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Full Autodesk Vault PLM Software Review – All you need to know about Autodesk Vault

Autodesk Vault

In the PLM software industry, Autodesk Vault PLM software is one of the most useful tools. The software enables design teams to create better designs with minimal errors and as a result, they end up building a more efficient product development life-cycle. Autodesk Vault PLM software is known to be a tool that can be efficiently used to track design revisions while also smoothly managing how they are released. PLM software is considered the ideal single source choice for companies and manufacturers to manage the data and processes that drive the designing, sourcing, production, and distribution of products. A PLM tool such as Autodesk Vault plays the role of being the single source of truth in the management of a product’s life-cycle right from the idea conception to the retirement of the product.

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Autodesk Vault PLM software and others of its kind simplify the management of processes and data involved in the life-cycle of a product. They make it easy for teams to participate in the management and control of the details affecting the quality of the whole product. The use of a tool of this type enables manufacturers to efficiently execute all the processes and procedures that are crucial for maintaining both the quality of the product and customer satisfaction.

PLM systems drive or improve the innovation of companies without compromising on their flexibility or agility. With tools such as Vault, product teams can efficiently work together regardless of their physical location and come up with the best solutions and final designs of a product.

With PLM solutions, companies are able to protect their intellectual property and, therefore, the need to further drive innovation is not compromised.

The use of software like Autodesk Vault means increased collaborative designing and as a result, material and production costs are lowered. This is because up to 70% of the cost of the whole product is usually decided at the design phase.

The reduction in costs is a result that emanates from two main sources. One is the decrease in the cost of prototyping and scrap and this is because the PLM tool in use acts as the only source of authority. The other is that the overall cost of the product is reduced as a result of a reduction in expenses such as retooling which depend on the extent to which the total product can be reused.

PLM systems are also known for increasing productivity and accelerating revenue growth. Autodesk Vault PLM software and others will, therefore, reduce activities that waste time which could include things like data replication in various systems, double checking of data for any irregularities, and also the need for searching for missing data.

For those involved in product development or working in operations, a PLM tool will also eliminate the likelihood that they will encounter processing errors, and their associated reworking as a result of relying on information that is outdated.

Considering the ROI potential of PLM software, they are known to offer real business benefit as only two ways can be used to increase earnings and these are cost reductions and revenue growth. When you consider profit contribution, revenue growth will be four times highly influential in comparison to cost reductions.

As opposed to ERP systems, a PLM tool can be effectively put into use for the purposes of managing cost control and cost reductions, and also supporting revenue growth.

What is Autodesk Vault?

Autodesk Vault is a PLM software that design teams can use to generate a more efficient product development cycle through enabling the creation of better designs with minimal errors. By using Autodesk Vault tool, product lifecycle team members can efficiently track design revisions and smoothly manage their release process.  As a data management software, Autodesk Vault PLM software can be used by designers and engineers in organizing design data, managing documentation, tracking revisions and other processes that affect the development of a product.

Vault PLM software tool

Autodesk Vault PLM tool offers a number of features which include concurrent design, shared views, data reuse, direct CAD integration, configuration and easy administration, and Microsoft Office integration. Autodesk Vault application is offered as a cloud-based service that comes with subscription or perpetual license together with a maintenance plan. It comes with different configurations which include Vault Basic, Vault Professional, Vault Workgroup, and Vault Office. Just to give an overview, Vault Basic can be used for organizing, managing, and tracking data creation, simulation, and documentation. It comes as a subscription to the product design and manufacturing collection, and, therefore, is not sold separately.

Vault Workgroup configuration integrates the advanced functionality and features with business applications. Vault Professional, on the other hand, is a scale multi-site business system integration. It supports unique user logins that guarantee transparency and accuracy in the tracking of history. It has three level of security namely user login security, file/folder security, and life-cycle security that are designed to provide an effective shield against security threats. In addition, Vault Pro is also good for searching and all links to parts are updated after being renamed or moved and this is a plus for inventor users dealing with thousands of parts.

With Autodesk Vault PLM software, it is easy to manage Change Orders and set multiple routing. Users are automatically notified whenever they are required to act on a change order. You can also easily access the Bill of Materials using the Item Manager and entries that don’t include CAD files could be added to the BOM.

Benefits of Autodesk Vault PLM

Any PLM software comes with its own benefits with some being the same among the PLM group of software but there are also those that are unique to each one of them.  Autodesk Vault offers a number of advantages and they include the following.

A robust Database Management system

First, it has a robust database management system which offers the user a number of benefits that include user security, version control, protection of data integrity protection, and backup and restores functionality.

New Features for Iterations

Iterations or updates of Autodesk Vault PLM software come with new features that are generated by Autodesk and Microsoft.

Enables Use of Project Templates

You’re are able to use project templates when creating projects in Autodesk Vault.

Collaboration between Large Teams

Large teams can collaborate in design projects using Autodesk Vault PLM software.

Allows Management of Shared Objects

The tool can also be used to manage shared objects when one is checking a drawing into the database.

Enables Working from Different Locations

People can work in different geographical locations using an optional feature known as the multi-site Vault.

vault - workgroup

Supports Deep Integration with Other Applications

The Vault tool supports deep integration with applications such as Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, and AutoCAD software. Such integration necessitates easy management of data that is related to your digital prototype that can be from engineering through to manufacturing. This saves time and guarantees data accuracy.

Find Data Very Fast

A number of methods such as shortcuts and saved searches could be put into use for the purposes of finding and organizing data. This tool reduces the time it takes to find information and therefore more time could be used in designing and less time in searching for data.

Allows Rapid Copying and Reuse of Data

This saves hours of design time. Autodesk Vault PLM software stops the manual recreation or duplication of drawing sets and complex models. Autodesk data management software could be used to copy a digital prototype with all its related files and documentation so that they can be used in a new design.

Vault Supports Simple Administration and Configuration

The family of products associated with Autodesk Vault provides various tools that could be used in managing your Vault server in order to allow you to experience maximum up-time.

Autodesk Vault Supports Scalability for Multiple Sites and Bigger Workgroups

Using this tool, functionalities could be shared among bigger workgroups and several sites and this is available through Vault Professional software and Vault Collaboration. This allows companies to be involved in the synchronization of data across distributed workgroups. Therefore, the reach of the digital prototype is extended to the whole organization.

Vault - product data management through collaboration

Features of Autodesk Vault PLM Software

A software is usually made up of features responsible for performing a functionality or a number of functionalities. For the case of Autodesk Vault PLM software, several features exist as follows.

  • Document management for non-CAD users
  • Concurrent design
  • Data reuse
  • Visual data management for Inventor
  • Revision control
  • Vault office Web and Thick client
  • Direct CAD injection
  • Streamline PDM workflows
  • Fast data searching
  • Central location for project data
  • High-performance data management
  • Support for anyCAD
  • Data standardization
  • Easy administration and configuration
  • Projects and reporting
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Batch plotting for automated tasks
  • BOM management
  • Enhanced data security
  • Automated engineering change orders
  • Multisite scalability
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Cloud connection with Buzzsaw
  • Support for raw material workflow

In light of the above-listed features, below we explore in summarized details on how some of the function.

Document Management for non-CAD Users

Vault can be used as a tool to share data and documentation with your larger team who could include non-Cad users.

Revision Control

With Vault, CAD’s revision history is automatically captured in real time as you work on the drawing.

Data Reuse

With this feature, Autodesk Vault PLM software allows you to easily configure the files you want to be reused, configured, and copied so that you can use them in new designs.

Vault Office Web and Thick Client

With Vault Office Web client, design information can be exposed to the extended team with the capabilities of accessing, viewing, searching, printing, and markup. Another feature, Vault Office Thick client is used for integrating Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Concurrent Design

With abilities to simultaneously access data using the vault tool, several team members can come up with concurrent designs from one central location.

Easy Administration and Configuration

Vault PLM software and other Vault products are easy to deploy and configure. This provides you with the benefits associated with effective product data management.

The family of products related to Autodesk Vault comes with several tools that could be used to manage your Vault server in order to allow you to experience maximum up-time.

BOM Management

The BOM management feature in Autodesk Vault Professional enables you to create and maintain a comprehensive Bill of Materials which is also more accurate.

Multi-site Scalability

This feature of Vault Professional allows work-groups to connect across different locations around the globe while offering a product data management solution that is scalable and cost-effective. This enables organizations to be involved in the synchronization of data across distributed work-groups. As a result, the reach of the digital prototype is extended to the whole organization.

Direct CAD Injection

This feature is available to Vault Basic, Vault Workgroup, and Vault Professional and it is responsible for managing CAD data. Vault has the ability to integrate with Autodesk Design and visualization software.

Projects and Reporting

The Vault application has an intuitive reporting dashboard which offers visual feedback on the status of a project.

Enhanced Data Security

This feature supports controlled access with permissions for version control and retrieval.


Autodesk Vault PLM software pricing

Autodesk Vault PLM software provides subscriptions to 3 editions. In the details below are suggested prices that exclude tax.

For the Vault Workgroup – Product data management software, the pricing is as follows.

1 Year – $335

2 Year – $670

3 Year – $1,005

It’s available for both Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit. You also have the advantage to access software releases that are current and a one-on-one online support.

For Vault Professional, which is an Enterprise PDM software, the pricing is as follows.

1 year – $635

2 year – $1,270

3 year – $1,905

There are versions for Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit. You can also access software releases that are current and a one-on-one online support.

Finally, for the Vault Office, which is a PDM software for non-CAD users, pricing have not been made public and you can only receive them after subscription request. This tool is available for Windows, is purchased as a separate license, and works with Vault Professional and Vault Work Group. You can learn more about pricing of this product from their site www.autodesk.com

Technical Details

This application runs on Windows, Mac, and is also web-based. It supports only the English language, the pricing model is quote-based, and customer types are large enterprises and medium businesses, while deployment can be cloud-hosted or done on premise.

Support Details for the Vault Tool

The vendor of Autodesk Vault PLM offers support through phone, email, and training.

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