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50 top App Store Racing Games



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For users of Apple and iOS devices, there are literally thousands of games which they can download, to play at home or whilst on the move, from the Apple App Store.  Amongst the most popular of these genres are racing games, with players taking control of cars, bikes, boats, buggies and all manner of other modes of transport to race, negotiate obstacles and fight enemies.  Some of these games are free – although users will normally have to accept in-game ads – whilst others require consumers to pay a small subscription to purchase.

A number of these games have been developed exclusively for iOS devices, whilst others have been designed for multiple platforms like Android and Steam.

Here are 50 of the best App store racing games currently.

1. AG Drive 

Set in a sci-fi future players take you will take on a rogue’s gallery of the galaxy’s best drivers as they zip through impossible architecture in their anti-gravity drive powered vehicle. AG Drive offers a variety of game modes, from time trials to elimination laps, and winning races will unlock more events as well as points to purchase or upgrade your vehicles.

2. Angry Birds Go 

Angry Birds Go is a racing game featuring the famous cartoon characters. Compete in a series of soapbox derby-style downhill races, grab coins, and activate character-specific power-ups to clear out the competition. Online multiplayer is available along with a variety of game modes. Over time you can upgrade your ride with all manner of ramshackle additions.

3. Asphalt 8 Airboorne

In Asphalt 8, players work their way through a series of race mode, unlock new rides, upgrade  the ones they have, or take the competition online in staggered or live multiplayer.

4. Asphalt Street Storm Racing

In this game, players engage in quarter-mile drag races while behind the wheel of a variety of vehicles, from classic muscle machines to sleek super cars, with designs from automakers like Ferrari, Ford and Chevrolet. In addition to the single player mode, you can participate in live multiplayer races with up to four other people.

5. Asphalt Xtreme

Whilst, as with the other Asphalt games, Asphalt Xtreme is all about high speeds, big air and violent takedowns, it shifts most of its racing away from roads and towards dirt roads, jungle paths and slippery ice, plus you can drive monster trucks, buggies, rally cars and other off-road vehicles.

6. Beach Buggy Racing 

In Beach Buggy Racing you have fast paced racing, cartoonish racers, and power-up pick-ups in a mad dash to the finish line. Races can be completely changed by the right timed power-up, and there are also deluxe crashes that can throw you off while manoeuvring on twisty and crazy courses.

7. Breakneck 

Breakneck is an endless high score challenge in which you tap left or right to avoid all kinds of obstacles. There are also enemies chasing you, but you can boost away from them by narrowly avoiding obstacles to build up your boost supply.

8. CarX Drift Racing

This is a drifting simulator game which gives the player the experience of handling high performance sports cars, on a variety of highly detailed tracks and surfaces.

9. Checkpoint Champion 

Checkpoint Champion is a drift-focused racing game, which offers plenty of challenges that take mere seconds to complete. You tap on either side of the screen to dictate direction, while accelerating is automatic. You will be drifting a lot to negotiate various corners, pursuing various checkpoints before heading towards the finish line.

10. Crazy Taxi: City Rush 

In this car racing game, you race through the city in your car to deliver your passengers on-time — the crazier you drive the higher your rewards! Your cars, your rules – speed, drift, whip around corners, and weave through traffic, up ramps and into the air to race the clock. Drive your car and send your passengers  crazy across a huge and expanding 3D city: downtown, uptown, on the beach, and more’

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11. CSR Racing 2

In this game, players compete in flat-out drag races, so there Is no steering: the game is won by precise starts, perfectly timed gear-shifts, and meticulously tricked-out cars. Players can work through a single-player campaign, as well as head-to-head online multiplayer battles against others.

12. Daytona Rush 

This is the official Daytona speed track game on mobile. Players take part in races, overtake opponents whilst trying to avoid collisions, and save fuel by drafting to reach pit stops and refuel.

13. Delta-V Racing 

Delta-V Racing presents you with snaking courses to race through. You try to finish first by any means necessary whether it’s boosting past your opponents, or taking them down with various weapons. There are 36 events to play through with various challenges including four main head to head boss races. Rather than just a lap based race every time, there are time trials, speed survival challenges, elimination races, and more. To help your battle for first, there are eight power-up types to pick-up, and eight unlockable ships.

14. Driver Speedboat Paradise 

Driver Speedboat Paradise is a boat racing game in which, using an aggressive energy system, you play your way through various stages. There are six different modes of play, such as a typical race, drag racing, and escape modes.  A choice of tilt or touch controls give you the power, with swipes allowing you to perform stunts. Drag racing throws in timing, requiring you to tap to change gear at just the right moment. You can takedown opponents by ramming into them mid trick, or by collecting nitrous, activating it, and ploughing through them.

15. Earn to Die 2 

Earn to Die 2 gives you a car to handle a zombie apocalypse. It allows you to plough through piles of zombies as you try to make it to an evacuation ship across the country. Your initial car can only drive so far, so you need to earn your way to being able to upgrade your car to go further. Fuel is limited, the car is ready to combust, and it takes a lot to get to the next gas station. The only way to advance is to keep trying to gain resources to get better upgrades to drive further, as pure driving skill is not factored into the equation.

16. Fast & Furious Legacy 

Based on the hit movie franchise and mixing drag racing, lane control and drifting, players  race with, and against, familiar faces from the movies in a variety of game modes, and collect more than 50 customisable cars.

17. Gear. Club 

In this racing game, players get to explore a wide range of settings and compete live with their online friends and foes through unlimited races, championships and events. Gear. Club offers a full range of options for the cars. Players can collect, upgrade and customise some of the most exotic vehicles in their performance shop and enjoy details including engine and interiors in full HD.

18. Grid Autosport 

This game is all about the teams, the rivals and the race in an intense world of professional motor sport. Race alongside a teammate, overcome key rivals and satisfy team sponsors in ferocious races where every pass and position counts. In an extensive career, specialise in your favourite racing discipline or conquer them, and all feel the aggression of the pack in Touring Cars, race Open-Wheel cars with precision, manage tyre wear in Endurance events, show car control in Tuner events and react on the fly in Street races. Each category features series for different classes, including Touring Cars, Hyper cars, Prototypes, Single-Seaters, Drift cars & many, many more. Grid Autosport features over 100 routes across 22 locations and the world’s most exciting high-performance racing cars.

19. Horizon Chase – World Tour 

Horizon Chase takes you on a third-person perspective arcade race through racetracks around the world as you jockey for pole position. The game features 73 different tracks to race through, across 32 different cities, with 16 upgradeable race cars to collect.

20. Hot Wheels: Race Off 

In this free game, which is based on a classic toy brand, you go head-to-head with another car, but you are really battling the track more than your rival. This is because you need to speed up, slow down and rotate your ride to overcome each obstacle.

21. Impossible Road 

Impossible Road is a minimal arcade game about risk, reward and rollercoasters.  Gameplay is simple. You control a bright white ball on a twisting, endless road, simply tapping on either side of the screen to turn in the relevant direction. As well as the twists and turns, there are jumps to negotiate and you will often find yourself plummeting into the abyss, the screen fading to white. If you manage to land on the ever downward spiralling road again before complete whiteout, you can continue on your impossible quest.

22. Impulse GP – Super Bike Racing 

In this super bike racing game, you get to race hover bikes across gravity defying tracks with all new boosting mechanics to really amplify your speed. Impulse GP is a futuristic racer that is great to look at with a superb 3D design that is rendered at 60 frames per second to really make the races look great in motion.  It  features seven main tracks to race on, with each one featuring a time trial, drag race, and race mode.

23. Maximum Car 

Maximum Car is an explosion-laden arcade racing game, which features racing, drifting, missions and combat, as well as explosions with cars flying off in the air. There are a lot of tracks and achievements as well as an infinite race mode.

24. Micro Machines 

Micro Machines lets you race little cars and trucks across enormous everyday locations – like a billiard’s table or a child’s bedroom – while firing off weapons to gain an advantage.

25. Mini Motor Racing 

Mini Motor Racing is a fast, moving game  where players work their way through various race modes in a top-down perspective, buy new cars, and upgrade their existing ones. The 20-odd tracks are presented in varying weather conditions and times of day. In-app purchases are available if you want to fast-track your car upgrades,

26. Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 

This is a Formula 1 racing game in which, as team manager in Motorsport Manager Mobile 2, you must pick the right drivers, invest in research and development to improve your machines, and decide on race tactics and pit stop strategy.

27. Need for Speed Most Wanted 

In this game, players cruise through a variety of richly-detailed stages, often trying to avoid the cops and simultaneously trying to sideswipe competing racers. In-app purchases are available to buy in-game cash, which can be spent on upgrading your various cars, though you will also earn that cash simply by playing through the game.

28. PAKO 2 

This is an endless getaway driving game in which players must race forward to pick up their crew as they escape from a heist. From there, it is a frenetic getaway chase against trigger-happy cops as you scramble for the escape point, earning points and power-ups along the way.

29. Proun+ 

Proun+ is a combination of art and a racing game, inspired by paintings by Mondrian and Kandinsky. In this game you are a blob of colour racing down a pipe. with a world painted in the brightest of colours, making you feel that you are bursting through a cubist painting, slicing your way across weird geometry that bends and curves away to infinity. Most of the time you are racing against other blobs, although you cannot touch them – you only see them whizz by when you make a mistake.

30. Race the Sun 

Race The Sun gives you a solar powered craft to pilot, and your goal is to get as far as you can before the sun sets. There’s a 3D geometric design applied to the worlds that whizzes by as you swerve around anything that appears in your path. The game is endless by nature, and still offers some long-term features including a rolling mission system. You can level up as you complete missions, which helps you upgrade your ship, unlock portals, and even access new game modes that offer tougher worlds. The missions are varied enough to change your strategy for a particular run.

31. Raceline CC  

In this game players enter the adrenaline-fuelled world of underground street racing, build a garage of impossibly fast superbikes, and burn rubber in a bid to rise to the top of the urban biking elite. Raceline CC provides multiple tournaments to play through with all kinds of street racing challenges. The goal is to slipstream behind traffic, and then switch lanes at the right time for the maximum boost without having to tap the brakes.

32. Racing Rivals 

Racing Rivals see players race against live opponents in an engaging multiplayer game, where milliseconds separate the winners from the also-rans. Racing Rivals presents a huge collection of licenced cars ranging from tuners and exotics to classic American muscle cars, with  featured brands including McLaren, Subaru, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Ford, RWB, Scion, BMW, Acura and SRT.

33. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 features an interesting asynchronous multiplayer system whereby lap times are recorded from your friends, and you race against a bot that’s driving at that time. Over time, players earn new cars and can upgrade various mechanical bits with their winnings.

34. Reckless Racing 3 

This free game offers an off-road approach similar to Asphalt Xtreme, and includes a variety of different mud-friendly vehicles. In addition to typical finish-line sprints, Reckless Racing 3 also has Gymkhana events, which challenge you to pull off stunts on obstacle-laden courses, as well as a Drift mode for whipping around lengthy corners.

35. Redline Rush 

Redline Rush is an endless driving game where you simply move left, and right, to dodge traffic while trying to escape the cops. All of the action is controlled with simple left and right arrows on screen as you manoeuvre down a four lane road swerving through traffic.

36. REKT! 

REKT! takes skateboard style tricks and applies them to vehicles. Players drive recklessly around a sandbox arena and perform complicated stunts and landings in a series of radical-looking vehicles.

37. Ridge Racer Slipstream 

This game sees one of the legendary racing series on consoles translated to mobile, and keeps the original distinctive feel, putting the emphasis on power and sliding around turns as you speed through an array of slick circuits. It features 20 tracks, more than 100 events in the career mode, and live online multiplayer action.

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38. R.I.P. Rally 

R.I.P. Rally combines arena-driving with intense zombie-killing action. In this game, players use a variety of weapons, ranging from machine guns to flame throwers, to mow down the hordes of undead that appear. These weapons may be attached to one of several vehicles that also become weapons, giving players the ability to plough through wave after wave of zombie attack.

39. Riptide GP2 

Riptide GP2 is a jet ski racing game where players ride through all sorts of waterways: some man-made, some out in the wild. The career mode puts you through progressively more challenging races, rewarding you with cash and experience points. The cash can be spent on getting new rides, or upgrading the ones you have, and every time you level up, you can unlock killer new tricks to perform when launching off ramps on a course.

40. Repulze 

Repulze is a futuristic high-speed racing game whereby players slalom between red and green energy gates, depending which they have active. Get three in a row, and you earn a boost as well as change the polarity. Go through the wrong gate, and your speed will be knocked down considerably. Besides that, Repulze has dizzying twists and turns, tap, tilt, or hardware controls, and fully upgradeable vehicles.

41. SBK 16 

SBK 16 is the official game of the Superbike World Championship. Players can take the role of international star riders such as Tom Sykes and Sylvain Guintoli and race incredibly fast bikes down challenging, real-world racetracks. Players can engage in quick races, a championship mode, time attacks and test rides.

42. Slingshot Racing 

Slingshot Racing is a luge racing game, featuring fluid, precise, and one-touch controls. Every corner has a turnstile off the track which just spins continuously. As you approach, you hold down your finger on the screen, and your little racer harpoons to it, enabling you to slingshot around the corner and gain momentum. You have to be sure to release your touch at the right moment though, otherwise you will just smash right into the inside wall and lose speed.

43. Smash Cops Heat 

Smash Cops Heat is an old-fashioned cops-and-robbers racing game where you take on the role of the police. Players guide their cruiser with an intuitive, touch-friendly control scheme. Small boosts provide ramming power, and when you need to really motor, there are consumable Super cop power-ups. Mission types include standard take-down missions, races to get to crime scenes, and specifically-tailored challenge scenarios.

44. Splash Cars 

Splash Cars gives you various towns in grey scale that burst into colour as you drive around. There are limits to your drive painting, that mainly revolve around fuel, so you need to be quick in covering as much ground as possible with the fuel you are given. The cops are after you as well, and they can cause damage, which can slow down your car to the point of ending your run. Each level features a new neighbourhood to colourise with varying layouts that include residential, business, construction, and more. The neighbourhoods increase in size, so you need to unlock new cars with bigger gas tanks and faster engines to be able to cover the new ground.

45. Thumb Drift – Furious One Touch Car Racing 

This is a simple arcade score chaser with new vehicles to unlock, challenges to complete, and a one-finger control system that is easy to understand and a total pain to master.

46. Traffic Rider 

Traffic Rider is a first-person motorcycle game which has players bobbing and weaving through congested traffic. The game is all about hair-raising near-misses, with players scoring extra points or bonus time for dodging past cars and trucks, with bigger bonuses for dodging oncoming traffic. Points earned can be spent to upgrade your ride or purchase newer motorbikes.

47. Trials Frontier 

This gam offers you the chance to explore a vast world on your motorcycle. Compete against your friends on Global Leader boards. Master physics-based tracks to challenge the world’s top riders for the best times. Race your motorcycle through a world of adventure, crazy characters, and on a series of addictive tracks!

48. Unpossible 

In Unpossible, a player is taken to a neon-lit Sci-Fi cityscape where they hurtle down a circular rail while spinning around and dodging obstacles in an attempt to last as long as possible.

49. Urban Trial Freestyle 

In this motorbike racing game, players are challenged to push their risk-taking to the absolute limits to deliver maximum stunt rewards. The game’s non-stop action is complemented by a host of features including trophies, multiple game modes, leader boards, rider and bike customisation, and much more.

50. Zombie Highway 2 

A sequel to the original game, Zombie Highway 2 sees you drive down a road in a zombie apocalypse wasteland. with zombies leaping on to your car as you go. You need to get them off before they wreck you, by scraping the side of abandoned cars, or using the weapons you have on board. As you survive, tougher zombies appear, which require more effort to dislodge from your car, while at the same time applying more force trying to tip over your car.


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