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15 tips to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel and videos



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More than 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube each day, yet only 9% of small businesses use the site for marketing. Despite this it is the second largest search engine in the world, so marketers are effectively missing a trick if they ignore its possibilities.

One of the problems with YouTube is that many people are now aware of how to drive traffic to their YouTube channel and videos.

Here are 15 tips:

1. Add a Call to Action at the end of a video

The ultimate way to get free views on YouTube regularly is to have a large subscribers’ list. You can add a call to action immediately at the end of the video content asking the viewers subscribe to your channel. If they really like the video, there are greater chances to get a positive result.

2. Add a proper title to every video

The title is the first and prime factor your audiences will take note of before watching the video. The title should be very precise and give clear idea of the content to expect in the video. For best results with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), it is mandatory to keep the title within 50 characters. Long titles are cut off from the view of the audiences lowering the chances of getting views. For greater impact, try to include the main keyword in the title.

3. Add a trailer on your homepage

Many viewers will visit a channel homepage to get more information before watching a video. A catchy and informative trailer on the homepage can encourage non-subscribers visiting the channel for the first time to engage with your content.

4. Adopt video optimisation strategies

Nowadays, Google and all other standard search engines place the videos in search results for all keywords. Consider optimising the videos for the keywords for search engines to get free YouTube views.

Upload videos on all social media websites- Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. You can also consider SlideShare to share your videos too.

5. Always Reply to Comments

Audiences will often leave comments below your videos sharing their experience, opinion and sometimes queries. Although some of the comments may be negative, reply to all comments politely, and, if there is a query, try to give the best possible answer or solution.

Frequently, people view comments first before seeing a video, and may take a greater interest in subscribing to channel if they find the channel owner is receptive.

Comments can also provide useful feedback in terms of how to improve future videos, as well as suggesting ideas for future content.

Answers Solution Reply Response Problems Concept

6. Arrange your videos in Playlists

If you are posting a series of educational videos, create different playlists for all the videos covering one subject or topic. This makes it much easier for audiences to find than individual videos. Furthermore, if they have watched one in a series, they are more likely to watch the others, and share them accordingly.

7. Ask audiences to share videos

Often the easiest way to get more traffic is just to ask! Place a generic call to action below videos on your YouTube cannel with a “Share” button asking everyone to share the video with their friends and others.

8. Create a catchy and engaging introduction

Always make sure that your videos have an interesting and engaging introduction. A good introduction will capture attention and keep the viewer engaged in the video for longer. It also will effectively let your audience know who you are, and what they can expect from the video.

The duration of the intro plays a crucial role in retaining the audiences. Your introduction should not be longer than 10 seconds. If your introduction is too long, the audiences may leave and click on any other similar one in the list.

9. Embed your videos into your website

If you have a website or a blog that already has a following, then embed your YouTube videos on your website or post a link directing to your channel somewhere on your blog. Loyal followers share everything their favourite blogger posts, so it is best to let them have something to promote.

10. Maintain a regular posting schedule

Niche audiences take interest in channels where they find new videos periodically. If you do not post new videos on the channel, the traffic rate and views will fall in due course. Try to maintain regularity when uploading new videos. Choose a certain day of the week and keep the schedule same for every week. The subscribers are notified automatically when you post new videos on the channel. If the audiences receive the notification at proper instances, you will get views regularly at the channel.

11. Make sure your videos are of the right length

It is important that your videos are neither too long nor too short. Anything too long is unlikely to keep people’s watching because they have a short attention span, and their interest will quickly wane.

On the other hand, something too short will make viewers look for more, and, if you cannot provide it, they will find other channels that can.

Research has shown that the ideal length of a YouTube video should be about 3 minutes long.

12. Promote your YouTube channel through other social media

You should actively promote your YouTube channels through other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. This will not only  target your family and friends, but also people in your friends’ circles. Let them promote you too.

Use hashtags to let users who might be interested in the kind of videos you produce easily find you.

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13. Synchronise your Google+ Account with YouTube

As YouTube is owned by Google, take the opportunity to synchronise your Google+ account with YouTube. That way you can tap into an existing community with whom you already chat, and divert them to watch your videos.

14. Use email subscriber lists

If you already have a list of interested subscribers’ base on your blog or website, it is good to utilise the same list to promote your videos too. You can send a small newsletter to the listed email addresses with a personal note encouraging them to watch the embedded video on the blog or website at first. The strategy is beneficial in two ways:

  • You will get more views to the blog or website; and
  • There is a greater chance of getting a subscribers’ base on the YouTube channel

15. Use the “Subscribe” Button appropriately

There is a red Subscribe button at the bottom of all videos on YouTube. You can get greater results by adding a similar button on your blog or website. Add a unique call to action with the button to prompt the website audience to subscribe to the channel. The position of the Subscribe button should be adjacent to the embedded video on the blog or website.

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