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Best Arvixe WordPress Hosting Review in 2019


WordPress is one of the most widely used applications for building websites in the world. It also helps in the creation of a content managed system (CMS). It is used for creating a variety of websites ranging from personal blogs to small businesses and even globe-spanning organizations. The fact that WordPress is free and open-source is also one of the reasons why it is gaining huge popularity amongst developers who create websites. It is an intuitive platform and can be used by experienced developers and new users having no experience in designing websites. It can be used in general web hosting environments and also as a managed hosting platform.

WordPress is designed with the intention to make it flexible and scalable across various platforms. There is a number of customizable WordPress themes available online. Users can customize these themes to meet their needs. Also, WordPress supports a variety of plugins and third-party tools which can be installed and activated in minutes. Any user even if he is naive can integrate third-party tools with WordPress in minutes. To host WordPress application we use WordPress Hosting.

WordPress hosting is another type of hosting which is optimized to enhance the security and performance of WordPress applications. It provides a one-click WordPress install. This makes it easy to get started with WordPress. There are two types of WordPress Hosting. The first one is known as Shared WordPress Hosting while the other is known as Managed WordPress Hosting. Out of the two, Shared WordPress Hosting is the cheapest.

In Shared WordPress Hosting your site shares the server with other websites. The server is still optimized for WordPress and you don’t have to worry about it. You also get a one-click WordPress installer in addition to the performance enhancement. Some WordPress hosts even offer you automatic upgradation of your WordPress software. They might also provide you with the feature to upgrade your plugins and themes. This is a very important feature as it allows you to keep your WordPress site updated. Most Shared WordPress host offer a good discount for your first billing cycle. However, the price comes back to normal from the next billing cycle. These are just starting price and the higher tier plans are expensive than the basic plan.

Managed WordPress Hosting is another type of WordPress Hosting which provides all the features provided by the Shared WordPress Hosting and some additional features. It offers better security, faster speed and server-side caching as well. With Managed WordPress Hosting you get intrusion detection feature and regular malware scans. Another advantage of using Managed WordPress Hosting is that it allows you to stage your sites. This way you can easily test changes made to your websites before making them live. Most of the Managed WordPress Hosting platforms cost you around USD 25 per month.

Both Shared and Managed WordPress Hosting solutions are useful in their own way. Beginners or small-scale organizations can opt for Shared WordPress Hosting since it is cheap. On the other hand, high-traffic sites should opt for Managed WordPress Hosting because it guarantees better performance and security. If you are a small scale organization and you have time constraint it is better for you to choose Managed WordPress Hosting. It saves you time and allows you to stay on top of updates. In Managed WordPress Hosting you do not have to worry about anything. You pay more than the Shared WordPress Hosting but the host takes care of all the server related issues. This will save you time and effort. Hence if budget is not your concern then it is better to opt for Managed WordPress Hosting.

There are a number of WordPress Hosting provider companies. There are various factors which will help you select a WordPress Hosting organization. The most important factor is scalability. The host should provide you with flexible plans and should be able to handle all your sites. In addition, if your site demands more resources, the organization should be able to provide it. This will ensure that your website is up and running most of the time. The hosting provider should ensure that proper security measures are enabled for your sites. This way your website is always safe and secure. Support is another key aspect when you choose a host. The hosting provider must provide excellent support to its users. This way if you face an issue you can contact the support team.

What is Arvixe?

Arvixe is a very affordable web hosting platform. It has all the standard features of unlimited space and transfer bandwidth. But one of the greatest things about this host is that it’s not just a free domain name it’s actually a free domain name for life. As long as you have your hosting plan with Arvixe you get a free domain name for life. So you don’t have to renew it at the end of the year. A lot of hosting platform provides a free domain name but it’s only for one year. Arvixe, on the other hand, provides a domain for life as long as you’re with them.

Arvixe offers a powerful hosting feature with economical pricing offers. Arvixe is an upcoming name and web hosting platform. It can serve almost any type of customer. It offers a variety of service ranging from personal sites to dedicated server hosting. There seems to be no limit to what you can achieve with Arvixe. Even the basic package includes unlimited storage and bandwidth. This means that even small sites can handle big traffic. It provides various hosting solutions from VPS Hosting to Cloud Hosting to WordPress Hosting. All the hosting services are very affordable and you get full value for your money. The support team is excellent and ensures that users get timely solutions to their query.

What is Arvixe WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is one of the most widely used applications for building websites in the world. It is the leading open source CMS(content management system) on the web. Arvixe’s Web Hosting is designed with the intention to make it affordable. It is fine-tuned to ensure that it is compatible with all WordPress plugins and themes. Arivxe WordPress Hosting is optimized to increase the speed and performance of your WordPress site. There is a range of features it provides which is very useful.

When you host a website, security and performance is your top concern. Your websites must load quickly and easily. Arvixe WordPress Hosting is optimized to increase the performance of your websites. Your websites load quickly and as a result, the customer enjoys uninterrupted services. The host must also protect your website from malware and other security threats. Arvixe employs best practices to make sure that your website is safe.

Arvixe Cloud Hosting is easily the best value for money hosting that you can get. In terms of features, in terms of pricing, in terms of overall the way the packages are designed makes sure that everything falls into place perfectly. Arvixe Cloud Hosting is available with both Linux and Windows options. Both these options work out very very cost effective.

Arvixe provides managed support to all its users. In case you face any issue you can directly reach up to the support team. The support is available 24 by 7 through email, phone, and tickets. The support team consists of knowledgeable individuals which makes sure that your issues are resolved. The team takes up to 1 business day to respond to your issues.


•    Arvixe offers an affordable WordPress hosting platform
•    It provides a 45 days money guarantee
•    It guarantees an uptime of 99%
•    It employs excellent infrastructure to ensure customer satisfaction
•    It is intuitive and easy to use
•    The support team is excellent and available 24 by 7 through email and phone
•    It provides a free website transfer


Uptime Guarantee

Arvixe like most cloud hosting service provider guarantees an uptime for around 99%. It also gives a 100% guarantee of uninterrupted electricity. Arvixe boosts of a strong support team which ensures that the customers are satisfied.

Deploy 100’s of Apps

Arvixe offers you a powerful control panel for free. This helps you deploy your projects in a click. Once you are done with deploying, using the control panel you can provision all your web applications. There is no limit to the number of apps you can deploy. The cPanel makes it easy to deploy apps in a click. As far as the language servers are concerned they are multiple. So be it PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python or Ruby, everything works out perfectly.

Money Back Up Guarantee

Arvixe is popular among web developers because of its customer support. The platform provides an excellent support team which makes sure that all the customer issues are solved. One of the greatest advantages of using Arvixe is that it offers a money back guarantee to its users. So you can choose a plan, pay for it and explore all its features. In case you are not satisfied with the service, you do not need to worry. You get the entire amount if you request for a refund within 45 days. All you need to do is contact the support team and the team will issue your refund. It is as simple as that.


Although very less, there are chances of calamities occurring on your website. Therefore need to be prepared for the calamities that can occur. Arvixe understands this and keeps regular copies of your websites. This way all your data is secure. In case any calamity occurs, it provides an easy one-click restore of your website.

High Disk Space

Arvixe Cloud Hosting offers you a large storage space. The large disk space ensures that your application is never out of memory space. This ensures that your websites load quickly and easily. As a result, customers enjoy interrupted services.

Cost Effective

Arvixe is designed with the intention to provide you with an affordable hosting platform. It provides you the best value for money hosting that you can get. The packages are designed in a way to ensure that everything falls into place perfectly. If you compare Arvixe with other hosting platforms you will find that it is much cheaper than other hosting platforms. It also saves you the cost of hardware and endless hours of provisioning and maintaining.

Arvixe offers Personal Class and Personal Class Pro pricing scheme. Both the options are very cost effective. The Personal Class pricing starts from USD 10 per month while the Personal Class Pro pricing starts from USD 13 per month. If you increase the billing cycle you save can yourself lots of bucks.

Fast Speed

Arvixe configures its server for WordPress hosting in a way that customer enjoys uninterrupted services. The servers ensure that your websites load as quickly as possible. Because of the faster load time, the performance of your website increases drastically. The servers also cache some of your website content to ensure a faster load time.


Your website is prone to third-party attacks. In case of an attack, your website might stop running or produce false results. This will hamper the customer experience. Therefore it is important that your hosting service providers employ a mechanism to ensure that your websites are secure. Arvixe scans and monitors all their servers to ensure that no malware or suspicious activities are found. In case it finds any suspicious activities, it takes necessary actions to ensure that your website is secure.

Great Customer Support

Arvixe is known for providing their customers an extensive support. In case of any issues, you can reach out the support team via email, phone or tickets. The support team is highly qualified and does their best to ensure that your issues are solved. The team takes up to 1 business day to respond to your query.

Speed and Performance

Speed and Performance are very crucial for a website. Arvixe WordPress hosting makes sure that the servers hosting your website get enough resources to meet your website needs. This ensures that your websites load quickly and its performance is optimized. Managed WordPress Hosting works much faster than the Shared WordPress Hosting. Arvixe Also optimizes your website to ensure that your sites run without glitches.


Arvixe offers various pricing plans for users to choose from. Have a look at the details of the plan and choose the one best suited for your organization. The details of the plans are:

Personal Class – USD 10 per month or USD 96 per year.
•    Optimized WordPress environment
•    Security
•    Scalable
•    24 by 7 managed support
•    Pre-installed and configured WordPress
•    International Data Centers
•    cPanel
•    45 days money back guarantee

Personal Class – USD 13 per month or USD 132 per year.
•    Optimized WordPress environment
•    Security
•    Scalable
•    24 by 7 managed support
•    Pre-installed and configured WordPress
•    International Data Centers
•    cPanel
•    45 days money back guarantee

Technical Details

•    Platform – Linux, Windows.
•    Scripting and Languages – ASP, Django, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails.
•    Control Panel – Cpanel, WHM.
•    Easy Installs – b2evolution, Drupal, Fantastico, Joomla, Magneto, Mambo, MediaWiki, WordPress, SSL.
•    Server Location – US.
•    Databases – PHPMyAdmin, MySQL.

Support Details

Being a reputed website hosting service provider, customer support is Arvixe’s top priority. To make sure that the customers get full support, it provides an extensive support team. The support team consists of knowledgeable persons who address all your issues. The support team ensures that you get an in time help about issues you face. The support is available 24 by 7. The various support options are:

•    Email – To get solutions to your query you can contact the support team at help@arvixe.com. Make sure that you give a detailed explanation of your issue in the email. The support team understands your issues and gives you a quick solution to it. It takes up to 24 hours for the support team to reply to your issues. Please be patient or call the support team if you need an urgent solution.
•    Phone – Want an immediate response to your query? Call the support team at 1206051440. A knowledgeable person from the support team will help you solve your issues.
•    Online Resources – Arvixe provides excellent documentation to kick-start your application usage. The documentation is clear and precise. There are many videos and tutorials available on the web to understand the application better. Refer these resources to save time. In case you are still facing issues, consider emailing or calling the support team.


No doubt there are many cloud hosting platforms available in the market. However, when it comes to affordable pricing and excellent services Arvixe beats them all. The platform is available in both Linux and Windows-based environment. Both the options are very affordable and provide great features to its users. The platform is user-friendly and does not require a sharp learning curve. It also provides a 45 days money back guarantee. You get the entire amount if you request for a refund within 45 days. All you need to do is contact the support team and the team will issue your refund. It is as simple as that.

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