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Full Act! Contact Management Software Review – All you need to know about Act!

Act! Contact Management Software

If you are a small business and in look for the most appropriate tool that you and your sales teams can use to organize customer, contact and calendar information, then Act! Contact management software is the answer. Act! CRM offers its users a holistic customer view plus lead management and opportunity management tools. Using Act! Software, you can access and edit contact details and also track relationships by monitoring status, opportunity, source, competitors and products.

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With Act! CRM, sales teams will be able to segment customers in order to deliver targeted messages using emailing campaigns within the application. The shared calendar feature that is included in Act! Software is useful in tracking and scheduling events.

Act! Contact management software is a powerful and flexible CRM that’s trusted by millions around the world. The software supports the growth of your small business by offering powerful sales and marketing tools.

And why should you choose to implement a contact management software such as Act! CRM to manage the activities of your small business? Well, there are several reasons that necessitate the use of a contact management software and they include the following.

The need to learn about your client

In any business, it is important to know who your prospect or client is, how they rate in their specific industry and market niche, what are the problems that they encounter on a daily basis, and how is your service or product going to solve those problems for them. On choosing this approach, the salesperson will most likely be an ally to a company and not just simply a voice on the phone doing a sales pitch. The approach will result in your calls being welcomed instead of being avoided.

The establishment and use of a sales process need to go together with the practice of fully knowing your customer. The sales process must accurately reflect your deep research about the business organization and industry and thus it can be concluded that there cannot be a workable sales process in the absence of full working knowledge of your customer or prospect.

Contact management

If contact management is not done properly, it could lead to more involvement and confusion. On the lower end, people or companies could rely on things such as spreadsheets and even sticky notes to manage their contacts while on the high end, it could involve the use of customized software products that may or may not work accordingly.

Contact management is therefore very critical to successfully run a sales organization. It is important to know the key contacts in the targeted prospect company, what are each of their functions, is it easy or hard to access them, and what are they like? An effective contact management software will even dictate to you how you should line up your calls on a daily basis.


A flexible contact management software will make it possible to follow the buyer’s profile and the sales process. Today’s sales environment is a dynamic one in which changes occur frequently as people join and leave jobs. Companies and industries, therefore, reorganize changes in job titles as well as job functions.  This means that your contact management software should adjust together with your buyer profiles and sales process.

Relation to the Sales Process and Buyer Profile

A contact management software needs to directly reflect the profile of the buyer. It provides enough information such that anybody who picks up the phone to call a specific contact needs to quickly grasp who the individual is, their function, and any information that has been gathered about the individual by other people. This allows the sales agent to speak with confidence after getting through the contact and they can move towards the next step in the sales process. It is important to have the most significant contacts at every stage of the sales process to be readily accessible and visible.

What is Act!  Contact Management Software?

Act! Contact management software is a CRM solution designed for small businesses and sales teams to allow them to organize customer, contact, and calendar information. With Act! CRM, users have a holistic view of the clients and also they can access lead management and opportunity management tools.

As a user of Act! Software, you will be able to access and edit contact details and track relationships through monitoring status, opportunity, source, competitors, and products. Sales agents will be able to segment customers in a way that allows them to deliver targeted messages using emailing campaigns within the application. There are also shared calendar features that come with Act! Contact management software meant for tracking and scheduling events.

With Act! Software, you can automate follow-up activities such as email scheduling, meeting scheduling, and lead assignments among other activities. The application incorporates emailing features such as those for creating, sending, and tracking contact lists that are intelligently prioritized.  The system uses its Smart Task option for dynamically automating important activities for the purposes of only taking care of hot leads.

Using Act!’s dashboards and reports, managers will be able to track and measure performance on leads sources, pipeline efficiency and emailing campaign.

As a flexible CRM platform that is trusted by millions across the globe, Act! Contact management software incorporates powerful marketing and sales tools which makes it easy for your business to grow. The flexibility of Act! Software makes it the ideal choice for your business and industry. Its uniqueness is embedded in the way it gives you the freedom to customize an Act! experience to suit the specific needs of your business and thus Act! is adaptable, can be accessed from everywhere and provides a connected workspace.

Being a contact and customer management software designed for small business organizations, Act! CRM puts together contacts, the history of their accounts, activities, and notes in one centralized location. With Act! Contact management software, users are able to make notes, access client information, manage varying prospects, and track interactions via a single friendly interface as opposed to using spreadsheets, documents, or other several software.

Act! Software incorporates applications designed for automating marketing and sales and the software can perfectly serve companies in different industries. With its holistic customer view and tools for managing opportunities and leads, users can rely on this software to manage contact details, lead data, and pending opportunities.

Act! Contact management software is a CRM solution that has stayed in the top ten list of leading CRMs and this is mainly because of its satisfactory contact management capabilities. As part of its additional features in the latest version, Act! Software can successfully integrate with various third-party applications and this makes it even more useful.

However, the application also has some downsides and these include- the application has been owned by different companies as a result of being sold four times and it is currently owned by Swiftpage. This makes the tech support for the application to be non-consistent. For starters, the application is difficult to learn, and its setup can be tedious.

Benefits of Act! CRM

Act! Software has several benefits that make it the ideal choice for managing the sales and marketing activities of your small business. Some of these benefits are provided below.

Customer relationship management

With Act! Contact management software, you will access email marketing and contact management features which will help your sales teams to establish relationships with the most important customers for the purposes of driving sales.

Act! Software makes you organized

As a user of Act! CRM, you will be able to keep your customer and contact details which include notes and history in a single access location for easy organization, prioritizing and following-up on prospects and sales activities.

Act! CRM integrates with multiple applications

Act! contact management software can successfully integrate with business tools such as iCloud, Office, Dropbox, Outlook, and Google. It can also integrate with several social tools which include Facebook and LinkedIn. These integrations are meant to increase the productivity of sales teams.

Act! Contact Management Software can be accessed from your mobile

Users of Act! CRM can access customer and contact details from wherever they are using their Android, iPad or iPhone device.

Targeted Messages can be delivered to relevant customers

Act! software allows sales teams to segment customers in order to deliver them targeted messages via emailing campaigns using the application.

Act! supports scheduling and tracking of events

Act! contact management software comes with a shared calendar feature which helps in the scheduling and keeping track of events. It also has an emailing feature and prioritizing contact lists that help to create, send, and track emails and contacts.

Managers can track and measure performance

With Act! software, managers are in a position to track and measure the performance of the lead sources among other things using dashboards and reports.

Easy Navigation

With its clean and intuitive layout, Act! contact management software provides easy navigation to its users.

In addition, other benefits associated with this CRM solution include:

  • It can be hosted both on cloud and on-premise.
  • Features work cohesively.
  • The application has a great lookup feature and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Powerful dashboard and document sharing.

Features of Act! Software

Act! software incorporates several features that necessitate its capabilities and functionalities and these include the following.

  • Contact and Activity Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Integration and Automation
  • Sales and Opportunity Tracking
  • Business Insights
  • Administration and Security
  • Email Marketing
  • Deployment, Access, and Payment Flexibility
  • Mobility

Below, we give a summary of some of these features in order to understand how the application functions.

Contact and company management

By supporting both contact and company management, Act! CRM is a perfect fit for both B2B and B2C models. The strongest points of Act! CRM are its company management and contact management modules. They provide almost every option for managing your customer and this could include adding a new contact, creating a related to-do or note, and sending email among other things, on a single page.

Act! CRM - Contact & Company Management

With this feature of Act! software, you can link contacts with different companies and, more importantly, you can easily group and access or update in bulk the contacts that share similar attributes. Act! also allows you to create custom groups.

Act! software - Contact & Company Management

Calendar and activity management

Act! Software - Calendar & Activity Management

Users of Act! Contact management software can access its calendar which is simple but feature-rich and also a to-do list that is extremely powerful. This feature can be synced with Google calendar and it does not only offer different views of your upcoming events, but management can also look into the calendars of employees.

With the to-do list, you will be able to create things to do and reminders for different tasks that could include calls, appointments, personal activities, and meetings. You will also be able to add details, add reminders, set recurrence, assign tasks, link contacts, and do more other things from a single page by just making a few clicks.

Opportunity management

With this powerful feature of Act! Software, you will be able to store service and product details and prices, link groups, contacts or even companies to opportunities, add background information and view the results as detailed reports.

Act! Contact Management Software - opportunity management

Notes and history

Notes and history are one of the greatest features of Act! CRM and it is tasked with keeping a date-stamped and detailed time history of all your interactions and actions. With this feature, notes can also be added and attached to any contact, managers can be assigned to a note, you can attach files and share with others.

Reporting and dashboards

Act! CRM has different default reports while you can also produce customized reports. However, it is difficult to customize Act! reports. Act! software allows you to print, view or immediately email a report. The reports provided by Act! CRM are very static and this makes it difficult to adopt reports that respond to your changing business requirements.

Act! Contact Management Software - reporting and dashboards

The dashboards that come with Act! contact management software provide you with a quick view of the key components such as opportunities, activities, and other administrative data which you can filter with much ease. Managers and administrators can also customize dashboards.

Pricing Details for Act! CRM

Act! contact management software comes in different pricing packages that offer solutions designed to meet your business needs. You can also try Act! CRM using its 14-day free trial. Its pricing plans are as follows.

Act! Essentials which will cost you $10 per user per month

  • 500 contacts
  • Web and mobile capability
  • Call list
  • Email marketing
  • Automatic upgrades

Act! Premium which will cost you $25 per user per month and billed annually

  • Access: Self-Hosted, Offline, Online, and Mobile
  • Act! Premium Contact Link
  • Act! Companion mobile app
  • Act! API
  • Unlimited customizations
  • Act! Premium Mobile
  • Act! e-marketing (unlimited sends to 500 contacts every month)
  • Activity tracking & alerts
  • Act! Connect
  • Advanced security
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Reports
  • Act! Insight
  • eCommerce Connections
  • Ask Act!™ with Amazon Alexa
  • Groups & companies
  • Sales process automation
  • Contact management
  • Integration with Office, Outlook, and more
  • Team sharing

Act! Premium Cloud that costs $35 per user per month and billed annually

  • Access: Vendor-Hosted Online, Offline, and Mobile
  • All Act! Premium features
  • 4GB secure Cloud hosting
  • Instant online access
  • Automatic nightly backups & recovery

Act! Premium Cloud Plus which costs $50 per user per month and billed annually

  • Access: Offline and Private Cloud
  • All Act! Premium Cloud features
  • Private Cloud hosting with over 20GB storage

Act! Pro that costs $269.99 per user

  • Access: Desktop
  • Contact management
  • Integration with Office, Outlook, and more
  • Sales process automation
  • Unlimited customizations
  • Groups & companies
  • Act! e-marketing (unlimited sends to 500 contacts every month)
  • Activity tracking & alerts
  • Reports
  • Opportunity tracking

With Act! software, you can also add some additional features at extra costs.  For example, you can add call lists feature at $12.50 for each account per month and billed annually.

Additionally, when you subscribe to any of the premium plans offered by Act! CRM, you will be granted an Act! Insiders status through which you can exclusively access some additional features such as expert technical support, dedicated Act! account manager, and exclusive training resources among others.

Act! - pricing

Technical Details

Act! contact management software supports devices that run on Windows, Mac, and Web-based. The application only supports the English language and the pricing model include free and monthly payment. Customer types include medium business and small business. Deployment is through cloud-hosting and On-Premise.

Support Details

Providers of Act! software offer their support through Email and phone.

Call: 866-873-2006

Try free for 14 days at buy.act.com.

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