regarding site management, development, and operations.

  • JetPack

This is a type of WordPress plugin that essentially enhances and provides new features and functioned tools to upgrade any WordPress website. It also comes with anti-malware protection which as well extends other useful functions perfect for your site.

  • CloudFlare

DreamHost also partnered with CloudFlare to upgrade and ensure the web security and overall performance by filtering caches derived from your site visitors and detecting malicious site entry or activities that compromise your site contents.

  • OpenStack

OpenStack is part of a cloud project that develops lock in capacity and has a fast-paced adoption of any cloud type technology. This comes with large-scale open source function that greatly helps both entrepreneurs and service providers.

  • Retrospect

When it comes to back up tools, Retrospect is well-versed software connected with DreamHost to precisely give back up functions and highly supports a new, small, big, or medium type of online businesses. It also provides responsive customer support staff for inquiries and assistance.

  • Alchemy Communications

Another top server partner of DreamHost which provides colocation web functions. This Los Angeles based company caters this type of business as early as 1996 and has already molded its name in providing customer-centered service accuracy of software performance. It services all types of site owners and builders, small or huge web industry.

Dreamhost Cloud VPS

3. WordPress Hosting

With this hosting, you can enjoy high performance, flexible platform, and extensive web security as well as application updates all in one. You can maximize WordPress features tools and other free or embedded functions with server caching, day to day backups, and CDN. It has its own chat support who can respond to your needs any time of the day. Moreover, it also provides email service with one click SSL and privacy options. Hence, never worry for techy options because WordPress has made it easier for users to manually maneuver their own sites with no hassle through its customer-friendly advanced tools.

It has two plan options that you can choose from. The first one is the Shared Starter which you can purchase at a very low cost at $2.59 per month only. It includes full packed features such as the shared hosting server, one WordPress site with unlimited traffic, SSD storage with faster function capacity, preinstalled SSL certificate, email upgrades, daily back up, and customer support response.

The second plan has a monthly cost of $16.95 but DreamPress plan includes an improved capacity with boost performance than the shared plan. it includes all shared plan features with a faster cloud server, 10 thousand monthly website visitors, 30 GB SSD storage capacity, secured and extensive email hosting, daily backups with one click restoration function, and the new free jetpack preinstallation.

Dreamhost Cloud VPS


Contact Information

You can always visit the DreamHost official site for any interest with their services, inquiries or requests at www.dreamhost.com and register using the online form. From there, you can also check the latest product updates, more detailed specifications of their products, and other blog contents regarding their services. Also, you can connect with the company through the DreamHost official social media accounts on facebook, twitter, Google+, or Instagram and comment your concern.

Any walk in inquiries or concerns is also welcome at their office address: PMB #257, 417 Associated Road, Brea, CA, 92821, USA.

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