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Best Club Management Software

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Introduction – Club Management software

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Club management software offers useful features to help clubs and associations better manage their resources, market their products and improve the services that they provide to customers. Key functionality include scheduling, promotion and marketing tools, record management, reporting, billing, and membership management. They can also include POS (point of sale) capabilities.

Solutions are used to manage payments and customer data, class scheduling, events, and to automate marketing campaigns. Applications are typically used by sports clubs, recreation centres, and health and fitness clubs.


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The ten most popular Club Management software solutions

1. SimplyBook.me provides a schedules and booking site where users can accept bookings, collect client feedback, and send email and SMS appointment reminders to service providers and clients. It is a cloud-based solution.

Using the tool, users can send out promotions to clients, set-up recurring services, link service providers, and customise the booking site – for example, by adding the booking system as an iFrame, or adding a booking button to a website or Facebook.

Clients, via a mobile device or desktop, can access the booking page, make bookings, or cancel them if required.

Service providers can synchronise their personal Outlook or Google calendars to the SimplyBook.me calendar.

2. 10to8 is a cloud-based booking tool which provides users with a customised booking website where clients can schedule appointments, pay for events and services, and access existing bookings. It is aimed at businesses of all sizes.

Clients, if needed, can schedule, cancel or rearrange appointments, which are automatically synced with users’ calendars. 10to8 can also integrate with Gmail, Outlook, iCal and other applications. If required, users can manage multiple calendars. Meeting and appointment attendees receive email and text message alerts and reminders.

Booking buttons and forms can be embedded into existing websites, whilst there is a direct chat facility to communicate with clients. Reporting features enable users to track confirmed appointments, review unpaid bills and more.

3. Mindbody is a cloud-based club management and appointment scheduling solution for the needs of small to mid-size businesses. The product is primarily used by gyms, fitness and personal training centres, salons, spas and massage centres, dance and yoga studios.

The solution offers features like scheduling with wait-list management, appointment booking through Facebook, automated scheduling of email and texts, and online booking. Memberships can also be managed through the application as well.

Mindbody also features a toolkit for Marketing Management. Notifications and alerts can be set up for customers, targeted marketing campaigns can be launched, and marketing reports can be generated and assessed.

The program also includes a staff management feature, which includes check-in and check-out management, role-based permissions, payroll management, and calendar integration.

A custom API enables third-party developers to integrate their platforms with the solution.

4. Zen Planner is a member management and scheduling software solution designed especially for businesses like gyms, martial art studios, and fitness studios. It includes integrated payment processing and automated billing, a self-service kiosk iPad app, scheduling, automation, work-out tracking, belt and skill tracking, site templates and more.

Its functionality is designed to help fitness businesses improve their products and services, increase membership growth and retention, and focus their efforts on instructing and building relationships with their members. Zen Planner has been built with inputs from fitness entrepreneurs and active members of the fitness community.

5. Teamsnap is a group management software solution designed for the sports industry. It helps teams, clubs, leagues, coaches and sport organisations with managerial and administrative tasks.

The software solution is designed to alleviate the stresses and complexities often associated with managing sports teams, rosters, clubs and leagues. Teamsnap allows users to save time with sports-related processes, such as scheduling, registration and communication.

Key features include content management, player assignment, payment tracking, roster management, stats and reporting, team scheduling and live game updates.

The team scheduling tool allows users to manage the scheduling for their group or team quickly and easily, with a smartphone or any mobile device. They can update and edit event details, and receive real-time updates anytime and anywhere.

Team management is also made easier by Teamsnap. Users can add or edit player information, and keep track of payments, and subscriptions due, with notifications and alerts sent to team members and support staff.

The messaging service allows users to communicate with other members of a team, coaching staff and administrators, alerting them to any unplanned or sudden changes to game schedules.

6. ClubExpress is a cloud-based management tool for any association or club. It is suitable for art and cultural clubs, environmental groups, health care and hospitals, higher education groups, international organisations, and more.

ClubExpress offers donor management, volunteer management, association and membership management, and fundraising. The system has a member portal, offers awards and certification management, and supports online fundraising.

Using the design and configuration tool, users can customise their websites and it also offers built-in themes from which to choose. Contacts and other data can be automatically be added onto the user’s site, and ClubExpress sends all members a customisable welcome email that invites them to visit the new site and update any information that they have stored in the organisation’s database.

7. EZFacility is a cloud-based gym and fitness centre management solution that helps users track payments and automate scheduling. It caters to both medium-sized clubs and larger enterprises.

With EZFacility clients can schedule classes and manage operations, including membership management, invoicing, online registration and POS.

Key features include scheduling, trainer management, membership management, equipment tracking, fitness assessment, marketing tools, payment processing, and payroll and commission tracking.

The billing and services module allows users to generate trainer payroll and invoices. Gym members are able to book classes online and payroll.

The solution offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

8. Pike 13 is a cloud-based client management and scheduling solution which is accessible on any device and integrates with third-party applications like MailChimp, DocuSign and Google Analytics. It caters for health and wellness clubs, fitness, music and dance studios, and sports academies.

The solution supports scheduling, billing, client management and reporting. It also has customisation options.

Pike 13 helps manage online bookings, client sign-up, monthly payment collection and client notification distribution. The use of coupons, discounts and credits is supported, and the solution can also handle payroll management.

The application offers reporting and analytics features to help clients organise data and analyse trends. Users can add new client information, track client details and manage customer relationships.  Additional notes can be added to the client’s profile by users.

9. Virtuagym is an all-in-one solution for health clubs, personal trainers and physical therapists.

With membership management, scheduling, training plans, nutrition plans, attendance monitoring and mobile apps, Virtuagym provides clients with all the tools they need to run their business more efficiently. It is cloud-based and currently supports multiple languages.

With Virtuagym clients can focus on effective fitness coaching, while running a successful business. It has custom branded apps and online community tools to help promote a club or trainer’s brand and boost client engagement.

The software is continually being further developed using customer feedback, with the goal of providing fitness professionals with the best product available.

10. The Studio Director is a business management solution designed for small to mid-sized martial arts, and dance and fitness centres. It offers website management, attendance management, POS scheduling and instructor management within one suite. The solution is cloud-based and offers both Android and iOS mobile apps.

The Studio Director features website design that allows users to create websites using default templates. Websites can also include online booking and payment.

The solution features email marketing, which allows users to send customised emails to activate customers. Users can set-up email campaigns for customer acquisition and retention. The inventory management module helps users manage all their equipment and supplies.

Studio managers can use the application to look at all angles of their business, with monitoring and reporting tools that enable them to track operations, as well as the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Choosing the best Club Management software

Whilst there are many products available which offer club management facilities, it is important to find a software solution that suits the need of your particular club, sports organisation or fitness centre. Therefore, start by defining your requirements, and then match those to available applications. Having shortlisted two or three products, arrange for free trials and product demos to test features and benefits, and read online reviews from those already using a particular product to gauge the experience of those actually employing a solution in real life.

Types of Club Management software

Club management software is also variously termed association management software, gym management, and membership software. However, they are labelled, such solutions typically offer the same functionality and capabilities.


Club management software is the generic term for software solutions designed with the needs of clubs, sporting associations and fitness centres and health clubs in mind. Such solutions are designed to help clubs automate and better manage daily activities, improve their service to members and market themselves more effectively. Key features of such products normally include scheduling, billing, record and membership management, as well as a range of promotion and marketing tools.


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