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Best Dental Practice Management Software


An overview of Dental Practice Management Software

Dental Practice Management Software is designed to streamline the workflows of dental practices to help improve not only efficiency but also patient care. Common applications of such systems include appointments and scheduling, reminders, digital sensor and imaging, electronic health records, and billing and reporting.


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The 10 most popular Dental Practice Management Software products

1. Solutionreach Dental is a cloud-based dental practice management systems designed for clinics of all sizes and specialities. The product provides dentists with scheduling, reminder and messaging modules to improve patient engagement and communication.

Features include appointment, preventative and follow-up reminders, newsletters, online reputation management, patient satisfaction surveys and reviews.

Surveys can be designed using customisable templates and questions, and they can be distributed at the end of each patient visit or on-demand when immediate feedback is needed.

2. CS PracticeWorks is dental practice software designed to make dental work easier, whether the user is performing clinical office or is based in the front office, with a variety of both clinical and administrative tools. The solution makes it easily to manage patient files, and attach non-imaging data so all information about a patient can be found in one location. Scheduling appointments is also easy, and users can manage insurance claims through the application to help make the billing process much easier. Additionally, billing codes can be downloaded into the system.

Another feature of the program is its automatic prioritisation, which allows users to create a priority list of tasks that need to be accomplished throughout the day.

Patient charting, as well as periodontal charts, are available within this application. Additional clinical tools are also included, such as treatment planning and prescription-writing options. Users can also enter extensive notes about a patient and work performed on them directly in the patient’s file.

PracticeWorks also offers extensive reporting functionality.

3. CS SoftDent has been designed to provide a comprehensive and intuitive solution for both solo and multi-dentist clients.  Practices can keep records for all of their patients, and are able to retrieve them easily. The platform enables everyone in the team to stay up to date with the daily schedule, and all important tasks are shown on the screen, including the patient’s personal information.

The software sends instant notifications about patients with high balances that have been left unchecked for a long time.

The solution has a window dedicated to appointment scheduling and management. It also has a family scheduling feature that expedites the appointment setting of family members without the need to pull-up individual records.  Clinics can send messages to patients to remind them of appointments, and clients can use the software to inform the clinic in case of cancellation and the need to reschedule.

SoftDent also provides dentists with a full electronic recordkeeping function. This lets them chart their findings and add images and other data for support. It also alerts users when lab works are not provided on time, ensuring that dentists are fully equipped with the information dentists need to administer proper treatment to their clients.

4. CS OrthoTrac is a powerful but user-friendly system which tracks appointments, clinical information, billing, and patient correspondence with automated tools that help users manage daily tasks easier.

OrthoTrac helps enhance profitability. Its Appointment Scheduler is an intuitive tool that detects the optimal appointment times so that specialists can easily choose the schedule that works best for them. It has rescheduling capabilities, options for multi-location scheduling, and more. The feature also integrates with other programs to access a patient’s contact and clinical information.

Report generating capabilities help users manage cash flows as they are able to identify accounts receivables, collections and overdue accounts. There are tools to send monthly statements and reminders for past due accounts.

Comprehensive Charting provides access to a patient’s complete treatment history, including images and x-rays, treatment plans, images and questionnaires. Users can also input additional comments using the Notes feature.

5. Dentrix is a web-based software suite for dental care. The application provides tools for scheduling, appointment booking, e-prescribing and monitoring continuing care, as well as various chart types. Users can enter clinical notes and enable pop-ups alerts that appear when a patient’s chart is accessed. Treatment planning tools track patient benefits to help set appointment schedules.

Users can also manage billing and accounting, insurance processing and revenue, Reports can be run to track payments, Medicaid reimbursement and payer utilisation. Permission controls allow users to restrict access for individuals or groups. The software can be integrated with other applications such as Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, Epic and SuccessEHS.

6. Lighthouse 360 is a patient communication system designed specifically for dental practices. It is ideal for practices looking to reduce cancellations and “no-shows”, and reactivates inactive patients.

Lighthouse 360 is best-known for its patient recall and retention capabilities. The system integrates with many popular dental practice management systems, including Dentrix, Open Dental and Denticon. The system syncs with such systems every 10 minutes, to make sure that Lighthouse has the most up-to-date data.

The system can send automatic appointment reminders to patients through text, email, postcards or automated phone calls, and will schedule follow-ups in the event of non replies. The system comes with sample texts and emails that can be used immediately, or users can create their own custom messages.

After a patient has finished an appointment, the system will send them an email inviting them to leave a review on a review site such as Yelp or Google+.

The application is also intended to simplify dental practice staff workflows. Each employee can manage a task list to remind them of what they need to do throughout the day, and can access their schedules online.

Lighthouse includes basic reporting capabilities that provide insights into patient demographics, such as age, gender, location etc. Practices can also understand how efficient their scheduling has been, by seeing how many appointments have been scheduled, cancelled, or completed.

7. Dental Intelligence is a web-based analytics platform that provides dental practices with easily digestible reports and dashboards. By aggregating each practice’s relevant metrics in one convenient location, it enables thousands of dentists to make actionable, data-driven decisions that help patients receive better care.

Dental Intelligence displays all of a practice’s relevant metrics in intuitive dashboards and reports, so that users can both improve patient care and practice profitability. The system is most appropriate for practices with a substantial patient base.

The application works by connecting with existing practice management systems, extracting raw data from the system to create reports and dashboards. It integrates with popular dental practice systems such as Dentrix, Eaglesoft and Open Dental, as well as QuickBooks for financial management and performance reporting.

8. Open Dental is an open source dental solution that includes electronic charting, billing, practice management and imaging applications that are suitable for both large and small dental practices. Prescribing capabilities include e-prescribing and printed prescriptions which can be filled in using predefined templates. Prescriptions are automatically logged and can be reviewed using a specially created report.

The treatment plan module collects all required treatments for an individual patient, organised in order of priority. Users can send, add and modify pre-authorisation treatment forms from this module, and can modify fees for individual procedures.

The solution provides a patient portal to make payments, view appointments and treatment plans, send or receive webmail and download summaries of care. The appointment calendar can be viewed in daily or weekly mode. Appointments can be colour-coded to distinguish between users.

Open Dental is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

9. Ortho2 Edge Cloud is a cloud-based orthodontic practice management solution. Designed for both large and small clinics, it aims to make dental practices more efficient, productive and profitable. Feature-rich and comprehensive, Edge Cloud enables users to smoothly run their practice.

Functionality include advanced imaging technologies which allow for the efficient management of patients’ image files. Edge Cloud features a scheduler that lets users access and manage appointments. In addition, the solution comes with a portal that organises all important practice information in one place. Other features include customisable workflows, practice reports, online forms, newsletters and insurance records.

Edge Cloud has the capability to generate reports that users can sort, and access detailed statistics about their practice.

It also allows orthodontists to offer rewards to their patients, so they will be motivated to attend appointments and cooperate with them as they undergo treatments. Patients can earn points and trade them for prizes. Customised cards can be used by patients to track the points they have earned.

10. Dens PC offers periodontal and dental charting, and is designed for general dentists and dental specialists who use periodontal and restorative charting. It provides a quick and efficient way of recording findings. Clinical conditions covered include abrasions, crowns, dental implants, extrusions, false teeth, intrusions, abscesses and root canals.

With Dens PC, dentists can share their charts with patients by email or by printing them from PDF files. This enables them to keep patients aware about the status of their teeth, surgeries and treatments.

Choosing the best Dental Practice Management Solution

Although there are many solutions available on the market, it is important to determine the needs of a particular practice itself. For example, are users just after some sort of patient scheduling and record system, or do they need an application which provides some clinical functionality, such as charting?

The size of a dental practice is also an important factor. Whilst there are some programs designed for small practices or sole practitioners, equally there are products designed for large practices. Make sure that any solution chosen is suitable for the circumstances of your practice.

Types of Dental Practice Management Software

Software is categorised principally by method of deployment. Users can choose between custom-designed solutions, pre-paid programs sold by software vendors, and cloud-based systems.


Dental Practice Management Software helps dentists and dental practices by helping them work more efficiently to improve the patient experience.